FWIW – Civil Rights Hero, Mitch Crane, Posted His Group’s Endorsements

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Kathy McGuiness never audited anything other that the snow fall totals in and around Park City Utah – but she (somehow) snagged this endoresment. As political VP of Delaware Stonewall PAC, and on behalf of President Peter Schott and the Board, here are the candidates whose endorsements were announced at our packed and successful Rehobtoth […]

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June 16 Open Thread: Trump Is Scared of Biden

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Trump sure is scared of Joe Biden. How do we know? Because spokesghoul Rudy Giuliani went on an unhinged rant about what a “moron” Joe Biden is. This comes from a man who had the brilliant idea of putting his anti-terrorism headquarters in the WTC complex and has left his pecker tracks all over New […]

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June 15 Open Thread: Hey, Media, There’s a Humanitarian Crisis on U.S. Border

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Despite Trump’s best efforts to create a distraction — Your Leader averted the nuclear disaster that he ginned up in the first place! — people, meaning the media, are starting to pay attention to the cruel practice of taking children at border stations from their families, even if those families are seeking asylum rather than […]

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Breaking: Manafort Jailed

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A federal judge has revoked Paul Manafort’s bail after Robert Mueller brought the court evidence of his attempts to tamper with witnesses while he was free. Manafort’s lawyers argued for stricter no-contact rules, but after an hour-long hearing U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson took a 30 minute recess before announcing her decision that nothing […]

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June 14 Open Thread: Lawful But Awful

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The headline comes from this story about the ways gun manufacturers already are working on products designed to circumvent bans on bump stocks and other after-market products that turn legal firearms into questionably legal ones. This is why gun nuts want to get very specific about what’s banned — it gives them a guidebook on […]

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Carper’s Senate record is catching up with him

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Carper’s Senate record is catching up with him

Sen. Tom Carper’s 9 point decline in popularity is no doubt an outworking of the fact that the voters finally have an alternative. (How about giving KEH a little thanks for putting the spotlight on Senator Do-Nothing?) The eight senators with the biggest declines last quarter — a net drop of 9 points or more […]

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June 13 Open Thread: What’s Fat, Saggy and Nearly Bald?

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Republican primaries around the country demonstrated that the GOP is now a fully-owned subsidiary of TrumpCo, as pro-Trump troglodytes swept aside old-school Republicans across the nation. Maybe the party should change its mascot from an elephant to Trump. The change wouldn’t be drastic — they both have very little hair and weigh a ton. Trump’s […]

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Conclusive Proof: Rand Paul Is a Dick

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Rand Paul is a dick. If there was ever any doubt, it was dispelled by sentencing documents stemming from his neighbor’s rib-breaking attack on the ideological little weenie, which leave little doubt that Paul is a passive-aggressive prick of the worst kind: In September, Paul piled limbs and trimmings from shrubs in a 5-foot-high and […]

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Song Of The Day: June 13, 2018

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This guy can do it all on the guitar. One of the best to ever grace the Arden Gild Hall stage. Meant to be enjoyed ’round midnight:

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“This Is Not Capitalism”

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I linked yesterday to a column by Yanis Varoufakis, the leftist organizer who briefly served as finance minister in Greece before resigning in protest. Here’s a longer interview that spells out how the 2008 financial system collapse laid the groundwork for the West’s current political crisis. “It became more profitable, and a greater source of […]

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Trump’s Propaganda Video is Total Shit

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The video Trump showed to Kim to kick off their meeting is a hacked together collection of corporate stock video clips accompanied by a cheesy voice over intended to play to Kim’s vanity and greed. But who knows? Maybe those are the right buttons to push with Kim.

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June 12 Open Thread: “Historic” Meeting Shows Why People Think History Is Dull

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The mainstream media, just as Trump foresaw, is making a fuss over his “historic” meeting with Kim Jong Un without pointing out that Neville Chamberlain’s meeting with Hitler in Munich was historic, too. But here’s a fact you’ll never see mentioned: The more the producers spend on logistics, the more airtime an event will receive. […]

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June 11 Open Thread: How Much More of This Will the World Take?

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Trump is in Singapore now after laying a turd in the punch bowl at the G7 meeting in Quebec, a performance that has the chattering classes hoping that this, surely, will spur the GOP into action. Dartmouth political scientist Brendan Nyhan says it’s a turning point because Trump, having created chaos in the U.S., is […]

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