June 11 Open Thread: How Much More of This Will the World Take?

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Trump is in Singapore now after laying a turd in the punch bowl at the G7 meeting in Quebec, a performance that has the chattering classes hoping that this, surely, will spur the GOP into action. Dartmouth political scientist Brendan Nyhan says it’s a turning point because Trump, having created chaos in the U.S., is […]

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Not The Onion: Document Expert’s Job Is Scotch-Taping Papers Trump Rips Apart

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More evidence that Trump is a giant toddler: For years, his habit after “reading” documents is to tear them up and throw them away (yeah, that’s not an incriminating habit at all, but anyway…). This habit has run headlong into the law that demands preservation of it all presidential records — all of it. After […]

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June 10 Open Thread: Toddler Trump Tries to Wreck G7

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I’ll cut to the chase: Anything Trump says about why he sabotaged the G7 meeting is bullshit meant to cover up the real reason: He wouldn’t cross Putin with the communique’s demands that Moscow “cease with its destabilising behaviour” and withdraw its support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. As for Trump’s idiot suggestion that Russia […]

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June 9 Open Thread: What’s Wrong With White People?

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Quinnipiac ran a poll asking people if NFL players have the right to protest on the playing field. The top-line story is that 58% of Americans say they do. But that hides an uglier truth: The overwhelming majority of Republicans — 81 percent — say that players do not have the right to protest on […]

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It’s the Treason, Stupid

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David Corn of Mother Jones makes an important point: The media is missing the story in how it reports the Trump-Russia scandal. Much of the media framing of the Russia scandal has followed Trump’s lead and adopted his collusion-centric perspective. The debate, such as it is, has become whether Trump directly collaborated with Moscow’s covert […]

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June 8 Open Thread: Suicide Is Painless*

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It’s been a bad week for suicides. First fashion designer Kate Spade, now celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain — why is it that people with a lot to contribute check out, while all the people with the best reasons for doing themselves in pass on the opportunity? I mean, most people who have been exposed as […]

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June 6 Open Thread: Democrats Manage Not to Screw Up Primaries

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Except for the action-hungry sports bettors who flocked to Delaware, yesterday’s big stories came from the flurry of primaries in eight states. The generally good news for Democrats wasn’t all good. Especially bad was the poor showing by crooked Sen. Bob Menendez in his New Jersey Senate primary. Though he was let off the legal […]

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Football Becomes a Political Football

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It’s no secret that blustery, overcompensating macho types like Donald Trump love football. Trump himself, you’ll recall, tried to buy an NFL team in the 1980s and failed. He then bought a team in the startup USFL, which began in 1983 as a spring supplement to the NFL but went tits up in 1985 when, […]

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June 5 Open Thread: All Bets Are On

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Today’s the day Delaware casinos start losing money by accepting single-game sports bets, according to crybaby Dover Downs CEO Denis McGlynn. “People need to manage their expectations on this,” McGynn said. “The dollars that are left over after you pay off the winners are very little and you divide it among a variety of people […]

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Trump ‘Disinvites’ Eagles From White House Ceremony

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This is a true story. From the Washington Post: “The Philadelphia Eagles are unable to come to the White House with their full team to be celebrated tomorrow,” President Trump said in a statement. “They disagree with their President because he insists that they proudly stand for the National Anthem, hand on heart, in honor […]

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Jesus Says, “No Cake For You!”

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Spokesmen for Jesus of Nazareth said the Savior approved of the Supreme Court ruling that bakers don’t have to make wedding cakes for gay couples, because he thinks it’s a bad idea anyway. “Changing water into wine because the family didn’t plan ahead is one thing,” said the sandal-wearing miracle worker, “but demanding a homophobe […]

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June 4 Open Thread: Guess Which Toxic Narcissist Said It

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Self-regard and the presidency fit together all too well, as Bill Clinton reminds us with a — get this — book tour for a novel. It didn’t go all that well on this morning’s “Today” show when he was asked if, in light of the #metoo movement, he should have resigned over the Monica Lewinsky […]

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What percentage of the military would join Trump’s side in a coup against the constitution?

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What percentage of the military would join Trump’s side in a coup against the constitution?

For all the hooey and bluster by #MAGA idiots like Rudy Guliani, if Trump decides to attempt a full blown coup against the constitution, the number of people joining him in that coup would be vanishingly small. Furthermore, the number of people in the military (from the lowest recruit, to the Joint Chiefs) would be […]

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