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How Obama Won — Exerpts from David Plouffe’s Book

Filed in National by on November 1, 2009 3 Comments

Both Time Mag and ABC have put up excerpts from David Plouffe’s forthcoming memoir about the Obama campaign:

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Joe the Plumber feels “Dirty” after Campaigning for McCain

Filed in National by on December 10, 2008 5 Comments

Well… most prostitutes feel dirty after the act.

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Requiem for a Maverick

Filed in National by on December 2, 2008 12 Comments

Which is the name of this tour de force piece by Matt Taibbi in the latest Rolling Stone. A bit: John McCain and Sarah Palin, after all, represented two completely different approaches to Republican conservatism. McCain comes from the school of politicking that goes after as many votes as possible by waving a flag and […]

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Bill Ayers on Obama

Filed in National by on November 19, 2008 25 Comments

Fresh Air’s Terry Gross interviews Bill Ayers on his relationship with President-Elect Obama, the McCain/Palin campaign, the history of the Weather Underground and his story.

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“Why Can’t Obama Close the Deal? Muahahaha!”*

Filed in National by on November 6, 2008 5 Comments
“Why Can’t Obama Close the Deal?  Muahahaha!”*

Nate Silver breaks down the difference between 2004 and 2008.  Obama improved over Kerry in almost every category except +65 and gays and lesbians.  The youth vote rocked. So did… wait for it… those making over 200,000.00! Complete Chart after the jump.

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Where the Republican Party is Growing

Filed in National by on November 5, 2008 7 Comments
Where the Republican Party is Growing

Republicans, doesn’t this worry you? (h/t kos)  

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Wasilla Hillbillies Looting Neiman Marcus

Filed in National by on November 5, 2008 6 Comments

Great article in Newsweek. They talk about a fairly extensive hacker problem that plagued both the McCain and Obama campaigns which is pretty sobering. But this is too good to pass up: NEWSWEEK has also learned that Palin’s shopping spree at high-end department stores was more extensive than previously reported. While publicly supporting Palin, McCain’s […]

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Take a breath… and look at what we’ve done

Filed in National by on November 4, 2008 4 Comments

I don’t know who will win on today, but I wanted to take a moment and acknowledge what we have done.  I feel honored to be part of this movement, and feel sorry for those on the sidelines who can only sneer and mock or slander and smear while offering no solutions to the problems […]

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Bill Maher Wraps It All Up For You

Filed in National by on November 3, 2008 1 Comment

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Look Who Needs An Undisclosed Location Now

Filed in National by on November 3, 2008 2 Comments

Dick Cheney’s hometown newspaper endorses Obama. UF Gators for McCain President votes for Obama: Not all Republicans were there to protest. “I wanted to see the next vice president of the United States,” said Josh Simmons, Gators for McCain chairman. Simmons said he voted for Obama about two weeks ago. “I’ve seen a different John […]

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Now I Just Want It to Be November 5

Filed in National by on November 3, 2008 7 Comments

I was off volunteering everywhere this weekend, and damn near everybody I know decided to send me this article from Esquire. Oh yes — an article called Why White Supremacists Support Barack Obama is cause for one of my more sporting buddies to call for everyone with money on the outcome on this election to […]

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The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Filed in National by on November 3, 2008 5 Comments

Several months ago the McCain Campaign laid out their strategy.  McCain would win by making the election a referendum on Obama.  In essence, this wouldn’t be about voting for McCain it would be about voting against Obama. Hmmm… How’s that strategy worked out for them? Refresher Course of headlines over the last 2 months: Sarah Palin, the fundamentals […]

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Let’s Recap

Filed in National by on October 31, 2008 6 Comments

Josh Marshall (TPM) compiles McCain’s greatest hits. I had honestly forgotten how despicable the McCain Campaign has been.  Tell me, John, was it worth it?

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The Biden Rally at UD

Filed in Delaware, National by on October 31, 2008 9 Comments

This morning I took a look at my schedule and checked for any issues in my work inbox.  There wasn’t anything burning, so I took some time out of the office to check out the Biden rally on the University of Delaware mall. I have been wondering what the heck they were doing having a […]

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New Obama Ad Targets the Real Republican Presidential Candidate

Filed in National by on October 29, 2008 8 Comments

There is no doubt, at least in my mind, that McCain has lost his position at the top of the ticket. So… How much do you think McCain regrets the Palin pick? I’m leaning towards… with every bone in his body.

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The Conservative Brief for Voting for Obama

Filed in National by on October 28, 2008 0 Comments

This comes from Andrew Sullivan who has been one of the top 10 Cheerleaders for Obama for quite some time now. What struck me about Sullivan’s list is that the conservatives around me who intend to vote for Obama have a few of these very reasons. I shouldn’t have thought of them as being unique, […]

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Obama Newspaper Endorsements — Info Geek Edition

Filed in National by on October 28, 2008 3 Comments

I’m a big fan of folks who know how to layout data graphically and this is simply outstanding. Note how little relationship there is between the red state/blue state thing and the paper’s Presidential endorsements. I wish I could embed it, but really, just go see it. Hover your cursor over the circles or lines […]

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There Will Be Blood

Filed in National by on October 27, 2008 26 Comments

The lines of battle have been drawn. The Republican Civil War begins. Jim Nuzzo, a White House aide to the first President Bush, dismissed Mrs Palin’s critics as “cocktail party conservatives” who “give aid and comfort to the enemy”.He told The Sunday Telegraph: “There’s going to be a bloodbath. A lot of people are going […]

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In Which We Go Through the Looking Glass One More Time

Filed in National by on October 27, 2008 46 Comments

The wankery from the right is unabated AND apparently this s a dress rehearsal for what we may be in for over the next four years should Obama win. Now that we’ve put away the black man attacking white female supporter of McCain, we’ve moved on to the new subject of the Looking Glass. Today […]

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Last Days Strategy

Filed in National by on October 27, 2008 3 Comments

Today, Obama begins to make his closing argument: Tomorrow in Canton, OH, Senator Obama caps off a nearly two year campaign with a closing argument speech that lays out the choice in this election and details how he will fix our economy and bring the change we need to Washington. In his speech, Senator Obama […]

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Two of A Kind

Filed in National by on October 27, 2008 0 Comments

Speaks for itself:

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Why McCain went Right

Filed in National by on October 27, 2008 13 Comments

I’ll admit I have a morbid fascination with the McCain Campaign. I can’t help it. It’s like a natural disaster that no one could have predicted. Right now all fingers are pointing to Sarah Palin, but she isn’t the woman who made McCain run to The Right. Hillary Clinton is. Let me explain.

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The Sound of Wingnut Heads Exploding

Filed in National by on October 25, 2008 16 Comments

Judge throws out PUMA challenge to Obama qualifications to be President. In a 34-page memorandum and opinion, the judge said Berg’s allegations of harm were “too vague and too attenuated” to confer standing on him or any other voters. Surrick ruled that Berg’s attempts to use certain laws to gain standing to pursue his claim […]

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Culture War Greatest Hits

Filed in National by on October 25, 2008 2 Comments

Chris Hayes over at The Nation writes: The New York Times Magazine previews a piece from this week’s issue about the strangely careening tactical path of the McCain campaign as it’s bounced incoherently from message to message over the last several months. One thing occurred to me: The Right’s attacks on Obama over the last […]

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The Significance of Insignificant People

Filed in National by on October 24, 2008 20 Comments

The insignificant person that I am speaking of is, of course, Ashley Todd.  Ms. Todd, a Texan working on the McCain Campaign was in Pittsburgh when she made the accusation that a black Obama supporter had attacked her for her choice for President.  Drudge jumped on it.  This is to be expected.  Drudge’s stock and […]

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