Trump’s Lies Bury Oddsmaker

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The online oddsmakers at demonstrated they’re not well versed in American, or at least Trumpian, political rhetoric. They set their over-under on how many lies Trump would tell in his Immigrants of Doom address at 3.5, and suffered the consequences. A staggering 92% of bettors took the over, soaking the site for $276,424.

“We figured the president’s strategy going in would be a bit of fear mongering to create pressure on the Democrats to approve the funding of the wall (or barrier), however the president was also constrained by an approximate 8-minute time limit,” said odds consultant John Lester. “With all the cable networks agreeing to air the speech, it came down to, how many times is the president willing to exaggerate the truth to accomplish his agenda, when he knows the world will be scrutinizing his every word?”

Depends on who’s counting, I suppose. used the Washington Post as its referee, and that source has corrected six presidential blurtings so far. The New York Times found eight statements that were false or needed context, which is right in line with his two-year average of one lie per minute.

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  1. Jason330 says:

    The very definition of a sucker bet.

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