Open Thread For Nov. 21, 2018: Whitaker’s Secret Cabal

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How Matthew Whitaker Rose To Prominence.  Featuring, of course, a phony charity that appears to have been created exclusively to serve as a vehicle to bring this mediocrity to power. Part of the Rethuglican Criminal Conspiracy that’s running the country. Who’s behind it? Sorry. Citizen’s United keeps it secret.

I Think Seth Moulton’s Serving His Final Term. On Merit. Yep, Seth, the House is changing. Conservative white guys are endangered. Look in the mirror lately?

Decidedly Mixed Verdict On Vaughn Riots.  BTW, can someone please explain to me how a prison doesn’t have security cameras?  I can’t blame the prosecutors. Shitty physical evidence and a bunch of lifers as key witnesses. And a system that’s close to hopeless, especially with Feckless Carney as Governor.

How Trump And Roger Ailes Concocted The Fox Business Network.  BTW, when the complete history of America’s demise is written, the story about how Newt Gingrich and Bill Clinton agreed to the alteration of the media landscape to permit the select few to have such an outsized footprint on American journalism will be an essential chapter.

Health Insurance Lobby Gears Up For Fight Against ‘Medicare For All’.  LBR, Carper, Coons? We’re watching.

What do you want to talk about?


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    • Mike Dinsmore says:

      What the hell has happened to Portland? It used to be a decent place to live. Sounds like the Aryan Nation folks from Hayden Lake are starting to infiltrate the City of Roses.

      Oh, “Portlandia” – how will you spin this?

      • It’s still a great place. One thing is, people stand up to right-wing bullies there.

        Unfortunately, Portland, too, is falling prey to gentrification. Not like Seattle, where Amazon has taken over a great city, but I see it every time I go to Portland to visit my daughter.

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