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Sept. 24 Open Thread: Democrats Thrust the Knife Deeper

Filed in National, Open Thread by on September 24, 2018 10 Comments

I don’t know if Democrats planned all this — my first instinct is they’re not smart enough — but even if Brett Kavanaugh is confirmed to what will become a farcical Keystone Kourt, they already have won more than they lost in this confirmation fight. Not all Republicans are stupid (and no, not all stupid […]

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Sept. 22 Open Thread: Delaware GOP Disavows Scott Walker

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It should tell you something about this country’s politics that the three most likely destinations for people with mental problems are the nuthouse, the big house and the statehouse. Russell “Scott” Walker is trying for the latter, but he’ll have to do it with no help from the state GOP, which took the unprecedented step […]

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Sept. 21 Open Thread: GOP Is the Party of Failing Upward

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The best thing about the Trump interregnum has been the way it shines light into the myriad dark, ugly corners of the American upper crust. Most of the richies Trump assembled into a cabinet either inherited their money, like DeVos, or stole it, like Wilbur Ross. (Those who had no money to start with, like […]

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Sept. 20 Open Thread: GOP Senators Want a Justice Who Glows in the Dark

Filed in National, Open Thread by on September 20, 2018 13 Comments
Sept. 20 Open Thread: GOP Senators Want a Justice Who Glows in the Dark

Republicans remain committed to forcing radioactive Brett Kavanaugh on an ungrateful nation, but a few of them fret to WaPo’s Robert Costa about the political fallout of ramming through the nomination. Republican senators are basically putting their hand over the victim’s mouth and pawing at her all over again, a nice image for women to […]

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Sept. 19 Open Thread: Kavanaugh or Bust

Filed in National, Open Thread by on September 19, 2018 26 Comments

Confronted with Brett Kavanaugh’s sudden radioactivity, the GOP has decided on the only course it knows: Full speed ahead. Senators seemed to settle on a narrative by last night, to wit: This whole thing has been unfair to him. Never mind that this woman never wanted to come forward publicly, she had no right to […]

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Sept. 18 Open Thread: Trump Fans So Sure of ‘Red Wave’ They See No Reason to Vote

Filed in National, Open Thread by on September 18, 2018 10 Comments

How dumb are they? This dumb: An internal RNC poll shows a majority of Trump supporters believe his talk of a “red wave,” so they think they don’t have to bother voting in the mid-terms. This is not wishful thinking — this is their own internal polling. Gotta love those poorly educated. Trump, desperately grasping […]

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Sept. 17 Open Thread: Kavanaugh Confirmation Cock-Blocked

Filed in National, Open Thread by on September 17, 2018 52 Comments

The woman who alleges she was sexually assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh when both were in high school has come forward, setting up a Showdown in #Metoo Corral if Democrats can get a vote delayed. It appears they will: Republican member Jeff Flake says the committee should hold off on voting until it hears from the […]

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Sept. 14 Open Thread: Nixon’s Not the One

Filed in National, Open Thread by on September 14, 2018 5 Comments

Cynthia Nixon couldn’t overcome that surname. Andrew Cuomo trounced her by 30 points, about the same margin by which Tom Carper defeated Kerri Harris. But her campaign’s effect on the two-term incumbent was the same as Harris’ on Carper: [I]n losing, Ms. Nixon arguably made as much of a policy impact on New York as […]

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Sept. 13 Open Thread: Thin Blue Line? More Like Thick Blue Wall

Filed in National, Open Thread by on September 13, 2018 8 Comments

America’s latest police atrocity is playing out in Dallas, where a cop named Amber Guyger returned from her shift and entered the apartment directly above hers — supposedly thinking it was her own — and shot its occupant, Botham Jean, to death. Guyger’s shifting stories about events show something is hinky here, but despite the […]

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Sept. 12 Open Thread: Surf’s Up!

Filed in National, Open Thread by on September 12, 2018 2 Comments

All year long we’ve heard pundits warning that maybe a blue wave was just wishful thinking, that a Democratic takeover of the House might not happen because the polls could tighten. That was true. But it was just as true that the polls might widen, which is exactly what they’re doing. Democrats hold a 14-point […]

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Sept. 9 Open Thread: Anonymice, a Failed State and Insubordinate Hillbillies

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An anonymous White House source has outed himself. No, not the writer, the one who spoke the obvious. Mick Mulvaney, one of the sneakiest rats on the USS Trump, is the one who told donors that Ted Cruz could lose his Senate race. The notion that this is news makes sense only in GOP World, […]

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Sept. 8 Open Thread: Kavanaugh Wears a Robe Because His Pants Are on Fire

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The Anomynous Controversy™ has managed to obscure the most important revelation in the Brett Kavanaugh hearings: The future SCOTUS justice is a sack of shit who thinks nothing of lying under oath, which he has done repeatedly. This is prompting calls not just for denying him a Supreme Court seat but for impeaching him from […]

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Sept. 5 Open Thread: Woodward Confirms What We All Know

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Official Washington’s reaction to Bob Woodward’s book is exactly what you’d expect in Kabuki theater: People are shocked, shocked to learn that “the adults” in the White House have been working overtime to try to pretend that the Trump White House is operating like a real government. There’s nothing that’s been revealed so far that […]

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