Oct. 10 Open Thread: Biden Blisters Trump in Britain

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Once, not so long ago, American politicians made a point of never criticizing a president’s policies to an overseas audience. Earlier today in London, Joe Biden made a point of doing just that. In a speech to Chatham House, a British internationalist think tank, Biden revealed he met PM Theresa May and said Brexit undermined both Britain’s and America’s role in Europe. He said he’s still undecided about 2020 but added that Trump’s grasp of foreign affairs pales beside every Democrat being discussed for the nomination; he singled out Kamala Harris by name.

In a wide-ranging interview, journalist Barbara Ehrenreich says now that SCOTUS is in Republican hands, it’s time Democrats stop pursuing strategies that depend on the courts to achieve progressive goals.

Lots of speculation, very little resolution on why Nikki Haley ankled the administration when she did. Was it a need to earn some money to get out of debt? Frustration that Mike Pompeo and John Bolton have taken on larger roles? Geez, can’t a person take a little time off to map a path to the presidency without rumors getting started?

What if the New York Times devoted 18 months and tons of newsprint to detail the dirty dealings of the Trump Company and its history of dodging taxes and nobody noticed? That’s what happened last week, when the Times, apparently a slave to its printing schedule, dropped what was supposed to be a bombshell in the middle of the Kavanaugh Karnival. Jack Shafer at Politico has some suggestions for how to keep the story alive.

A fanciful obituary for Rick Stein, co-owner of Stuart Kingston Galleries, that originally ran in The News Journal has gone nationwide thanks to social media and the writing skills of Stein’s daughter, Alex Walsh.

The Legend of Gritty continued last night at the Flyers home opener. The Joe Dirt of mascots made his entrance on a wrecking ball and the team collapsed, losing 8-2.

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  1. ugh. Cris Barrish sinks his teeth into Mike Matthews’ DWA blogging : Delaware teachers union investigating president after sexist, racist blog posts surface


  2. RE Vanella says:

    Wow, hard hitting investigation of the 12 year old blog posts of the Delaware Teachers’ Union president.

    Really aiming high. Up next, the head of the nurse’s union used the word retard in 1997.

    This bullshit is how you know Barrish knew he was reaching:

    “…what many consider Delaware’s most powerful and influential labor organization”

    many consider…

    Like in case you’re wondering why this matters…

    People are saying.

    Trying to met a click quota is my guess.

  3. Alby says:

    Mainstream media has taken up trolling. Everybody who read Mike back in the day knew he could be provocative. Don’t bite on the clickbait.

  4. Arthur says:

    its the new world order. if you want to be in a public position then be ready for anyone you may have offended at any time to do their best to make sure everyone knows about it and you get hurt by it. ask james gunn.

  5. AQC says:

    They were pretty disgusting comments.

  6. bamboozer says:

    If I were in the media I would call the comments “beyond the pale”, “troubling” or “ill considered”. All in all disgusting is a better fit.

  7. RE Vanella says:

    My grandfather once wished J Caleb Boggs ball cancer. Luckily no internet in ’58….

  8. RE Vanella says:

    Cris B… Don’t quote me

  9. jason330 says:

    If you carry water for diseased puss-filled dicks, does that make you a diseased puss-filled dick? If so, Barrish is diseased puss-filled dick.

    Cris B – you can quote me.

  10. Steve Newton says:

    Those of you late-comers who would call Mike’s comments disgusting (which they were) have probably never read the early years of Delaware Liberal, or Delaware Watch, or Colossus of Rhodey, or Delaware Politics, or Delaware Libertarian, or Delaware Way, or even Kavips. You have to go way back–before Kilroy was even blogging. Want to find disgusting? Go peruse the archives of your own blog.

    Having said that, as a full participant in many of those flame wars: for guys who consider themselves some kind of activists, you are plainly wimps.

    Jason, why exactly do you keep them around?

    They wouldn’t have lasted twenty minutes in the old Around the Horn days.

  11. RE Vanella says:

    Who considers her/himself an activist except me?