Who do you like for 2020?

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.):  I’m 100% on board for this.  She is a fighter who has set the progressive tone. An early voice for the abolition of ICE,and a Dem who isn’t beholden to Wall Street.  

Sen. Bernie Sanders (Vt.):  If he is serious he needs to become a Democrat. He isn’t becoming a Democrat.  Can’t we have a young Sanders who is actually a member of the party?  Is that too much to ask?  

Sen. Kamala D. Harris (Calif.): She has recently written off accepting money from corporate PACs. That’s a move in the right direction and shows the influence of Sanders & Warren.  I don’t know much about Harris right now, but I imagine that I could be happy with Harris at the top of the ticket.  

Sen. Cory Booker (N.J.): Booker is starting to sound more progressive.  He still is heavily tied to the Corporate Dem/Clinton/DLC/Banking lobby that has lost so many consecutive elections.  That worries me.  

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (N.Y.):  Meh. 

Former vice president Joe Biden: For the love of God, no.  How many bites at the apple does Joe get?   If he hadn’t plagiarized Neil Kinnock he’d have beaten Dukakis.  If he hadn’t voted for the Iraq war he’d have beaten Kerry and Obama.  If he only felt like it, he’d have beaten Clinton.  Three, four…five strikes and you are out.

Former Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe:  Another Clintonite “GOOD LORD, NO!”  from me.  








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  1. SussexWatcher says:

    Harris-Warren or Warren-Harris.

    Either one at the top of the ticket would make Trump’s head explode.

  2. Rufus Y. Kneedog says:

    I think Warren is the best choice, but the question is can a candidate from either party win without Wall Street backing.

  3. CinqueB says:

    Warren would ensure President Trump is Reelected. She has already started.

  4. Either Harris or Warren, but not both on the same ticket. Give me someone like Sherrod Brown of Ohio for Veep, who makes sense in those states where Hillary did not deign to campaign.

  5. puck says:

    I don’t trust my early opinions of those candidates. I’d like to see all of them in a primary. I’m actually hoping for a dark horse who catches on with the public, like Bill Clinton or Obama did.

    The Mueller report is a wild card, If it shows treason and downticket Republican involvement, any Dem will walk into the White House like the post-Watergate election in 1976.

    • Jason330 says:


    • ben says:

      I disagree that Obama was a “dark horse”. Enthusiasm for his candidacy started with his ’04 speech at the convention. Sure, Clinton was the anointed one at that time as well, but he was hardly an unknown. the Dems have NO ONE like that right now. I fear the only way they’ll win is if trmp is so bad, there is no one who could lose. Looking at it like that, why the hell NOT Warren?

  6. bamboozer says:

    Yikes! It’s total agreement on my part, Harris or Warren. Similar feelings about the rest: Booker, after he voted against drug imports from Canada the answer is No. Joe Biden? Make It Stop! Bernie? Never, he had a hand in giving us Trump, denials or not.

  7. puck says:

    The only reason Bernie did as well as he did in the primary was because the Dem base craved someone – anyone – to the left of Hillary. That doesn’t have to be Bernie, but in 2016 nobody else stood up. Looks like we will have plenty of options to the left of Hillary in 2020.

  8. puck says:

    “Never, he had a hand in giving us Trump, denials or not.”

    Agreed. Who among us doesn’t remember when Bernie refused to endorse Hillary and ran as an independent spoiler in the general election?

    • RE Vanella says:

      I’m not engaging with this nonsense. It’s Bernie for president. It always has been. While Warren is doing DNA tests and Booker and Harris are grandstanding in the Senate, Bernie organised Disney workers and got them $15/hour minimum wage. Then he went and proposed a BEZOS Act and now Amazon and Whole Foods employees have a $15/hour minimum wage.

      I would be happy to laundry list Biden’s problems. All the neoliberal trash that actually gave us Trump is encapsulated in Biden.

      • ben says:

        Bernie lost Amazon workers vacation time and stock options.

        Runners up need to move on and old men are out. Warren is a berniecrat through and through. He’ll make and excellent senate Majority leader who will send her progressive legislation.

        • RE Vanella says:

          Bernie got what a union would have gotten. Plus he always keeps at it. It ain’t done. Don’t be a fucking dipshit bootlicker.

          The Democrats will never elect him leader and that’s fine.

          I’m considering no one except Bernie.

          Warren voted yes on an additional $717 billion in military spending.

          Bernie voted no.

      • jason330 says:

        You make a strong case, REV. And don’t anyone dare give me an “electability” argument unless you want to be laughed into the Delaware River.

  9. RE Vanella says:

    “That whole idea of the liberal class not being the political left. That the liberal class functions as a kind of safety valve in moments of distress. And the reason in a capitalist democracy you tolerate the liberal class is because they set the parameters of acceptable debate. And as soon as critics on the left start attacking the structures or the motives of the ruling elites the liberal class discredits them and pushes them aside. The liberal class can critique the excesses but they never critique the system.” –Chris Hedges (channelling Noam the king)

  10. Dana Garrett says:

    I like Bernie. There is no doubt about his total focus on the interests of the working class. I’m not sure that could be said about the other candidates mentioned. I also think he could beat Trump. I’m not so confident about the other candidates.

  11. MikeM2784 says:

    Thoughts on Julien Castro out of Texas? From the list, I like Harris. I’d certainly support Warren, but I think her DNA test thing was a mistake and would become a distraction at the hands of the distractor in chief.

    • While I think it was a mistake, Warren has demonstrated something that I believe is needed–the ability to lay out in easy-to-understand terms how everyday people are getting screwed by the 1%. Don’t know yet if Harris is cut from the same cloth.

  12. RE Vanella says:

    I loathe the idea of DNA tests. It presumes some “percentage” of “blood” is some “race” which is an entirely made up concept.

    However, it neutralized the Pocahontas slur. If Crooked Hillary could have mooted the crooked bit it may have helped. But she couldn’t.

    Whatever the mistake is it’ll be forgotten in a few more days.

    • Ben says:

      It didn’t neutralize shit. The bloodntest was fake, it’s too low to count. Take your pick. The people meant to be ginned up by that name dont give a shit about facts. After a couple days to think about it, it seems to me that she allowed 45 set the rules of the game. THAT is the big mistake these dummies need to stop making. She’s out of the running.

  13. RE Vanella says:

    All blood tests for “race” are fake. Who cares. The idea that this move was some fatal mistake is fucking stupid. Saying she’s “out if the running” on 17 October 2018 over this is embarrassing.

    Trump said he “didn’t care” and never made the million dollar offer. That entire line of attack on her is over. Neutralized. Mooted.

    You’re right about one thing. The people who care don’t care about facts, so the fact the the entire exercise is dumb doesn’t matter.

    I moved on about 90 seconds after watching the video.

    • Ben says:

      You don’t really think trmp is gonna move on from that, do you? If shes the nominee, he’ll demand a cheek swab in a debate and the moderators will see it as good tv. Dont you know the rules? Gopers ger infinite chances and dems get .5.

  14. Beach says:

    RE Vanella 2020!!!!!!!!

  15. Alby says:

    Elizabeth Warren has always polled poorly compared to others on this list.


  16. Dave says:

    Don’t care how much laughter it generates (I’m nowhere near the river), I’ll take whoever can beat Trump, unless it’s someone worse than Trump. At this moment, I have doubts about whether any of those named can do that.

    FWIW, I like the cut of Beto’s jib at the moment. He seems intelligent, personable, and reasonable.