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May 8 Open Thread: Pervs ❤️ New York

Filed in Delaware, Open Thread by on May 8, 2018 7 Comments

Calling all pervs — there’s a government job for you in New York, at least if you’re a male Democrat. Eliot Spitzer’s call girl problem looks tame next to Anthony Weiner’s texting his junk to minors, which looks harmless compared with the allegations, revealed in the New Yorker, that state AG Eric Schneiderman slapped around […]

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May 7 Open Thread: Anything Trump Can Do, He Can Do Trumpier

Filed in National, Open Thread by on May 7, 2018 2 Comments

If you’re having a race to the bottom, you shouldn’t invite a guy who makes his living underground. Don Blankenship, America’s most lethal boss, went ballistic this morning when Trump tweeted his support for the other two Republicans running in tomorrow’s West Virginia Senate primary, tweeting out (of course) his claim that he is “Trumpier […]

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Open Thread, May 6: Approaching the Event Horizon

Filed in National by on May 6, 2018 4 Comments

Sorry for the interruption, I had a lot of gardening to catch up on. I also developed a theory that Donald Trump is a black hole of such massive proportions that reality itself is being stretched apart as it approaches his event horizon. The laws of political physics don’t apply anymore. Today’s madness included another […]

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Open Thread May 4: No More Fucks to Give

Filed in National by on May 4, 2018 15 Comments

Sorry, but I’ve run out of fucks to give. I think it was Trump’s Dr. Bizarro that tipped me over the edge, actually admitting that he didn’t write the statement about Trump’s amazing health. Or maybe it was Camille Cosby comparing her sick-fuck husband — the one she didn’t rat on for 50 years because […]

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Who’s Against Taking Guns From the Mentally Ill? That Answers Itself

Filed in Delaware by on May 1, 2018 4 Comments

You might have heard of a fella name of Earl Lofland, Earl R. Lofland, Earl R. Lofland of Clayton, Del. This fella seems to harbor a grudge of long standing against some of America’s institutions, which he thinks aren’t operating under the principles of the Constitution as the Founders intended that Constitution to be interpreted. […]

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May 1 Open Thread: Refuse to Lose, Even After You’ve Lost

Filed in National, Open Thread by on May 1, 2018 12 Comments

To everyone else, “refuse to lose” is a sales-motivational cliche. To Republicans, it’s an operating system. So even if you’re Roy Moore, and you lost not just the election but a referendum on your entire ethos — the Bible-fundie practice of selecting a “pure” virgin for marriage, and test-driving her by feeling her up in […]

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Pete Schwartzkopf Rips Dover Downs a New One

Filed in Delaware by on April 30, 2018 5 Comments

As El Somnambulo predicted last week, the casino giveway relief bill that sailed through the state Senate on a 17-3 vote faces a tougher road in the House, where its chief opponent is the most powerful man in the legislature, House speaker Pete Schwartzkopf. Schwartzkopf has long been a critic of Delaware’s racinos, and for […]

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April 30 Open Thread: Won’t Someone Think of the Trumpkins?

Filed in National, Open Thread by on April 30, 2018 4 Comments

Washington is running out of fainting couches, as dozens of media figures have joined conservative snowflakes in expressing shock, shock at Michelle Wolf’s routine Saturday night at the White House Correspondents Dinner. Even the Orange Excrescence took offense, calling her “filthy” (he’s totally skeeved by women unless he’s fucking them) and calling for an end […]

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Lynching Memorial Opens to Near-Universal Praise

Filed in Delaware, National by on April 30, 2018 29 Comments

Last Thursday the National Memorial for Peace and Justice, better known as the lynching memorial, opened to wide coverage and effusive praise from all quarters — well, almost all quarters. The memorial stands in Montgomery, Alabama, near the former site of the city’s slave auction. Montgomery also is home to the Equal Justice Initiative, founded […]

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April 29 Open Thread: NRA Convention Bans Guns for Veep

Filed in National, Open Thread by on April 29, 2018 1 Comment

The jokes write themselves. The NRA convention, the ultimate gathering of self-defined good guys with guns, has banned their fetish objects for a speech by VP Mike Pence because the tyrannical federal government told them to. While conservatives have spontaneous orgasms about the prospect of peace on the Korean peninsula, Max Boot throws cold water […]

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April 28 Open Thread: Pew Says Democrats No Longer Want Compromise

Filed in National by on April 28, 2018 10 Comments

Somebody please show this Pew Research graph to Chris Coons: It shows that, while Democratic voters used to value compromise more than Republicans, but over the past year that’s no longer true. Perhaps if someone attaches a clue to a TV camera lens Coons will notice it. Andy Slavitt, who served as the acting administrator […]

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Democratic Leaders to Liberal Candidates: Get Lost, We Prefer Moderates

Filed in National by on April 27, 2018 7 Comments

Liberals have realized for a long time now that the leadership of the Democratic Party is beholden to business interests and therefore is only as liberal as corporate America will allow. Nobody has felt that more than liberals who dare to primary the Central Party’s chosen candidates. Now one of them has struck back. Levi […]

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April 27 Open Thread: The More He Talks, the More He Accidentally Reveals

Filed in National, Open Thread by on April 27, 2018 6 Comments

Pundits are still buzzing over Trump’s disastrous phone-in interview on yesterday’s “Fox & Friends,” which triggered two court filings by the end of the day. Prosecutors are in luck; Kellyanne Conway appeared on the show today to say Trump loved it and wants to do it every month. How any Republican can listen to yesterday’s […]

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