Big Announcement From Sen. McBride?

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Yes, according to the News Journal’s Scott Goss:

Scott Goss


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  1. RE Vanella says:

    Goss blocked me on Twitter due to my consistent torment re: the half a dozen stories he ran about the C Davis’ driving.

    Funny thing is I have his email. So I just starting insulting his work via that method.

  2. McBride first takes a shot at ‘irresponsible speculation’. Now he’s kissing the butts of the senators as perhaps the best bunch ever.

    Now, Sen. McBride proposes to take on the scourge of…drowsy driving. He announces that all three money bills be acted upon by 1 am on July, 1. If the bills aren’t acted upon, he’ll call everybody back for a session at 4 pm that day.

    And that’s the ‘big announcement’. Glad that I didn’t shave my legs for this.

    • Joshua W says:

      As someone who’s had to stay up till sunrise at leg hall for that past several June 30ths, I very much welcome this joyous news.

      • Back in the Tom Sharp days, he had no patience with late-night sessions. And Terry Spence over in the House used to love to yuck it up, even occasionally bringing in an Elvis impersonator, and dragging out proceedings endlessly.

        Lotsa house bills never got worked in the Senate as a result.

  3. RE Vanella says:

    Scott Goss + Twitter dot com

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