Open Thread For Nov. 14, 2018: Delaware Day

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New Castle County Council Gets Better. A lot better.  Add Dee Durham and Dave Carter. Subtract Bob Weiner and Bill Powers. BTW, if you go to Weiner’s Facebook, he was wein-ing about his signs being defaced. Two signs. Which left him with only about 10,000 other signs in the district.  Asshole.

This whole Vaughn Corrections riot was a cluster-fuck, as the trial appears to be.

Yes, hate crimes have spiked in Delaware. I can’t imagine why.

In Delaware, when more people vote, Democrats win

Judge Issues Gag Order in Mountaire Case. ‘Gagging’ being what neighbors who drank the water near the plant allegedly suffered from.

What do you want to talk about, Delaware or otherwise?

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  1. RE Vanella says:

    “My goal was to do something to expose this place to where the public and government will take notice.”

  2. Arthur says:

    I was thinking about the hate crimes going up in delaware piece and i figure that the ones doing this stuff are also the ones complaining that everything is too “PC”

  3. Kelly says:

    I can’t believe that Halifa Schbazz choose Tripp’s Congo as the next pro-ten for city council. Here is a guy who owns the city thousands of dollars and you are going to reward him with that position. He said that he is not going to take the pay increase. Sure….. Like I believe that. She should of picked Councilman Rob Williams he is the only person who is qualified for the position. To me he is honest and the Real Watchman not Sam Guy, he is only watching out for himself and the 1st district.

  4. Kelly says:

    I think she might feel that Tripp’s might run for Council President. Who knows

    • Beach Comer says:

      Do you have any insight into the process to fill the vacant seat? Anybody that applies should run a mini campaign to pressure the committee to take them seriously and make the process more public.

  5. SussexAnon says:

    Wilmington didn’t win the bid for Googles HQ2. Shocking.

  6. Tom Kline says:

    We have a group of folks that have ZERO experience. Dee is a lovely woman but has never held a job… Good luck Delaware socialists. This is your dream team…

  7. It’s hard to imagine any two people better versed on preservation and land use issues than Durham and Carter. And their perspective is on what’s best for the people who live here, not for the developers who have bought their way to approvals through county government.

  8. Anon says:

    Banking on Bill Bell getting a serious primary opponent in 2020. One that will comes with built in name recognition! At least that’s the hope.

  9. Jason330 says:

    That Deputy National Security Advisor forced out by the Slovenian Call girl was a horrible person.

    • Alby says:

      It’s always hard to pick a side to root for in these situations. At least the notion that First Putana is somehow not as despicable as her husband is being dispelled.

      • Jason330 says:

        Yep. It is a close call but any protege of John Bolton is automatically the most loathsome person in the room. Unless John Bolton is in the room.