A couple of quick takeaways from the Doubletree

Filed in National by on November 7, 2018

1) Campaigns and Candidates matter. It seems self evident, but success is a process. The Colleen Davis win is a good example. That was a race I had had “R’s Hold” but Davis’success was no fluke. It was a long term project by a group of people who all worked their asses off to make it happen. ERS and his team deserve a lot of credit on that one.

2) Tom Carper is just horrible. It was kind of sad really. He should have retired with some with some dignity. Instead he is playing the cranky old man. He talked about turning female candidates around and pulling on their coattails. He yelled at everyone to shut up. It was crazy. I’d be very surprised to see him finish this term.

3) A movement, not an election. I got the feeling from people in the party and the patchwork of progressive groups in the ballroom that today is day one of taking out the execrable a-holes (both D and R) who are dug in. Democrats have a clear view of what they are up against and that the next election cycle started before the last red,white and blue balloons hit the ballroom floor.

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