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Cosby Found Guilty, Calls DA an Asshole

Filed in National by on April 26, 2018 0 Comments

Bill Cosby was found guilty of three counts of aggravated indecent assault. The 80-year-old comedian faces up to 10 years in prison on each count. While discussing bail, the DA said Cosby was a flight risk. According to Stephanie Wash of ABC, Cosby screamed, “He doesn’t have a plane you asshole!”

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Diamond and Silk Piss On Satire’s Grave

Filed in National by on April 26, 2018 1 Comment

Fox News performers Diamond and Silk — Lynette Hardaway and Rochelle Richardson to authorities — repeatedly lied under oath to Congress today about a payment they received from the Trump campaign. “You have never been paid by the Trump campaign?” Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee asked again. “We have never been paid by the Trump campaign!” […]

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April 26 Open Thread: Deplorable Doesn’t Begin to Cover It

Filed in National, Open Thread by on April 26, 2018

The pressure’s definitely getting to Cheetohlini. This morning Trump called in to his top advisers, Fox & Friends, and got so unhinged they had to cut him off before he did any more self-damage. As it was he managed to admit that he stayed overnight in Moscow in 2013, making clear he lied to James […]

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April 24 Open Thread: Panel Finds No Savings in Merging School Districts

Filed in Delaware, National, Open Thread by on April 24, 2018 4 Comments

A General Assembly task force put together to study merging some of Delaware’s 19 school districts in search of savings couldn’t find any — the best they could do was save $1.1 million on a six-district combination that would have spanned from Middletown to Dover. They did, however, recommend that it’s way past time to […]

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April 23 Open Thread: Delaware Last in Election Security

Filed in National, Open Thread by on April 23, 2018 12 Comments

An Axios article looking at ballot security in the run-up to the midterms notes that Delaware is one of only 5 U.S. states that lacks any paper trail of voting records. Worse, the authors round up what the states on its 15-worst list are doing to fix their problems. Delaware is not among those cited […]

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April 21 Open Thread: Stable Genius Implicates Himself

Filed in National by on April 21, 2018 17 Comments

Very stable genius Donald Trump sort of admitted Michael Cohen has dirt on him this morning, tweeting that the New York Times would fail in its effort to get Cohen to flip on him. Of course, if he had nothing to hide, he has no reason to worry about Cohen flipping, a little detail the […]

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April 20 Open Thread: Who’s the Brains of This Operation?

Filed in National, Open Thread by on April 20, 2018 39 Comments

I’ve seen enough crime movies to know every criminal outfit has to have a guy nicknamed “The Brain.” The question is, who would possibly qualify for that sobriquet in Trumpworld? Certainly not the genius who thought it would be a great idea to release the Comey memos. It took all of one hour from the […]

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Behold the Gun Nut Throng

Filed in National by on April 20, 2018 24 Comments

I can’t post the photograph here, because it’s copyrighted and also because I don’t know how, but click here for the Delaware State News coverage of a Thursday afternoon “gun rights rally” outside Legislative Hall in Dover. According to reporter Craig Anderson, about 50 people showed up — a pathetic number, to be sure, but […]

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April 19 Open Thread: Democrats Rolling in the Green

Filed in National, Open Thread by on April 19, 2018 6 Comments

I’m of the firm belief that money is not the sole, or even the most important, factor in winning elections. Still, it’s telling that Democrats are thumping Republicans in fund-raising for the midterms. Politico found that 43 Democrats have out-raised their incumbent Republicans. Remember when some people thought Trump’s constant flip-flopping meant he was playing […]

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Biden Watch 2020: Decision Expected By Year’s End

Filed in Delaware, National by on April 18, 2018 3 Comments

A reporter for The Hill bumped into Joe Biden at the airport this morning and asked when he’ll make his decision whether to run for president in 2020. Biden replied, “Not until the end of the year.” That indicates to me that he wants to see what happens in the midterms before he commits either […]

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April 18 Open Thread: Scary Stuff

Filed in National, Open Thread by on April 18, 2018 17 Comments

As much as I enjoyed “Goldfinger” back in the day, I was always skeptical about the denouement, in which Auric Goldfinger, who’s almost as fat as Trump, gets sucked out of a broken airplane window by the pressure differential. C’mon, how is a guy that big gonna fit through a window that small? After yesterday’s […]

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April 17 Open Thread: Hannity Wrecks the News Cycle

Filed in National by on April 17, 2018 3 Comments
April 17 Open Thread: Hannity Wrecks the News Cycle

Sean Hannity has gone and done it — he’s broken the entire news media. Once word came out of federal court in Manhattan yesterday afternoon that Michael Cohen’s “secret client” was the Fox News simpleton, all other news out of Trumplandia has ceased. It’s as if this fact brought the entire Trump nightmare full circle, […]

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April 16 Open Thread: Corporate Crooks Can Count on Delaware

Filed in National by on April 16, 2018 8 Comments

Delaware’s sketchy system for hiding the ownership of corporate entities is back in the news thanks to hapless Michael Cohen, who apparently used his Delaware-sanctioned artificial personhood for all his non-disclosure-agreement needs. Delaware: The of American finance. If the Trump presidency were a football game, this is the point at which the fans would […]

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