Thanksgiving Open Thread: Happy Mac ‘n’ Cheese Day

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I’m a sucker for these U.S. maps that show the most popular insert-noun-here for each state. Today’s shows the most Googled Thanksgiving recipe for each state, and Delaware’s is — macaroni and cheese? Appears so. Delaware is the Yankee outpost of a mac ‘n’ cheese belt that extends north from the Carolinas, interrupted only by the popularity of Popeye’s Cajun Turkey in Maryland and Virginia.

The map makes a surprisingly good proxy for regional American cultures. The middle of the country, from North Dakota to Colorado to Missouri to Texas, is green bean casserole territory. Cooks in Vermont need help with their ambrosia salad, folks in Louisiana need help with their conrbread dressing, Wyoming cowboys crave some deviled eggs, and Alaskans, of all people, hanker for pumpkin cheesecake.

The oddest states, though, are Utah and Idaho, where the most Googled recipe was for — wait for it — Jell-O, which comes with the recipe right on the box. Maybe they’re just looking for when you add the mini-marshmallows.

There’s news, but I’ll be too busy cooking to give a fuck. Special shout-out, though, to Carrots, the pardoned White House turkey who apparently agreed to co-operate will the Mueller probe. Also, sources say the Southern District of New York investigation uncovered a large donation by Peas to the Donald J. Trump Foundation dated the week before his pardon, so this is, to coin a phrase, a turkey that you know will fold.

Nap well, my friends.

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  1. Mike Dinsmore says:

    Welcome home, Alby, from the land of John Kerry lookalikes!

    Best wishes to you and Mrs. Alby, and your family, for a good Thanksgiving. Enjoy that mac ‘n’ cheese!

  2. In one of America’s murder capitals, the cops have nothing better to do than hassle Good Samaritans handing out free turkeys to the needy. They’re right on top of everything BUT violent crime. Mayor Mike & his minions were unavailable for comment:

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