Dec. 14 Open Thread: And the One-Man Band Plays On

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Here’s a hint that Trump’s flailing mania is not an act: Even without an audience who believes a word of it, his tweets keep on rolling, asserting statements with no basis in fact, airing dubious legal theories, and proving no match for the reality. He’s the second little piggy, the one who built his house out of sticks, and now National Enquirer head honcho David Pecker is blowing it down. With both Pecker and Michael Cohen placing Trump in the room when the catch-and-kill plot to silence his paramours was hatched, New York prosecutors have an open-and-shut felony case against him. Tweet that, motherfucker.

Because everything Trump does is at heart a con, prosecutors find criminal behavior undew every rock the turn over. So Trump also has to worry now that prosecutors are looking into the funding for his inauguration, which took in a record $107 million but spent little of it, while playing host to dozens of foreigners from Russia and the Middle East who were buying access to Trump. Good luck, Republicans, trying to live down having looked the other way at selling our government to foreign powers.

The popular theory on why Republicans won’t say shit even though their mouths are full of it is that they’re afraid of their Trump-loving voters. I think the real reason, which continues to come to light, is that Russians funneled money through the NRA not just to Trump but to scores of GOP politicians. This, I have a hunch, is what Paul Ryan was telling Kevin McCarthy to shut up about when McCarthy speculated about Trump and Dana Rohrabacher being on the Kremlin payroll.

Who are these Trumpites who scare the Republicans so?They’re not really the “white working class.” When you drill down, you find that they are, first and foremost, fundamentalist Christians, a group that apparently highlights the teachings of The Christ by sinning in every way imaginable and then proclaiming, “But I’m forgiven!” The death knell for the GOP: in 2008, 21% of the electorate identified as fundie. By 2016 that number was down to 16%, mainly because young people are leaving their “faith” behind.

Slate’s Jim Newell breaks down the term-limit deal Nancy Pelosi agreed to in her leadership fight.

The New York Times takes a big-picture look at the Catholic Church’s long-running pedophilia crisis and finds that once-secret lists of malefactors are being released to the public, and hundreds or thousands of victims are finding some solace in their exploiters being exposed at last.

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  1. jason330 says:

    ruce Bartlett
    The budget crisis begins in three weeks when Democrats take control of the House. The countdown has begun. Expect every major media outlet to join the drumbeat for immediate deficit reduction.

  2. RE Vanella says:

    Super majority for the spending already gone.

    Paygo will not go.

    Fuck that beat.


  3. RE Vanella says:

    Jakelin AmeĆ­ Rosmery Caal Maquin

    Aged seven years.

    We’re dirt people, folks. We’re fascist monsters. True fucking scum.