Ladeez and Gentlemen: Scott Walker, YOUR Rethug Nominee For Congress

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I rarely throw the term ‘despicable’ around, even when it comes to the most despicable of politicians.  After all, they are presumably human beings and they likely are good people in their own private Idahos. Scott Walker is truly despicable in every sense of the word. A man devoid of basic humanity.  A slumlord who […]

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November Election Matchups Set – Part 1

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Not competitive. D Hold

OMG…THE DEGOP pines for the days of Mike Protack. Not competitive. D Hold

Jennings wasn’t my pick but her TV ads sounded pretty good. Dem Hold

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Primary Elections Results Thread-Sept. 6, 2018

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Primary Elections Results Thread-Sept. 6, 2018

I’m a pessimist by nature–and I’m pessimistic this evening. At least when it comes to the three key statewide races. I have the most hope for the Harris-Carper race. But the small turnout for that GOTV event last night concerns me. I’m not sure we’re quite there yet, at least not at the statewide level. […]

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Election Day Thread: What Are You Doing and Seeing?

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Election Day Thread: What Are You Doing and Seeing?

I’ll start. Headed out to put up Chris and Kerri signs at polling places in the 7th.  It’s as humid as bleep out there.

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Why Is Colin Bonini Sending $$’s To Sam Guy And Charles Potter?

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Let’s first establish the long-standing relationship between Sam Guy and the Potters.  Guy, who lost his license to practice law for 18 months, was the attorney who tried to enable the Potters to get out of paying a contractor for work on their Brandywine Hills home. Both Sam Guy and Velda Potter have publicly lobbied […]

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DL Endorses Jordyn Pusey And Dave Carter For New Castle County Council

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Two superior community activists are running for NCC Council.  They are both committed to the public interest, and they are uniquely qualified to serve. Jordyn Pusey is running in NCC District 1 against Ken Woods who, other than following in the footsteps of his father, displays little interest in making any kind of difference.  A […]

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DL Endorses Tizzy Lockman, Nnamdi Chukwuocha And Sean Lynn For General Assembly

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Delaware Liberal endorses two newcomers and one fearless progressive incumbent in their respective primaries. Rep. Sean Lynn is a progressive treasure in Dover. Name the issue and he fights on behalf of those who the Delaware Way insiders routinely ignore.  He remains impervious to the pervasive good ol’ boys’ culture that permeates Leg Hall. He […]

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Still On The Fence About Kerri Harris & Chris Johnson?

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Maybe this will seal the deal.  When Carper was elected to the Senate in 2000, the Washington Post profiled all the new senators, including Carper. Carper was coming off of his two terms as governor, and he was proud of this record: During his time in the House, Carper, a Navy veteran who has an […]

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Kerri Evelyn Harris For United States Senate

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Tom Carper has long since abandoned even the pretense that he legislates on behalf of the average Delawarean. Time after time, issue after issue, when faced with a choice between Delaware voters and the Special Interests who have bankrolled his career, he has consistently voted for filling his corporate coffers at the expense of the […]

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Chris Johnson For Attorney General

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“I will seek justice for those who our legal system leaves behind.” That statement from Chris Johnson appears on every lit piece that the Johnson campaign distributes. Three other words are equally prominent on that same lit piece: “…never a prosecutor.” We endorse Chris Johnson because he is the only candidate for Attorney General who […]

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Delaware Liberal Primary Endorsements

Filed in Delaware, Featured by on August 21, 2018 6 Comments

We at Delaware Liberal proudly and unanimously endorse the following candidates for public office in the Sept. 6 Primary elections: United States Senate: KERRI EVELYN HARRIS Attorney General:  CHRIS JOHNSON State Auditor: KATHLEEN DAVIES Senate District 3:  ELIZABETH LOCKMAN Rep. District 1:  NNAMDI CHUKWUOCHA Rep. District 31: SEAN LYNN NCC District 1: JORDYN PUSEY NCC […]

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Rethugs Get An AG Candidate, And He’s…A Democrat

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An African-American Democrat at that.  One Bernard Pepukayi, who has worked for both Ruth Ann Minner and, wait for it, Tom Gordon. Here’s the News-Journal article: https://www.delawareonline.com/story/news/politics/2018/08/20/bernard-pepukayi-election-delaware-attorney-general-republican/1040132002/ My favorite quote?: “Something has been brewing and I believe I have something that has been calling me,” he says in the video. “I want to make a […]

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Delaware GOP No Longer Has An AG Candidate

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Not surprising since I doubt that anyone can remember they had an AG candidate. For the record, her name is/was Peggy Marshall Thomas. In announcing that she was dropping out,  she asked “the media to ‘respect her privacy’.”  No problem, Peggy. The R’s have until Sept. 4 to name someone to replace her on the […]

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