Open Thread For Nov. 16, 2018: WikiLeaks Leak

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You’re not supposed to know this (it was not meant to be made public) but…Julian Assange has been indicted by the DOJ.  It raises issues about freedom of the press that are far from simple to resolve.

Trouble in paradise? Trump dissing Hannity for being lazy.  The right-wing Larry King.

Senate Rethugs To Trump: Name A New AG Already.  Because, you know, they won’t pass a bill to protect the Mueller investigation, and they’re being criticized. Poor babies.

The Amazon Perks: At Least TWICE As Bad As Were Announced

The Great Grape Heist: Va. grower has entire harvest stolen right off the vines. Say-y-y-y, aren’t Trump Wines made in Virginia? Mueller, Mueller?

BTW, Friday is generally Indictment Day. Just sayin’.

What do you want to talk about?




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  1. BTW, I thought that Xerxes Wilson’s coverage of the closing arguments in the Vaughn Correctional Center case was great. Definitely worth a read:

    • mediawatch says:

      a real clusterf**k of a prosecution case. I think they proved these guys were guilty of something (conspiracy, assault, maybe even disorderly conduct) but not murder.

  2. Beach says:

    Ha! Yes, Fridays are for indictments! That was my first thought this morning. What’s the over/under? 5.5?

  3. mediawatch says:

    Big news will come next week, at the annual turkey pardoning ceremony. I hear the birds are named Donald and Eric.

  4. ben says:

    Passing a bill to protect the Special Council is just theater right? no way in shit trmp signs it.

    • mediawatch says:

      They keep talking about the “perjury trap.” This would be the “obstruction of justice trap.”
      Senate passes, House passes. Trump vetoes. Aha, obstruction of justice.l
      Why do you think Mitch says we don’t need the legislation?

  5. RE Vanella says:

    Go check out the News Journal website.

    Scott Goss is harder on Colleen Davis for being a bad driver than he was on Simpler and Lavelle.

    Goss’ reporting is shit, folks. I bit my tongue and didn’t go further in my critique before. But Goss is a fucking rube.

    I get that these little hits get clicks. And I’m not saying it isn’t “news.” But in a larger context it make Goss look like a fucking buffoon.

  6. RE Vanella says:

    Like El Som said above, very good Vaughn trial coverage. Good Karl Baker story the other day on the planned work on I-95 and neighbourhood impact. Jedra is already a Wilmington treasure.

    But a few of these rubes, Goss included, are fucking worthless.