Barrish files his septennial – the DEGOP has died story

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As noted by Cris Barrish, the DEGOP died back in 2010. [Ken Simpler was a cadaveric spasm.] There is no stomach for the GOP’s toxic stew of anti-science, pro-racism, and 24/7 “abortion is murder” chit-chat outside of Sussex.

That said, Barrish filed another “DEGOP Obit” this time for WHYY.

Three takeaways: Dave Lawson is a fucking nut. Pris Rakestraw is STILL lighting candles in her Mike Castle shrine. Barrish is a lazy reporter.

“We have been down before, but we have never not had a single office,” Rakestraw told WHYY. “So I think it’s time for soul searching, a time for looking for new ideas. The same old same old isn’t going to work.”
The party must hone and deliver a consistent message, Rakestraw said, perhaps a traditional one that its policies benefit the economy and people’s pocketbooks.

So… they need new ideas, like a return to tradition..? Mmmkay. Can you hear yourself, Pris?

Also…Who the fuck cares what Rakestraw thinks?

I mean, he couldn’t get rising star, Anthony Delcollo on the record? C’mon Cris.

Here seen in a picture from 100 years ago, Rakestraw is the only Republican crack reporter Cris barrish could get to go on the record about what shitty shape the DEGOP is in.

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  1. mediawatch says:

    Priscilla Rakestraw, bless her searching soul, represents the same old, same old that helped put the DEGOP where it is today.
    And Dave Lawson besides being a fucking nut is a better plagiarist than our Uncle Joe ever was. This quote from him is pure Michele Obama: “Their motto is, ‘When they are down, kick them.’ Ours is to take the high road and stay on it.” (It’s also a lie of near-Trumpian proportions.)
    Then again, DEGOP might not be as bad off as they seem. We’ve got a DINO living at Woodburn, two reach-across-the-aislers in the Senate and a disciple of one of them in the House. Their best option for 2020 might be to nominate Carney for governor because (a) they don’t have anyone better; and (b) he doesn’t have the spine to decline the nomination.

  2. jason330 says:

    Lawson is proud that the Republicans beat the Green Party:

    “We didn’t lose tonight. We just didn’t come in first. Let’s keep it up. Let’s keep it going.”

  3. bamboozer says:

    Hard not to notice that in defeat they always claim, repeatedly, that what they want is better for the average American. That’s despite the average American telling them to go to hell and a mountain of evidence that what they want is a lie and a failure.

  4. mouse says:

    Way to stick it to those damn pesky environmentalists having the audacity to demand clean air and water.

  5. Rufus Y. Kneedog says:

    I keep coming back to this fact in astonishment – 125,000 or 36% of the votes cast by Delaware citizens were for Scott Walker.
    To me that represents a level of incorrigible ignorance which I find alarmingly high.

    • jason330 says:

      I like to blame Mike Castle and his brand of cynical Republicanism for that. They sat back and let it happen, thinking that the incorrigibly ignorant would always be satisfied with a pat on the head and some lip service.

      In fact, Rakestraw is basically arguing for a return to that model. “We’ll talk about abortion once in a while, you guys knock on the doors, turn up on election day and we’ll handle the grown-up’s business.”

  6. what did you mean? says:

    You guys know so little. The DEGOP started to die in 1988. Why? When Mike Castle chose Dale Wolf as Lt Gov and not a viable voice for the future. Then the DuPont downsizing started along with the influx of people who left high tax and spend places and were more often D or I.

    The unholy almost gay alliance between Carper and Castle stifled thoughts and ideas( no, Markell had no real ideas) and what do we have left? Mediocrity and decline.

    The DEGOP can come back but likely never ever will. It prefers to control how they lose rather than gamble/change to win.

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