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Dec. 9 Open Thread: Liberal Bias? If Only

Filed in National, Open Thread by on December 9, 2018 1 Comment

I don’t make a habit of whining about media malfeasance — it’s just too common to get worked up over. But a glut of minor sins made for annoying reading this morning. First up: Reporters had a day to read the transcript of James Comey’s closed-door testimony to a House committee, which Democrats and Comey […]

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Dec. 8 Open Thread: So What Do We Do With Him Now?

Filed in National by on December 8, 2018 1 Comment

The overnight analyses are coming in, and the consensus is that the story is going where we always knew it would: Trump likely committed all the bad acts we have suspected all along, plus possibly ones we don’t know about yet. The SDNY outright accuses him as an unindicted co-conspirator in felonies. Here’s a handy […]

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Dec. 7 Open Thread: Beto’s the One to Beat, and the Beatings Have Begun

Filed in National, Open Thread by on December 7, 2018 21 Comments
Dec. 7 Open Thread: Beto’s the One to Beat, and the Beatings Have Begun

If he isn’t, why are rhetorical knife fights already breaking out over him? Ben Mathis-Lilley surveys the skirmish that’s starting to shape up as the Battle of Bull Run in this cycle’s Democratic civil war. Political writers trying to explain why the GOP is so scared of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez aren’t going to have to try […]

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Dec. 6 Open Thread: Is Beto the One to Beat?

Filed in National, Open Thread by on December 6, 2018 20 Comments
Dec. 6 Open Thread: Is Beto the One to Beat?

Sure seems that way. I’ve seen headlines saying he met with Obama and that he hasn’t ruled out running, which has roused sharp-eyed progressives. RE Vanella beat her to it, but WaPo’s Elizabeth Breunig looks at the Texan’s record and reaches the same conclusion Rob did: O’Rourke is no progressive. IMO, this feels like Obama […]

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Dec. 5 Open Thread: Republicans Now Undermining Democracy Openly

Filed in National, Open Thread by on December 5, 2018 10 Comments

The pending collapse of Trump, and the party that tied itself to his mast, has flushed out the rats from belowdeck, carrying only what they can stuff into their cheeks. The GOP abandoned the strategy of appealing to the public in about 1982, when it became clear that Reagan’s voodoo economics would not produce its […]

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Another Old Warhorse, Uncle Joe, Is Acting Frisky

Filed in National by on December 4, 2018 12 Comments

With Bernie making campaign noises, don’t you forget about Joe. As if he’ll let you. WDEL has an article drawn from Biden’s book tour appearance in Montana, and he sure sounds like somebody champing at the bit: “I’ll be as straight with you as I can. I think I’m the most qualified person in the […]

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Dec. 4 Open Thread: Ready for Another Bernie-Brawl?

Filed in National by on December 4, 2018 58 Comments

If Donald Trump had to face a united Democratic Party in 2020, he’d have little chance of re-election. Trouble is, he won’t, at least not if Bernie Sanders runs agains — and it’s being reported that he’s laying the groundwork for a bigger campaign than in 2016. Is he too divisive? In hockey, they’d settle […]

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In Which It Is Shown That Progressives Can Be Just as Hostile to Truth as Republicans

Filed in National by on December 3, 2018 29 Comments

The first post I wrote for Delaware Liberal back in January 2017 was about my suspicion that Trump was, in addition to his many character defects and possible psychopathy, showing signs of dementia. I got pushback from angry people who thought I was trying to absolve him of all his other defects. Their point wasn’t […]

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Dec. 3 Open Thread: We Already Know Whodunit

Filed in National by on December 3, 2018 3 Comments

Anyone who wonders why the Trump-Russia story gets so much ink must be blind to the popularity of mystery stories. Almost every novel, movie or TV show has some mystery at its core to keep consumers hooked. Such stories grab the eyeballs advertisers want and media operations need, so a real-life mystery is a no-brainer. […]

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Dec. 2 Open Thread: All Over But the Whining

Filed in National, Open Thread by on December 2, 2018 2 Comments

It wasn’t hard to see that winning the presidency would be Trump’s ultimate undoing. His sleazy, corrupt business model can only exist in darkness, and Trump won an office that affords its occupants almost no privacy. That barely worked while the entire GOP colluded to keep an illegitimately elected president safe. Now that most of […]

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Nov. 28 Open Thread: We Are All Mr. Jones

Filed in National by on November 28, 2018 8 Comments

We know something is happening but we don’t yet know what it is. Dominoes are falling in the Mueller probe, but even the most plugged-in pundits are struggling with what it all means. The consensus seems to be that Mueller played Manafort, perhaps to spring one of his infamous perjury traps on Trump. Rather than […]

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Nov. 27 Open Thread: Tear Gas Si, Lettuce No

Filed in National, Open Thread by on November 27, 2018 0 Comments

Welcome to Donald Trump’s Festung Amerika, where a salad can make you sick but you can put tear gas on your nachos. There’s no smoking gun linking the latest e. coli outbreak to Trump-relaxed water regulations — signers of the California Leafy Green Products Handler Marketing Agreement meets Obama-era standards — but it’s not welcome […]

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Nov. 26 Open Thread: Depends on Who’s Being Hanged, Doesn’t It?

Filed in National by on November 26, 2018 3 Comments

Mississippi Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith has lurched from one racism-tinted gaffe to the next in the run-up to her run-off election against Democrat Mike Espy. As Trump prepares to stage rallies for her today so he can claim credit for her expected victory, let’s stipulate that I would join her in the front row at a […]

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