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Election Day in SD 19!

Filed in National by on August 3, 2009 10 Comments

Voters of the 19th Senate district, be sure to vote today! The polls are open from 7 AM – 8 PM.

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Senator Adams’ Last Punch in the Gut

Filed in Delaware by on July 14, 2009 19 Comments

I have been talking to a few people downstate recently and have been getting a feel for the race for Adams seat. Honestly, I don’t know a damned thing about Polly, so I cannot tell you whether or not she would make a good Senator or not…
But this post isn’t about Polly. It is about what her Father pulled in his 2nd to the last day in the Senate. It is about the Violent Crimes Compensation Board (now re-formed as the Victims’ Compensation Assistance Program) and what the restructuring meant to one of Thurman Adams’ friends, Leah Betts.

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Democrats Pick Polly Adams Mervine As The New SD 19 Candidate

Filed in Delaware by on July 8, 2009 45 Comments

Mike Matthews is reporting by Twitter that the new Democratic Senate candidate in the 19th SD is Polly Adams Mervine. More as details emerge. Update: Matthews is reporting that Matthew Opalinski is also a candidate. A four-way race! This should be interesting.

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UPDATE: Sen. Thurman Adams Died of Pancreatic Cancer

Filed in Delaware by on June 23, 2009 38 Comments
UPDATE: Sen. Thurman Adams Died of Pancreatic Cancer

Senate President Pro Tem Sen. Thurman Adams died this morning. No other information is available at this time but we will update and promote this post as new information becomes available. Sincerest condolences to his family. SECOND UPDATE: The News Journal is reporting that Senator Adams had Pancreatic cancer. Adams, 80, was admitted to Kent […]

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Pushing The Issue: HB253

Filed in Delaware by on June 18, 2009 4 Comments

John Kowalko chairs the Joint Sunset Committee and he’s trying to challenge the Delaware Way from that vantage point.  Case in point: HB253 (restructuring the Victims Compensation Board).  From the presser: House Bill 253 is identical to Senate Bill 144, which was developed by and sponsored by the members of the Joint Sunset Committee, a […]

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Senator Adams Hospitalized

Filed in Delaware by on June 17, 2009 18 Comments

We’re getting word that Sen. Thurman Adams has been hospitalized. I have no further information at this time. Although, we at this blog have had disagreements with Senator Adams, we wish him a quick and complete recovery.

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