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Oct. 5 Open Thread: Drunken, Lying, Privileged Partisan Hacks Are People, Too

Filed in National, Open Thread by on October 5, 2018 29 Comments

I’m starting to wonder if the Republicans haven’t overplayed their hand on Brett Kavanaugh. For a day or two they gained ground in polls by stoking the fires of white grievance, even stampeding the press and people who should know better (lookin’ at you, Nate Silver) into believing that Republicans were so angry about his […]

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Coons Disparages FBI ‘Investigation,’ Heitkamp a ‘No’

Filed in National by on October 4, 2018 10 Comments

From the New York Times, quoting Chris Coons after his turn reviewing the 1,000-page whitewash of Brett Kavanaugh: “The materials I just reviewed did not answer all of the questions that I have. And in some ways, I am left with more questions than answers.” Also, Sen. Heidi Heitkamp, the most vulnerable Democratic incumbent, announced […]

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Scott Walker’s Crazy Train Pulls Into Lunatic Junction

Filed in National by on October 4, 2018 8 Comments

What does a guy have to do to get himself committed for psychiatric evaluation these days? GOP congressional candidate Scott Walker seems determined to find out. I missed this when it came out a couple of days ago, but Walker, who has talked before about his problems with alcohol, took his cell phone into an […]

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Flyers New Mascot ‘Gritty’ Goes Antifa

Filed in National by on October 4, 2018 7 Comments
Flyers New Mascot ‘Gritty’ Goes Antifa

When Trump visited Philadelphia on Tuesday, he was greeted by about 100 protesters and a truly horrifying sight: Gritty, the new Flyers mascot, who has been adopted by Antifa forces in the city. The Liberation Project, a Philadelphia-based social justice group, said Gritty is inherently Antifa. “Gritty is a symbol of Philadelphia,” the group told […]

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Oct. 4 Open Thread: That’s Justice Partisan Ratfucker to You

Filed in National, Open Thread by on October 4, 2018 2 Comments

Knowing what he knows now, Donald Trump probably would have nominated someone other than Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court. We know that from the Washington Post, which laid out how Kavanaugh is Don McGahn’s last act in the White House, and reports that Trump is furious (when is he not?) with McGahn for dropping […]

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Did Coons’ Question Prompt Kavanaugh to Lie Under Oath?

Filed in Delaware, National by on October 3, 2018 4 Comments

Here’s a nugget from last week’s questioning of Brett Kavanaugh that I overlooked until I read William Saletan’s article asserting that, far from a “fishing expedition,” questions about Kavanaugh’s drinking cry out for investigation. Saletan uses this to buttress one of his points, but it’s worth emphasizing here: In the hearing, Sen. Chris Coons asked […]

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A Recall Process for Electeds Belongs on General Assembly’s To-Do List

Filed in Delaware by on October 3, 2018 4 Comments

Delaware is the least small-d democratic state in the union, the only one in which citizens can neither vote directly on issues (referendum), introduce bills directly to the legislature (initiative) or recall lawmakers. The lack of referendum and initiative isn’t going to change, because lawmakers don’t want the hassle to interrupt their busy schedule of […]

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Confidential to Anon

Filed in National by on October 3, 2018 11 Comments

We’re not interested in anything you have to say. About 90% of what you have said is personal attacks; the other 10% doctrinaire Boy Libertarian bullshit. What you say is nothing unique, and we can find that almost anywhere, thanks all the same. This is not a forum open to anyone. I don’t invite people […]

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Oct. 3 Open Thread: Stop the Presses, Trump Is a Tax Cheat

Filed in National, Open Thread by on October 3, 2018 7 Comments

Raise your hand if you thought the Trump family fortune was achieved by following all tax laws to the letter. Yeah, thought so. Still, the New York Times deserves credit for investing thousands of man-hours to ferreting out all the ways the Trumps cheated the IRS, and for determining that the “$1 million loan” with […]

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Oct. 1 Open Thread: Coons’ Pyrrhic Victory

Filed in National, Open Thread by on October 1, 2018 8 Comments

So Chris Coons did all that for nothing. Republicans have made clear that they won’t actually investigate Kavanaugh, because if they did they couldn’t get him confirmed. They’re OK with that, having decided that the House is already lost but fighting for Kavanaugh will help the GOP’s chances of keeping the Senate. Expect the clamor […]

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Sept. 30 Open Thread: America Dances the Limbo

Filed in National by on September 30, 2018 0 Comments

America’s pundits have had a chance to ponder the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation process, and they have reached a sort of rough consensus: This is nuts. For those like Salon’s Andrew O’Hehir, it confirmed what they’ve been saying since Trump’s nomination — our political system is in pitiful shape. What struck me on Thursday is that […]

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Flake’s Version: Yep, It Was Coons

Filed in National by on September 29, 2018 40 Comments

From an article in The Atlantic by Mary Coppins, who asked Jeff Flake if the impassioned lecture he got from a rape survivor spurred his compromise call for a limited FBI investigation (emphasis mine): I don’t know if there was any one thing, but I was just unsettled. You know, when I got back to […]

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Sept. 29 Open Thread: Biden Lies Low in the Shadow of Anita Hill

Filed in National, Open Thread by on September 29, 2018 7 Comments

For somebody who’s supposedly weighing a presidential run, Joe Biden sure has been quiet during the year’s biggest political drama. Not without reason — Republicans are following his 1991 playbook for the Anita Hill hearing, using things he said to Clarence Thomas as justification for their deference to Brett Kavanaugh. Biden has had a comity […]

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