Is John Carney Sending Prisoners Out-Of State Under The Cloak Of Election Darkness?

Filed in Delaware, Featured by on November 7, 2018

There’s word on the street that he’s trying to do this. Not for the first time. Last time he tried, Rep. J. J. Johnson called him on it and got him to stop.

J. J.’s not there anymore. Everybody is paying attention to the election. Carney has no clue as to how to solve the unholy mess that is Delaware’s corrections system. It adds up.

Oh, and Cris Barrish (yes that one) wrote a story about it:

So, John, what’s going on? Are you doing this? Where are you sending them? What do you think this will accomplish? Will this save any money? What protections will these prisoners be afforded? Why are you keeping it secret? Are you considering other alternatives, like ending cash bail for non-violent offenders? What are you doing, John? John? Earth to John…

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  1. And what are the odds that attempts to FOIA the matter will be summarily dismissed?

  2. bamboozer says:

    Have not checked lately but Delaware’s rate of incarceration is near double New Jersey’s, that’s the source of the problem as are the prison packing laws the politicians have gifted to us. These laws and mass incarceration in no way “keep us safe”, a good start would be paroling non violent offenders early. But that would be the rational way to do it and as such is a non starter here. Carney? Expect a shitshow, I certainly do.

  3. RE Vanella says:

    Primary. Start getting your collective heads together. Carney OUT!

    • Ben says:

      What is Kerri Harris up to? So few Dinos remain. Lets flush the rest of em.

      • RE Vanella says:

        I could message that question to Kerri right now. But I already know what she’s doing.


        All the establishment Dems should be very very nervous, yes.

        • bamboozer says:

          Hope your right!

        • Bane says:

          Uhhh… she might have made you feel good, but not the best showing against carper…. and that’s with a lot of national support which wouldn’t be there for a gubernatorial primary in DE after the presidential conventions. You guys have to be more strategic. Imho

          • RE Vanella says:

            Kerri campaign spent $200 grand versus Carper’s $3.5 million. But I digress.

            When I said Kerri was organizing I meant just organizing. Unrelated to challenging Carney. We’ll have a new surprise for him.

  4. Kathy Jennings based her campaign on ending cash bail and not incarcerating drug users. She can be a major part of the solution if she chooses to be.

  5. puck says:

    It’s Carney’s prison smoothing program.

  6. Anon says:

    Well take a look around.. Carney’s correctional staff… His CJ policy advisor has no experience other than serving on a board of a glorified halfway house. They then funnelled money to that house last year through Corrections budget… I did hear Paulette rappa worked hard and got a federal grant for $500k towards rehabilitative effort. One of my Wilmington friends said the Dept of Corruptions is a much more appropriate name…

  7. AQC says:

    Who is his CJ policy advisor?

  8. And here’s the money shot: Delaware will pay Pennsylvania $40K a day to house 330 Delaware inmates:

    Wonder if/when Carney would have announced this if we hadn’t smoked him out.

  9. bamboozer says:

    Another fine example of “for this we have money”, no real solution and an incredibly bad precedent.