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Put your first hand voting observations here.
“Few dozen in line already at Highlands Elm. Including Mike Castle.”

Rags and Dutch waiting impatiently for me to vote in the 9th.

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  1. bamboozer says:

    Nobody but poll workers and just me to vote at the Blackbird polling place. Slightly surprised.

  2. jason330 says:

    There was a short line at Crossroads. I spoke to a Monique Johns greeter.

    ME: “Gotta vote the straight ticket to today, Right?”
    HIM: “absolutely”.

  3. RE Vanella says:

    Straight D. I’m not thrilled about it, but when at war you need to take action that ain’t necessarily ideal so you can, you know, make sure your buddies don’t get their faces blown off by fascists.

    We can deal with the punk ass Democrats in office starting tomorrow.

    I did abstain twice. Penrose doesn’t need my vote. And I refuse to vote for sheriff.

  4. Beach says:

    Voted at Westminster Presbyterian Church in Trolley Square-ish area.
    #1 – Walker sign within 50 ft. Poll worker pointed out to me when I asked how things were going. I got a good laugh when I offered to rip it down for her 🙂
    #2 – No campaigners at the poll.
    #3 – Only 1 of my 5 local elections actually have an opponent *BUT* this was the longest line I’ve ever waited in at this polling spot… Wonder what’s driving the voters out!?!?
    #4 – Poll worker also said that it’s been really busy all morning.

  5. jason330 says:

    “#3 – Only 1 of my 5 local elections actually have an opponent *BUT* this was the longest line I’ve ever waited in at this polling spot… Wonder what’s driving the voters out!?!?”

    Wow. That level of competitiveness should be murder on turnout. Glad it is n’t looking that way.

    • Beach says:

      EXACTLY! It aint the local folks who are pushing voters to the polls so my guess is that folks are using this vote to express their rejection of Trump. Very good sign for Dems in our state that have tight races.

  6. AQC says:

    Woodlawn Library has more voters than I’ve ever seen there.

  7. puck says:

    I voted 7am at Linden Hill Elementary with about 15 people ahead of me. When I left the parking lot was full.

  8. puck says:

    Straight D ticket. This is no time to fool around with some kind of freelance strategy. No abstentions or third parties either – we’re trying to seND Republicans a message.

  9. Another Mike says:

    Steady arrivals at the senior citizens’ place on Gov. Printz Blvd. in Claymont, which might be the worst polling place in the state. Small and crowded. I pointed out to the lovely volunteer that Delaware does not require ID to vote, and she said they have been told to ask everyone for it. If not, something with an address on it. I wonder if they will explain to folks who arrive without that stuff that they can still vote if they sign an affadavit.

    • Beach says:

      Yep, I like to test the poll workers by not giving them my identification. The good thing is that they do ultimately allow me to vote with an affidavit. The bad part is that there is definitely an obsession on the identification which gives the appearance that an ID is mandatory.

      • Another Mike says:

        I saw something about this on DelawareOnline, and Manlove said there is some confusion among poll workers. They are supposed to know that ID is not necessary, but apparently not all do. What kind of training do they get? I know they are volunteers, but I expect the umpire to know what’s a ball and what’s a strike before he gets out there for my kid’s game.

        • Beach says:

          I think it’s worthwhile to have a “Know Your Voter Rights” board / poster up at the entrance to the polling place. It’ll help the poll workers as a reminder of their duties; it’ll help voters understand the process; and it’ll help chill the irrational crackpots that get fired up when they see someone vote without an id (like yesterday with Allan Loudell or Bob Weiner’s f’book)

  10. Just got back from the Arden Gild Hall. Man, this weather sucks. A good crowd. I was told that voting had been brisk. Greeters for both Seigfried and Braunstein, the two House candidates. And a good complement of signs.

    Did I mention that this weather sucks?

    BTW, didn’t vote for McGuiness. Couldn’t reward her with my vote. Didn’t vote for Spadola either. My wife and my mother-in-law voted straight D. So did my father-in-law via absentee ballot.

  11. pissedinnewark says:

    come for the insights, stay for the dog photos. fingers crossed, everyone

  12. puck says:

    I think they ask for ID only because it’s easier to see the name printed instead of waiting for the voter to mumble it out

  13. bamboozer says:

    I present my license as a matter of course and to take it easy on poll workers. Voted a straight ticket but failed to omit Carper, my bad, hating myself in retrospect.

  14. jason330 says:

    Someone is making a stink about not being asked for ID. Loudell appears to be picking up the story in the next hour.

  15. Ben says:

    Almost all D. Went Green (first ever vote for that party) on senate because I know the guy. If Carper loses, it’s a broader indication that it’s all over. I said im never voting for him agaim and I mean it.

  16. I’m going to make a contrarian case on today’s weather. The traditional meme is that bad weather keeps D’s home. And there is evidence to back that up. There was only one race that I worked on that I feel was lost on Election Day, and it was b/c the D’s had no GOTV plan for the district (this goes back to the Gene Reed days), and it poured all morning.

    However, the D base is really energized this year, and we’re seeing it at least anecdotally in these polling reports. If it’s pouring rain like it has all day so far, why would any R, at least any NCC R who is unrelated to a candidate, feel motivated to turn out?

    Big turnout at Aldersgate is likely good news for both Sturgeon and Griffith.

  17. I voted in Newark Aetna Fire Co. Thorn Lane at 9:30 with a handful of voters. Renee Bensley said there was a group of people there at 6:30 a.m. when she arrived to work the polls. The intake lady said there was a steady stream all morning despite the rain.

  18. Jason330 says:

    Just heard on MSNBC: turnout in Bucks Co PA already at 50% at MID Day

  19. Arthur says:

    honest question – i think tuesday (and horribly rainy days) limit a lot of voter turn out. i talked to 2 neighbors at lunch who said they were going to vote but the line was too long (before 8:30am) and another who just wanted to get home and out of the rain.

    why dont they hold elections on saturdays?

  20. RE Vanella says:

    National Holiday.
    Early Voting.
    Voting By Mail.

    Other states have some of these.

    Why don’t we?

    Ask your representatives.

    • mediawatch says:

      Especially since in Delaware we can’t logically make the case of Republicans having the legislative power to depress turnout.

    • puck says:

      A national holiday would become a four day getaway weekend and might even reduce turnout of professional educated voters who can afford to travel. That has already happened to Thanksgiving.

  21. Peter Briccotto says:

    1000 votes as of 3pm @ Rehoboth fire company on route 1. Dems were hoping for 2,000 turn out at the location. 1200 voted here on primary day.

  22. Bill B says:

    I always wait for my wife to get home before I vote, but I heard second hand that our polling place, Cape Henlopen High School, ran out of the “I voted” stickers somewhere around lunch time. Sussex turns out for Walker! LOL

  23. Media watch says:

    No line at First Unitarian Church. Debbie Hudson outside. Might have been her first campaign appearance in Sharpley this year