Fuck Joe Manchin – Part II

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To all of this, I say “good!”

CHARLESTON, W.Va. (AP) — Danielle Walker cried on Joe Manchin’s shoulder after she shared her story of sexual assault in the senator’s office. She thought he listened.

The 42-year-old Morgantown woman said she was both devastated and furious when Manchin became the only Democrat in the U.S. Senate to support President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.

“I feel raped all over again,” Walker told The Associated Press.

A day after Manchin broke with his party on what may be the most consequential vote of the Trump era, the vulnerable Democrat is facing a political firestorm back home. While Republicans — including one of the president’s sons — are on the attack, the most passionate criticism is coming from Manchin’s very own Democratic base, a small but significant portion of the electorate he needs to turn out in force to win re-election next month. A Manchin loss would put his party’s hopes of regaining control of the Senate virtually out of reach.

Walker, a first-time Democratic candidate for the state legislature, said she may not vote at all in the state’s high-stakes Senate election.

Fuck that guy.

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  1. bamboozer says:

    To be honest we knew what Manchin was like and that West Virginia is fundamentally a red state living in the past. Would I like Manchin to be gone? Hell yeah! But not if he’s replaced with a Republican. Same for Coons and Carper. As noted hopes for retaking the senate are largely over without him. And yes, it sucks.

  2. Jason330 says:

    all due respect….

    We say things like this “hopes for retaking the senate are largely over without him” without ever considering what retaking the Senate with fragile, threadbare, fractured majority means.

    We say things like this “hopes for retaking the senate are largely over without him” without ever considering what the true cost of winning the Senate is by selling out all of our core values.

  3. Rufus Y. Kneedog says:

    I saw a documentary on PBS not long ago about a coal miners strike in WV. Classic union workers vs. boss + hired thugs. It was in the early 1970s. It took several of the protesters being shot and at least one killed but the union won the battle for a new fair contract. 40 years later it is one of the reddest states in the country, seemingly against their own best interests.

  4. MikeM2784 says:

    Probably should at least acknowledge that a Senate with Majority Leader Schumer and Judiciary Chair Feinstein, etc., even with a Senator Manchin, is a hell of a lot better than a Republican controlled Senate without him. Was Bush really better than Gore for the folks who wanted to not “sell out their core values” and vote for Nader in Florida? We shouldn’t have to make shitty choices in life, but that’s life in the end, and we have to operate in the real world, filled with all of its gloriously shitty choices.

    • Jason330 says:

      All due respect… What if we look at how the Republican red wave worked? How did they take over the White House, all of the courts, the Senate, House, a huge number of state legislatures? Did they do that by watering down the conservative message and coddling moderates? No. The record is clear.

      The downstream cost of coddling moderates and carving out excuses for people who turn the message into mush is too high. The price is paid every Election Day when when 40% of eligible voters, not hearing a message that makes sense, don’t vote.

  5. mouse says:

    Exactly, the Democrats stand for nothing that benefits average people other than they aren’t as mean or crazy as the republicans. What an inspiring message!

  6. mouse says:

    The rubes in WVA and other sad places see the Democratic party not as a party to help workers or the poor but a party of ethnic minorities, sexual deviants and pointy headed liberal elitists.