Song Of The Day: Sept. 22, 2018

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Did someone mention James Brown at the TAMI show? I saw this at the Warner Theatre.  This was definitely the highlight of that amazing concert film. Girls in the theatre were screaming as loud as the girls at the concert:

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  1. Alby says:

    Was never a fan. I know he’s great and all, but I find his music about as enjoyable as a root canal.

  2. Maceo, take Alby to the bridge…

    • Alby says:

      Yeah, I’m gonna need a bridge if I don’t get that root canal.

      James Brown never met a chord progression he liked. I don’t think he ever met a chord progression. All his “songs” are just vamps. Not an ounce of creativity to any of it. Without his live delivery they’re boring. And he was a complete piece of shit, so there’s that. I acknowledge he was talented and all, but of the 60,000 items on my iTunes, not one is by James Brown, and he isn’t missed.

      I do have a couple of Maceo’s albums, though.

      • Well, he virtually invented funk. There’s that.

        • Alby says:

          Oh, I don’t deny his greatness. I just don’t enjoy it.

          This performance, in particular, is outstanding — in large part because he found out he wasn’t closing the show and was furious that the Rolling Stones would perform after him. He set about embarrassing everyone for that decision.

      • Anono says:

        Wow Al, you have no appreciation for talent or taste, but we won’t go there. He re-invented himself in 1985 with Living in America and won a Grammy to boot! But, everyone has their opinion.

        • Alby says:

          You just went there, and congratulations, you learned how to use Google.

          More pointless personal insults will get you banned in a trice. You want to insult me personally, show yourself or be gone.

          I also don’t believe for one second that you like James Brown.