Can Delaware Dems Repeat 2018 Success in 2020? Part 2

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How many seats will Democrats pick up in 2020? Republican incumbents will benefit from John Carney’s leadership. Because bi-partisanship is seen as a virtue above all virtues, John Carney will do everything he can to make the remaining Republicans seem like a viable political party and “a trusted partner in governing.” Also, as astonishing as it is to you and me in the age of Trump, there is a lot of collegiality and protecting fellow members of the incumbent club in Leg Hall. We saw that this year as dumb-fuck Democrats rallied around the campaign finance criminal Mike Ramone, and the execrable* Greg Lavelle.

Additionally, the low hanging fruit has been picked. So it will be difficult for Democrats to repeat the success of 2018. Difficult, but not impossible.

While Dems only have one slam-dunk pickup in 2020 (Cloutier SD5), there are factors that point to another potential Blue Wave in Delaware.

John Carney’s weak leadership aside, the Delaware Democratic Party is on the move. Chairman ERS, and Executive Director Jesse Chadderdon are an effective team. They’ve built the Delaware Democratic Party into a modern organization with a clear mission: Elect Democrats. That has always been the mission but past leadership teams took that to mean recruit “Democrats” like John Atkins. These guys see the bigger picture and have a sense of what it means to be a Democrat. I see it in the department chairs they’ve recruited. Cassandra Marshall, and Dave Woodside represent a new bread of Dem county-level leadership that is both progressive and practical.

Progressive organizations outside of the party are also growing stronger with each cycle. Network Delaware, Justice Democrats, Delaware United, Moms Demand Action, and many more are not taking the next election off. These committed membership organizations were instrumental in getting candidates on message, and voters to the polls.

Those are just two advantages Democrats have going into 2020, but there are others.

– Presidential election year turnout always favors Dems in De.
– Progressive candidates & (a few) electeds creating a Dem message that is coherent and meaningful,
– Open seats related to possible GOP retirements,
– the continuing boiling off of the DEGOP into a sticky tar,
– possible #MAGA primary challenges of Republicans of less rabidly crazy candidates,
– Trump himself. Or for that matter,
– possible anti-President Pence sentiment(?)

Dems have the momentum. If they keep their foot on the gas, the Democrats have an opportunity to expand the map, and add to the success of 2018 by winning in places that would have been prohibitive longshots in 2018.

*Greg Lavelle, execrable means horrible. It is related to excrement and denotes shitty.

It isn’t that Jesse is an unattractive dude, but there are not a lot of great pictures of him on the internet. In that respect, and many others, he is the anti-Anthony Delcollo.

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  1. What’s the creamy froth equivalent to execrable? Oh that’s right. ‘Santorum’.

  2. BTW, I’m less concerned about electing more D’s than I am with electing better D’s.

    Starting with a replacement for our somnambulant governor. Which reminds me, time to prep for a whole new ‘Mo’ Better Dems’ series…

    • jason330 says:

      I see “more” and “better” going hand and hand. I mean, imagine a Dem replacement for Ennis. It is a given that someone whoever replaces him is going to be less of a Strom Thurman style Dixiecrat than Ennis.

      That said – yeah Carney needs to face a primary. If only so he can rediscover his “progressive values” as Tom Carper rediscovered his during a primary fight.

    • All Seeing says:

      El Somnambulo is on the “MARK” on that post. He’s “Pay to Play all the way every day that’s what his campaign contributions say”.

  3. bamboozer says:

    All for better Dems at all levels, believe we’ve all had enough of the Carpers, Coons and Carneys of this world. Also agree about the collegiality of the generous assembly, yet another good ol’ boys club. Now, where to find the mo’ bettah Dems.

  4. RE Vanella says:

    Better Ds….

    Anyone privy to who facilitated the new GA member orientation in Dover?

    The answer is very enlightening.

  5. bamboozer says:

    Must say this: DREW WHO?

  6. RE Vanella says:

    Campaign manager Eugene Young.

    Campaign manager Kerri Harris.

    The first “graduate” of his Network DE candidate training course was…

    Laura Sturgeon.

  7. jason330 says:

    Speaking of campaign finance criminal Mike Ramone, aren’t the esteemed members of the gen assembly supposed to police ethics shit?

    • Heh. Heh-heh. Do you know who the members of the so-called Ethics Committees are? The leadership. Meaning, in the House, Val Longhurst, who got a job as Executive Director of the Police Athletic League despite having no qualifications, would presume to pass judgment on another state rep.

      In the State Senate, Nicole Poore, who got the job as head of Jobs For Delaware Graduates despite having no qualifications for the job, would presume to pass judgment on other state senators.

      When the most ethically-challenged legislators in Dover are supposedly the arbiters of what constitutes ethical lapses, there’s no such thing as ‘policing ethics shit’.

  8. Not to pick nits, but Ms. Marshall and I were elected as subdivision chairs first (although ERS encouraged me to run for chair). Then Erik was elected. Then the leadership conducted interviews for a new Executive Director and chose Jesse Chadderdon from a very qualified field.

    But I give credit for the great performance in 2018 to Jesse and Erik for trying new research-driven strategies and strong fundraising. But most of all, I give them credit for not really seeking credit. They are real assets to the Delaware Democratic Party.