2018 General Election Results Thread

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I’ll try to comment on this thread from the Stitch House and later the Doubletree.

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  1. First polls close at 6 pm. I’ll post stuff happening nationally as it comes in.

    Please let us know results from your watch parties, etc. They often get statewide and local results before Department of Elections puts them up.

  2. Alby says:

    Our waiter at dinner tonight wanted to know if we were in France because of The Trump.

  3. Rural districts in IN and KY reporting. Too early to see any trend yet. R’s are up, but these are R districts reporting so far.

    • Jason330 says:

      Keep the updates coming but..don’t know how you can put yourself through this kind of thing again.

  4. Bernie Sanders reelected. Tim Kaine reelected, according to projections.

  5. Interesting note from Chris Hayes. Ted Cruz’ voter models projected a 6 mill turnout in TX. Officials now projecting an 8 mill turnout. Could be problem for Cruz. Polls ordered to stay open longer in Harris County (Houston).

  6. Early numbers promising for Gillum in FL. He’s significantly outperforming Clinton, especially in counties that Trump won. Not over by a long shot, but encouraging. Nelson also leading Scott.

  7. Jason330 says:

    Early returns on Stitch House Cubano – two thumbs up.

  8. D Amy McGrath is building a pretty decent lead in that Kentucky house race. That would be an encouraging sign for a blue wave. Still not over, but she’s killing it in Lexington. 100% of a strong Barr county has already been counted.

    • Dana says:

      Mrs McGrath won the two counties with larger cities, Fayette and Franklin, but Andy Barr carried the other sixteen counties in the Sixth District, and won the race reasonably easily. Hillary Clinton had carried Fayette by a narrow margin, and lost in Franklin, but Donald Trump carried the entire district 55% to 39%.

      Something like 80% of Mrs McGrath’s money came from out-of-state. She was a pretty good candidate, and beat Lexington Mayor Jim Gray, who was favored, in the Democratic primary, but despite all of her money, all of her commercials and seemingly ubiquitous campaign signs, she still lost.

      Mrs McGrath claimed that she ran a positive, not negative campaign, and fewer of her commercials were negative, but, not to worry, the DCCC and other groups ran plenty of negative ads against Mr Barr.

  9. 1st D House flip of the night. In Va, Wexton beats incumbent Comstock.

  10. R’s hold a FL House district. The district that DeSantis held before running for Guv.

  11. Sherrod Brown projected to win in OH. Looks like he smashed Trumpie Jim Renacci.

  12. 2nd flip of the night. Donna Shalala wins Miami area district. D’s DON’T win Charlottesville-based district.

  13. 8 pm calls: Liz Warren, Chris Murphy, Tom Carper, Ben Cardin, Bob Casey, Sheldon Whitehouse all declared winners.

  14. R Charlie Baker declared winner in MA governors race. Tom Wolf projected winner in PA. R Lee wins TN.

  15. FL races dead even. Time for the Maalox…

  16. Raser-Schram sent out an email today saying the Doubletree party was tomorrow night. So I believed him. smh. They also didn’t post the event anywhere on the party website. Guess there were a bunch of other things at the front of the queue to do this week (!).

  17. Meaningless but fun to note the first two district reporting now show Davis beating Simpler.
    COLLEEN DAVIS 667 37 704 50 . 07 %
    KENNETH A SIMPLER 623 47 670 47 . 65 %

  18. IL gov flips. Pritzker defeats Rauner.

  19. Not digging the early results for State Auditor. Ugh…

  20. RE Vanella says:

    Spadola is the new Simpler

  21. Louisa Phillips running neck and neck w/Bonini.

  22. Jesus Fuck. Looks like the D’s are gonna blow FL again.

  23. @Kevin, Oops, Scott Goss has edited his statement out of the article. Gone now is the reference to Simpler’s loss. He must have meant LBR’s win over Walker which is the only other result AP reported on.

  24. Jason330 says:

    First report from doubletree. Christa Griffith beat Debra Hudson

  25. Jason330 says:

    With most Kent Sussex in Davis leading Sompler

  26. Simpler’s toast. Griffith winning (I hope Jason’s right.) Don Allan couldn’t pull it off. He has a future.

    Both Sturgeon and Dee Durham are leading.

  27. It’s all over in the US Senate. Donnelly loses in IN.

  28. Jason330 says:

    Carper getting an early bedtime.

  29. Jason330 says:

    Carper announcing that all statewide Dems are winning

  30. D’s lose TN Senate race. Another shitty night for the national D party.

  31. Jason330 says:

    Carper just yelled “knock it off” to the noisy room. Townsend elm flashback.

  32. Unstable Isotope says:

    Lavelle going down?

  33. Jason330 says:

    Mrs Carper looked nervous.

  34. Jason330 says:

    Now hitting some Dem taking points. Healthcare is a right.

  35. Jason330 says:

    Checks & balances gets applause. Trying to get a Robert Mueller chant going.

  36. Jason330 says:

    That was rough.

  37. Dee Durham is gonna knock off Bob Weiner. WOO-HOO!

  38. Jason330 says:

    Carper is so over this shit.

  39. Jason330 says:

    Now BHL taking the stage. Mentions that Dems turned out in the rain

  40. SussexWatcher says:

    Don Allan is getting the living shit kicked out of him.

    • Alby says:

      But he got the most votes for a Democrat in the 36th since 2010.

      • SussexWatcher says:

        I hope you’re joking.

        2010 was the only time Harvey Kenton faced an opponent. The Dems didn’t run anyone in 2012, 2014 or 2016.

        McCabe got 45% in 2010, which was the real D high-water mark in that district in recent memory.

        • Alby says:

          Yes, that was the point. Should have winked.

          McCabe was well-known, Allan was a nobody. He came back to get 35%, which isn’t bad for a district that hasn’t even seen a Democrat at the door since the early days of the Tea Party.

  41. Ramone is neck and neck with Barry in early stats; same for Gonzalez and Smith.

  42. Jason330 says:

    Ugh. BHL says Democrat Party

  43. Jason330 says:

    Calling Poore McBride Pete up on stage

    • Louisa Phillips would have beaten Colin Bonini if McBride and Poore hadn’t done everything in their power to deep-six a challenge to Bonini.

      If Laura Sturgeon wins, and her lead has expanded, there should be enough of a coalition in that caucus to elect better leaders.

  44. SussexAnon says:

    Is Simpler goin down? Wow.

  45. Sturgeon leads by 1200 votes. Four more ED’s to go…

    Looks like Barry and Gonzalez may fall just short.

  46. puck says:

    Smith wins in RD 22 but damn, Gonzalez made it close.

  47. puck says:

    Scott Walker getting 35%…

  48. Jason330ththe says:

    Davis & Sturgeon huge wins. The house seats will flip next time

  49. Jason330ththe says:

    Carney on stage now. Dems stood in line in the rain. – cheers

  50. Jason330ththe says:

    Park city coming up now to speak.

  51. DE Transplant says:

    Carney-“three first time statewide candidates” referring to Jennings, Davis, and McGuinness lol

  52. Jason330ththe says:

    Multiple conflicts of interest will not effect her performance

  53. Alby says:

    Losses by Lavelle, Hudson and Weiner spell the end of the solid Republican northern rim. Smith barely held on. Will Cathy Cloutier even run again given that trend?

  54. Sturgeon wins by 1327 votes. That candidate and that campaign were awesome. Just one way you can tell? They gathered over 700 absentee votes, dwarfing the total of the incumbent.

    Wonder how soon we get that gracious concession from Greg. Who ever will the pedophile priests turn to for help in the Delaware State Senate?

  55. Jason330ththe says:

    ERS Jesse Chaterdon acknowledged.

  56. RE Vanella says:

    Fight hard everywhere. Pick up a few each time. It’s a few steps in the right direction.

    Real good scrape from GG, Don and Barry. They did good work.

    And on balance Dems flipped some seats, Simpler out and Spadola is a 2 time loser.

    On a state level this is a very good result.

    If Dems win the US House later it’s a success. If Beto wins it’s like an extra treat.

  57. puck says:

    Mike Ramone up by 500 with one stubborn ED still to report. Ramone will hold on but not without at least one change of underwear, and any sense of invulnerability shattered.

  58. Jason330ththe says:

    Coleen Davis being announced. She acknowledges Dennis Greenhouse for campaign mngr

  59. Anonymous says:

    Simpler and Lavelle both going down. Rethugs in tatters.

  60. SussexAnon says:

    Thank you northern Delaware. Because once again, Sussex gets shellacked.

    If only the party or Erik Raser-Shramm could work a victory in down here.

    • RE Vanella says:

      Like Jason said. It’s another step towards rendering the DE GOP absolutely irrelevant. I’ll take that, for now.

      Kris Kobach was defeated in KS. That’s cool. That guy’s a fucking ghoul.

      • Kevin Lagola says:

        One-party rule equals status quo. DE lags in too many important quality of life areas.
        The ‘Delaware Way’ will turn into ‘Incestville’

    • SussexWatcher says:

      First the Sussex Dems have to have candidates. Four legislative seats and three row offices went completely uncontested. Even putting paper candidates on the ballot would have forced the Rs to divert some resources to those races. A few of the statewide Dems pulled pretty close in Sussex, meaning there is some hope.

      • SussexAnon says:

        Filling the roster for the sake of filling the roster really doesn’t affect outcomes here in Sussex. There have been candidates on the row offices before and sacrificial candidates in other Senate/Rep races to fill the card and the ones that ran ended with the usual 60/40 loss.
        It’s a frustrating tautology. Why run if you know you are gonna get beat bad but you can’t win anything if you don’t run.
        I am just glad to be living in a state that isn’t run by any R elected in Sussex and have the North to thank for much of what Sussex has because most of you all are paying for the roads, schools, parks, beaches, etc. Ya know, the reason Rs move here because the property taxes are so low due to everything being subsidized through state funding.

  61. Vote suppressor Kris Kobach has gone down to defeat in Kansas. Another governorship flips.


  62. Nice string of D House wins, including a couple of upsets. A Trump district on Staten Island goes blue. Chances of gaining the House are looking real good.

  63. RE Vanella says:

    Kowalko only won 65/35. And Pardee walked way. Where the fuck is that Kent character!

    • Faithful Skeptic says:

      What is your problem with Paradee?

      • RE Vanella says:

        I don’t have one. He won walking away. Some chud troll was on here calling for King I guess it is… I’m calling him out. Said JK would be upset. Wack shit. Troll shit. I’m making fun of the guy.

        • Faithful Skeptic says:

          Oh, okay. Somehow I’d forgotten the troll. Thanks for the clarification.

          • Scott Goss focused like a laser beam on that race as the one that could flip the Senate to the R’s.

            I knew it couldn’t possibly be close.

          • RE Vanella says:

            You’re right, though. He wasn’t memorable.

            • Faithful Skeptic says:

              I’ve been hunting for the troll’s posting, but no luck.

              For those not following Kent County’s results, you may want to take note of the following:

              LEVY COURT (County Legislature): Dem Jeff Hall took out first-termer Rep Jim Hosfelt, Hosfelt a former police chief in Dover, by 8 points. Dems now have 5-2 control since Terry Pepper, who had a close race in 2014, won by 11 points this time.

              SHERIFF: Dem Brian Lewis, Dover City Councilman, took out first-termer Rep Jason Mollohan by less than 2 points.

              RECORDER OF DEEDS; Dem Betty Lou McKenna rebounded from her near loss in 2014 to an 8-point win over Rep Eugenia Thornton.

              STATE SENATE: Dem Trey Paradee held Brian Bushweller’s seat against Rep Justin King by 28 points.

              STATE REPRESENTATIVE: Dem Bill Bush succeed Paradee by beating Rep Robin Hayes by 16 points.

              CAUSES AND ORIGINS: I’m telling you all this because (1) Dem County Chair John Starke in his first term has turned around a flailing party organization. And Louie Phillips didn’t just appear from some magician’s top hat. (2) The troll mentioned above (please tell us where to find those pearls of wisdom so we can compare) got it kinda wrong.

  64. Heitkamp goes down. Any D hope for winning the Senate is gone. Wait ’til 2020.

  65. Anon says:

    so just found this out….Colleen Davis talked about her dad during her campaign but never mentioned some big parts… He Is the immediate past chair of Sussex Republican… Billy Carroll and is a Trump supporter where his daughter has helped him campaign… did anybody fact check her?


  66. puck says:

    She’s not Ken Simpler – fact. And she ran a good campaign as a Democrat.

  67. puck says:

    Props to the recruiting of Barry and Gonzalez and to their campaigns. Next time those seats will flip. The days of “no opponent” for Mike Ramone are over.

  68. Anon says:

    Apparently her father has promised some in Sussex she will be switching parties and she just needed the D to get elected. But it may have been a good way to have Sussex people change their votes

  69. MSNBC projects D’s will win the House. Current projection: 229-206.

  70. RE Vanella says:

    “Joe Donnelly runs like a Republican, gets destroyed. Sherrod Brown runs as a proud progressive in the state next door, and wins.

    Maybe there’s a lesson here.”

    David Sirota


    • Bane says:

      Slow down Morning Joe.

      The only lesson here is that its fucking Indiana; a totally different state from Ohio. It’s also like the birthplace of the Klan, so I wouldn’t hold my breath on a progressive new era of politics in the home state of Mike Pence.

      • RE Vanella says:

        Well, with two conservative candidates the Republican wins. What’s the harm of, you know, providing an alternative?

        Indiana is awful. That’s just a fact, yeah.

  71. Beach says:

    Any reports from Dover Downs?

  72. Another Mike says:

    Christ, I just watched Stacey Abrams talk and I want to jump through the TV and walk with her. John Carney puts me to sleep. Can she move here and run in a few years?

  73. Rufus Y. Kneedog says:

    It sickens me that 125,000 people voted for Scott Walker. I thought we were better than that.

    • jason330 says:

      Tribalism. 50 years after they elected Russel Peterson Governor, Republicans figured out that turning the electorate into two heavily armed camps is the only way they can win.

      • Rufus Y. Kneedog says:

        But even the R party disavowed him. It tells me there are 125K voters or 35% of the electorate who will not bother to educate themselves about candidates or issues and will blindly pull the R lever no matter what and that is a troubling number. If Sussex was its own state, they would have elected Scott Walker to US Congress. Again, I had hoped we were better than that.

  74. Dana says:

    If Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) loses — right now, he’s behind, but the race hasn’t been called yet — Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) will be the only truly ‘red state’ Democratic senator to win, and he was the only one who voted to confirm Justice Brett Kavanaugh.

    I wouldn’t count Pennsylvania as a red state, because Donald Trump was the first Republican to carry the state since 1988. I don’t think it would even be reasonable to call it a ‘purple’ state.

    • Alby says:

      Yes, the GOP doubled down on its fear and ignorance. You’d have be fearful and ignorant to think that’s a good thing.

  75. Kent says:

    I’ll admit I’m shocked that the “blue wave” was high enough to drag Ken Simpler and Greg Lavelle under. DE GOP needs new leadership in the worst way. I think John Fluharty was underappreciated for the job he did. Harrington/ Taylor is not getting it done . The Kawalko upset pick was just for fun. 2020 should be interesting.

    • Alby says:

      From your GOP vantage point, what should be interesting is that a number of Democrats will have to face primaries. The dinosaur brigade had better understand that the dark spot in the sky is their asteroid approaching.