Trump on why Republicans don’t win

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“The Republicans don’t win and that’s because of potentially illegal votes. When people get in line that have absolutely no right to vote and they go around in circles. Sometimes they go to their car, put on a different hat, put on a different shirt, come in and vote again. Nobody takes anything. It’s really a disgrace what’s going on.” – Donald Trump

The guy is fucking non compos mentis. It would be funny if he was just some sad old Fox News watching loser, not the President of the United States.

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  1. mouse says:

    The people who believe this crap are a threat to our nation and culture

    • Chest Rockwell says:

      West of Route 1 here in Sussex County they are our culture.

      • Dave says:

        It’s realty a bimodal distribution that falls to a trough somewhere around Rt 5 with the peaks being east of 1 and west of 113.

        And yes they are a threat. My biggest concern is that they have reproduced at a fairly healthy rate and tend to infect their off spring with the same attitudes.

        • Chest Rockwell says:

          The funniest part in listening to many of my Sussex County neighbors is that they don’t view the statewide election results as a natural response to their own misinformed extremism. It has gotten to the point where they will only support bible thumping bigoted charlatans rather than a moderate R that could win statewide.

          • Alby says:

            And it’s been that way for a while. Vance Phillips. Eric Bodenweiser. At least the Dukes family is just corruptly self-serving.

            • Dave says:

              and don’t forget Jeff Christopher, the wanna be Sheriff of Dodge City. Oh yeah, and Lacey Lafferty.

              @Chest. Their go to narrative is that they can win if they give voters a real choice and stand up for their convictions they will prevail. And of course now they have someone in the White House with the same morals as they have. And if can win, they can too! The problem is, there aren’t enough of them to actually win anything statewide unless the Democrats nominate someone at the far far end of the spectrum.

              • jason330 says:

                I see what you did there. I love comments that pretend that there is some parallel, between the right and the left. It is the same kind of magical thinking that allows people to believe that MSNBC is a left-wing version of Fox News. (pssst….it isn’t)

                So, If a left-wing version of a Collins or a Dukes, or even a Bonini ever makes it to Dover give me a nudge.

      • mouse says:

        At least go to the Love Creek bridge lol

      • Two letters complained about Lewes -area polling places:

        Letter: Lewes polling procedures disconcerting
        Steve Wagg
        “I’ve voted for over 50 years in many different states, and have never experienced a voting environment where there were no controls to ensure that only registered voters who signed in could vote.
        There were also no controls prohibiting people from voting and getting right back in line to vote again. ”

        Voting polls leave much to be desired
        Richard C. Arnold

  2. A funny –
    People using disguises to vote again in Florida:

  3. mouse says:

    The POS has done irreparable harm to the nation and his office by spreading salacious lies fitting of an under educated white trash Fox News devotee. It is truly sad

  4. RE Vanella says:

    MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough.

    This guy. Member him.

  5. mouse says:

    Nah ha! lol

  6. mouse says:

    MSNBC clearly cheer leads but they don’t lie, coerce, misrepresent and dishonestly under report facts that conflict with their perspective like Fix News. They have credible guests who are well established in their field instead of screaming political hacks like Fix News