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This isn’t a comprehensive look back. Just some posts from the last year that stand out for me. I may do a more comprehensive 2018 later, but probably not.

With this Alby post, and your comments and calls, this community shamed a bunch of Democrats into distancing themselves from the NRA.

It wasn’t organic. Mike Matthews was the target of an effective takedown by some people who want the DSEA to be a compliant lap dog. I think DL was ontop of that fact first. Steve Newton wrote the best post about the human side of it, which I copied and pasted.

We saw that the Kerri Harris campaign was legit MONTHS before anyone else picked up on it.

How legit was the Harris campaign? Legit enough to make Carper discover his “progressive values”

A lot of election stories this year. None better than the ones that exposed Mike Ramone and Greg Lavelle for the corrupt phonies that they are.

John Carney’s name appeared a lot. Mostly in headlines also containing the words; What, The, and Fuck.

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  1. jason330 says:

    I meant to one of El Som’s many great posts taking apart Ramone and Lavelle. Nt my stupid one.

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