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I’ve said from the beginning that the press should not call them “tweets” but “statements.” We’ve given Trump’s statements through twitter a special status. Because they mostly seem like nonsense, and because they tumble out like jazz improvisations, they don’t get any real scrutiny from the press and public. As a result, they shield the President from the outrage that they should produce.

We’ve laughed at a shrugged off the most appalling changes in our democracy that Trump has made because they were made through Twitter.

Now Trump states on Twitter that he reserves the right to obstruct justice and use the power of Presidential pardon to free Paul Manafort if Manafort continues to obstruct the investigation into Russian interference in the election.

Trump reserves the right to obstruct justice by pardoning Paul Manafort. He said it on Twitter.

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  1. mouse says:

    Good point, these are official white house statements from the corrupt carnival barker. It frightens me for the future of humanity that some crude corrupt jackass can garner the support of 38% of the population no mater how much he destroys everything.

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