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Sussex County As Key to Keeping Delaware Blue

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This seems to be the thesis and part of the organizing motivation of Sussex County Democratic Chair, Mitch Crane. Mitch spoke to Don Flood at the Cape Gazette some days back, explaining why he thinks that focused effort now in establishing the Democratic Party and in getting more seats in local government is crucial to the long term health of the party:

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The Polls are Closed: Primary Election Results Thread

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The polls are now closed. The poll workers are tabulating results and phoning them in.  Hopefully the candidates are having their signs gathered in hopes of reuse in two months.

The Department of Elections website is here.

Post the results you find interesting below.

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SEO And The Local Races

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SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is a geeky dark science that strives to improve the ranking of web pages through a variety of techniques. It can also show you who is working on improving their online persona. I like to think of it as a way of controlling the first impression of someone looking for more information. Let’s look at how the candidates have done.

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El Somnambulo Predicts ‘Em All For You*. Part 1…

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*Well, not all as in ALL. Just every primary where I think I know enough to make a prediction.  Some of which, invariably, will be wrong.

National Races:

U. S. Senate D’s: Tom Carper routs Keith Spanarelli. Over/under on Spanarelli: 12%.

U. S. House R’s: Tom Kovach routs Rose Izzo. Over/under on Rizzo: 11%.

Come inside for more, including, as the photo suggests, my prediction on the epic 11th SD race.

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Three ICs and a Proxy

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On Tuesday night I had the pleasure of seeing 3 of the 4 Democratic Insurance Commissioners and a representative of Paul Clark.  The setting was a caucus with 4 or 5 RDs represented and conducting various business, including the first step in sending delegates to the Democratic National Convention.

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Insurance Commissioner Debate Tomorrow!

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The first (I think!) Insurance Commissioner Candidate Forum will be held this Monday among the current officially filed Democratic candidates for the office:

Insurance Commissioner Candidate Forum
Monday March 26th, 2012
7:00 pm
Marbrook Elementary School
2101 Centerville Road
Wilmington, DE

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Watch The Mitch Crane Interview Here

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If all goes according to plan, you’ll see the video here.

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REMINDER — DL Interviews Mitch Crane!

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DL is really proud to announce this one — we will be interviewing Insurance Commissioner candidate Mitch Crane this Thursday at 4:45pm. And we’re doing it live! THAT’S TODAY, so get your questions ready.

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Delaware Liberal Tracking Poll Results — Jim Van Houten (R)

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Delaware Liberal Tracking Poll Results — Jim Van Houten (R)

While Ben Mobley was unknown to 42%, Jim Van Houten is known. And DL readers no likey, to the tune of a 53% disapproval rating, of which 48% is strongly disapprove.

So we have polled the Governor, Lt. Governor, Insurance Commissioner, both our Senators, our Congressman, Treasurer, Auditor, Attorney General, and all of their respective Republican opposition if they are running for reelection in 2012. What we have not done yet is poll Democratic opposition. And the only official running for reelection this year facing a primary is Insurance Commissioner Karen Weldin Stewart. So let’s poll her primary opposition.

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