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Radio Times’ Hasan Hour

Filed in National by on November 17, 2009 6 Comments

Last night I was able to listen to a repeat broadcast of yesterday’s Radio Times with Marty Moss-Coane (mp3). She spent an hour interviewing three guests about Nidal Hasan, the Ft. Hood killer. Unfortunately, I only got to hear the first half, but it was riveting. The first half hour was a discussion with Daniel Zwerdling, who has been interviewing Hasan’s co-workers to find out what the missed signs were.

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The DelawareLiberal Interview of Matt Denn: Part 2

Filed in Delaware by on October 20, 2008 0 Comments

This is the second part of our interview with Matt Denn. Listen Here.

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Mike Katz for Senate in SD 4: The Interview

Filed in Delaware by on October 18, 2008 1 Comment

This interview was conducted by me, nemski, Pandora and Stella Bluez at Stoney’s up on 202 (best fish and chips this side of the pond!) on Tuesday 14 October. Dr. Mike Katz was great to talk with — he was focused and engaged and you can tell he really cares about trying to accomplish something […]

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Markell: Everything Else We Could Think Of

Filed in Delaware by on October 15, 2008 2 Comments

This is the final part of our interview with Jack Markell.  We discuss Workforce Housing, goals of a Markell administration and his man-crush on Deval Patrick (I kid the Treasurer).  We hope you have enjoyed the series. [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2G9dk-DSQkc[/youtube]

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DelawareLiberal Interviews Matt Denn Part 1

Filed in Delaware by on October 15, 2008 3 Comments

In this first part of a two part interview, DelawareDem and Cassandra talk to Matt Denn about blogs, the campaign and what the hell a Lt. Governor can do. Listen Here Newsworthy: Denn responds to the Lee/Copeland “plan” to break up DNREC. Ahead in the polls, Denn prepared for negative attacks.

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Markell: On Success

Filed in Delaware by on October 9, 2008 5 Comments

Here is the next part of our interview with Jack Markell.  In this edition, we discuss how Jack will know if he was successful at the end of his term(s).  As an added bonus, we get to see the interruption of the interview by a supporter.  After this, we have one more section of the […]

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Bryon Short: The DelawareLiberal Interview

Filed in Uncategorized by on April 12, 2007 2 Comments
Bryon Short: The DelawareLiberal Interview

Bryon Short is the Democratic candidate for the 7th District to replace Wayne Smith. The special election it this Saturday. Bryon and I have been exchanging emails for the past few weeks and I deeply appreciate that he took the time to respond to me and my inane questions and provide the answers to them. […]

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The Dr. Nick Interview with Matt Denn

Filed in Uncategorized by on March 31, 2007 20 Comments

Editors Note: I view Matt Denn’s tenure as Delaware’s Insurance Commissioner as a refreshing return to the kind of old school Democratic values that seem to have been lost by a generation of Democratic politicians. He has long been a favorite of Delaware liberal and has recently cemented his reputation around here by consenting to […]

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