Song Of The Day: Oct. 12, 2018

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Van Morrison loves him some Willie Dixon:

So does Muddy Waters:

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  1. RE Vanella says:

    The missus and I went out to dinner last night and stopped in the record shop to browse.

    While she shopped I pulled albums to play on the rig in the lounge. Rich has a vintage McIntosh MC 2300 amp which is fucking magnificent.

    Found a first pressing of the Willie Dixon record Hidden Charms (1988 Bug Records). Put it on the turntable.

    Side 1 track 1… “Blues You Can’t Lose”

    Many questions have been asked
    Through many generations
    Why poor people have the blues
    Because so long they have tried

    To achieve freedom, justice and equality
    And yet still today
    Success seems to be
    A distance away

    And these are some of the ways
    They have tried

    Some they march, while some stand still
    Some they die while others live
    Some they laugh, while some they cry
    Some hang on, while some pass by
    With all these things in a poor man’s mind
    He got to have a blues he can’t leave behind

    Some are high, some are low
    Some are sure and some don’t know
    Some are weak, and some are strong
    Some are here and some are gone
    With all these things in a poor man’s mind
    He got to have a blues, he can’t leave behind