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July 6 Open Thread: OK, Black Bart, Now You Get Yours

Filed in National, Open Thread by on July 6, 2018 3 Comments

I’m not denying that Scott Pruitt’s downfall is satisfying. We all want to see these bastards get theirs, and as Amanda Marcotte says, liberals needed something to celebrate after the most destructive week yet of the Trump Interregnum. But this victory is hollow, because Pruitt’s cartoonish corruption wasn’t the actual problem. As she wrote before […]

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July 5 Open Thread: There Are No Centrists

Filed in National by on July 5, 2018 38 Comments

E.J. Dionne uses data from a couple of political scientists to show that there is no up-for-grabs centrist bloc of independent voters. Independents mostly lean one way or the other; those who don’t pay no attention to politics and almost never vote. Other findings: Republicans more than Democrats no longer consider themselves centrist, and political […]

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Should Democrats Fight or Compromise?

Filed in National by on July 4, 2018 38 Comments

In recent days we’ve suffered a rash of visits from some Ghosts of Democrats Past. Various commenters, presenting themselves as “centrist” or “moderate” or “blue collar,” have argued that full-bore liberalism will cause other people — not them, mind you, but other people — to react by voting for Republicans. The product of this mind […]

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July 3 Open Thread: Trade War Is Hell

Filed in National by on July 3, 2018 15 Comments

When the Trump administration was tearing apart families, most of corporate America said nothing. When Trump supported white supremacists, most of corporate America said nothing. When Trump made clear everyone was either with him or against him, most of corporate America flattered and bowed like 18th-century French courtiers. Now that Trump is carrying through his […]

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July 2 Open Thread: Chemistry vs. Physics

Filed in National by on July 2, 2018 29 Comments

The annual “Peanuts” cartoon of Charlie Brown trusting Lucy to hold that football is a wonderful metaphor because it’s so adaptable. Some people see it, like a divorcee’s marriage, as the triumph of hope over experience. Others see the eternal gullibility of the average person. What most people forget are the endlessly inventive inducements Lucy […]

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June 29 Open Thread: The Trump-Kennedy Connection Runs Through Russia

Filed in National by on June 29, 2018 17 Comments

Wow. Talks about the fix being in. Turns out that retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy has a son who was global head of real estate capital markets at Deutsche Bank, which just happens to be the only legitimate Western bank that would lend money to Trump. This apparently was the cornerstone of a high-pressure charm offensive […]

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June 28 Open Thread: The Foxification of America Continues

Filed in National by on June 28, 2018 4 Comments

High-school dropout Sean Hannity, Trump’s de facto chief of staff, recommended ousted Fox News executive Bill Shine, Roger Ailes’ right-hand man, as White House communication director and, hey presto! He’s hired! Many media accounts call him a “disgraced” former exec, but that assumes he has shame, a supposition for which no supporting evidence exists. There’s […]

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In Disaster of Biblical Proportions, Kennedy Retires

Filed in National by on June 27, 2018 4 Comments

At some liberal web sites pundits already see rivers and seas boiling, fire and brimstone falling from the sky, and the walls in the 39th precinct bleeding. Cooler heads point out that Kennedy was no centrist; by one rating he was the 10th most conservative justice of the 20th century. But he did provide the […]

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Nancy Pelosi Building Her Own Coffin

Filed in National by on June 27, 2018 2 Comments

Nancy Pelosi is a goner. When the Democrats retake the House, she will not be elected Speaker, and it’s her own doing, because she has alienated members from both the right and left wings of the party. Michael Tomasky had a piece this morning (see the Open Thread) about the cluelessness of the Democratic establishment, […]

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June 27 Open Thread: Youth Will Be Served

Filed in National by on June 27, 2018 19 Comments

Many people are taking the primary victory by Democratic Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez over a 20-year incumbent as a positive sign for more liberal policies, but Michael Tomasky sees her as part of the same demographic current that helped conservative Democrat Conor Lamb win in western Pennsylvania: Democrats are going younger. It’s an interesting take, highlighted […]

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Confronting the Confrontation Question

Filed in National by on June 27, 2018 20 Comments

Yes, you hate her, but give Sarah Huckabee Sanders credit — she served Trump well by tweeting out her experience at the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington, Va. Her job is to distract the media from whatever the current Trump horror might be, and she changed the subject masterfully. It happened last Friday and we’re […]

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Don’t Give Up

Filed in National by on June 26, 2018 3 Comments

I know it looks bleak. But remember that the system was set up to reflect the will of the people. A minority government can only hold out so long, and every action taken by this one makes it more probable that the GOP dies in flames. Despite losing the popular vote by 3 million, they’re […]

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June 26 Open Thread: Orange Pig Attacks Noisy Hogs

Filed in National by on June 26, 2018 7 Comments

By which I mean Trump attacked Harley Davidson for moving some of its production to Europe in response to retaliatory tariffs imposed in Trump’s trade war. This, naturally, prompted a wildly disproportionate and misinformed Twitter attack, as America’s orange pig ranted against the maker of America’s iconic-because-purposely-obnoxious motorcycles. This puts H-D in a tight spot, […]

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