Open Thread – Trump’s TV Show Ratings Sucked

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To be honest, I don’t know how Trump’s address did in terms of TV ratings. I suspect he bombed. I didn’t watch. Did any of you?

Apparently, it was terrible. His eyes were squinty and his expression flat.

The words, which often sounded more like a speechwriter’s than Trump’s own, were delivered with such slow and deliberate articulation that comic Seth MacFarlane tweeted that the 9-something-minute address “had the cadence of a Wheel of Fortune contestant solving the puzzle.”

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  1. Nancy Willing says:

    I turned it on for a second and compulsively started to chant Fuck you, you POS over and over because he was lying with almost every word. Stopped watching for mental health reasons.

    • Jason330 says:

      Lol. If we aren’t there yet all of us will be soon.

    • anon says:

      Extreme leftism is a mental disorder. Everyone on this site suffers from it except those of us who come for the laughs.

      • jason330 says:

        “Liberalism Is a Mental Disorder” was a book written by Michael Savage, a man who is barred from entering the United Kingdom for “seeking to provoke others to serious criminal acts and fostering hatred.”

        So, there is that.

        • anon says:

          As opposed to the hatred you and others post here on a daily basis? Or more like the hatred for anyone who dares disagree with a leftist?

          Clearly mental disorder wasn’t meant literally, although I’m starting to wonder with how much you all obsess over Trump. It’s worse than the teabags and Obama.

  2. delacrat says:

    People still watch TV ?

  3. bamboozer says:

    I was at band practice. Would not have watched regardless, we all knew what was coming.

  4. RSE says:

    When we were kids growing up in this area, it was widely known that the glass on the wall was put there to keep the Indians out….lol.

  5. Alby says:

    Here’s Rick Wilson’s take:

    “He reeked of defeat, clearly didn’t want to be there, and it showed. Trump looked exhausted, squinty, and bored, reading in a near-monotone from the Teleprompter. It went over like a wet fart.”

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