Song Of The Day: Dec. 2, 2018

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This guy had more than one great song in him.  But he’ll be remembered most for this one:

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  1. Mike Dinsmore says:

    “I first met Robert Kennedy when he was Attorney General and I was a member of the Kingston Trio. We stayed in contact over the years, and I was proud to be one of those who campaigned with him when he ran for President in 1968. Buffy and I travelled with the campaign and sang on the backs of trains, flat-bed trucks, town squares and high school auditoriums. I wrote songs as we went, and the images of the people who loved him and believed in what he told them has been the inspiration for other songs, years after it was over.

    This album is a collection of new recordings of these songs and I hope a musical movie of those magical days in 1968. I miss him. The memories will always live on. I dare say we won’t see his like again.”

    (From the liner notes to “The Last Campaign”)

  2. nathan arizona says:

    Thanks for the John Stewart reminder. I’m listening to him right now.

  3. nathan arizona says:


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