Never forget

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Ed Note: This is a guest post by DL contributor, Donviti.  

Never forget.  Don’t.  You can’t.  You would felate a sailor at a bar in Texas if you could wouldn’t you.  You would move to fucking Texas to get away from us fucking liberal pussies that just want socialism and everything free.  Fucking transgender voting treasonous fucktards that want to take away your hard earned money and pass it off to the “city” people that don’t do shit but kill cops, sell cigarettes outside of bodegas, and smoke crack.  God damn mother fucking Alabama is where it’s at people. Nick Saban.  Honda.  Jack Daniels.  That’s my America. (beats chest)  That’s the America I know and love.  Where I can roll coal in my dualie, festooned with 2 magnetic flags (so as not to ruin the paint job), 1 faded but still relevant yellow ribbon, and maybe even one of those R.I.P stickers from June 8 1998 to Aug 23 2016 for my Uncle that died early to an overdose of bad heroin he got from a darkie.


 Man I bet you’d move to fucking Alaska to live with the bush men, or hell maybe a state that will allow you to open carry an AR15 like jesus wanted. Where smacking your wife around on a Wednesday is just pregame for shit that’s gonna go down on Friday night after a long week of working  That big vein in the Okey Smokey Coal Mines of West Virginia.  FUUUUUUUCKKKKKK BLACK LUNG…I NEED A JOB AND WILL WORK SO HARD TO PROVE TO YOU HOW LOYAL I AM TO AMERICA. 


OMFG First responders.  I’ve been ranting away here and I want to know when do they get a day by the way?  Why haven’t we anointed the college dropouts, and wanna be FOP fan boys that were losers in high school and hung out with the would be 40 year old unshaven, overweight pedophiles that would take turns washing their pick up trucks sans new lift kits out front of the volunteer firefighter station?   How on earth has this not happened yet.  Think about the real americans trolling around in their Ford 350 Ambulance, tape dangling from their belt, scissors at the ready to remove clothing so they can put a tourniquet on that artery?  Seriously, how has this not become some nationwide us v/ them trope that fox news, info wars and breitbart have jumped on? 


Holy crap it’s 9/11.  OMG.  (fans self)  I feel like I need to go buy a case of bud light, or shit, go all classic and buy a case of Natty light where I can kick back at some camper park and wax poetic with other real americans.  I can’t believe what an amalgamated mess of coagulated  memories I have about this day.  Bin Laden bombed us. That fucking sand n****er.  Can you believe that piece of shit with his other towel head friends living in a cave in Baghdad Iraq or Tehran Iran or wherever it doesn’t matter.  They are all dog hating, alcohol abstaining, Mohammed loving freaks that don’t appreciate our American values and believe in that murderous tool kit they call the kooran.  I see one more bitch in a hijab I’m gonna lose my shit live on facebook and hope to god it goes viral enough for me to be a recurring guest on Tucker Carlson. 


I know it’s 9/11 and I can tell you right now, that there is nothing better than how this country has changed for the better.  Under that monkey Obama I would never have been able to outright tell an idiot on welfare to go get a job or better yet yell at a queer at Starbucks to leave the country and go to that socialist failing dystopia in Europe you love so much.  Shit the other day I cheered when they called the cops on those two “African americans” sucking on free wifi and not buying shit.  You know damn well “they” just go in there to cause trouble and stick their chins out about how it’s their store. 


Seriously though, I can remember where I was on 9/11 like it was yesterday.  Some of you may even know the story by now.  I was sitting in a cube.  My own 3×3 cube covered with shoulder high walls, adorned with multiple stickers on a pyramid, next to my “commendations” for hitting goal successfully 9 months in a row and the 2 family pictures I was allowed to have per guidelines.  My sister emailed me and said to go to a TV.  My cell phone didn’t work.  The Manager wouldn’t let us really go to the internet to check the news, I remember people popping up like whack o moles from their cubes and they told us to sit back down so we could decision more credit cards. It was early in the month and we had a long way to go before we could hit our goal of a approving a few hundred thousand of those morons filling out cards at a recent Nascar event.  They really wanted that Dale Earnhardt card back then.  Fuck Jeff Gordon. 


One plane into the tower.  A second plane into another tower.  What in holy hell was going on.  Another version of OKC.  Which I remember because I was standing topside in Norfolk Va with my colt 45 hanging on my hip.  This was unfolding all on live tv.  I will never forget the people literally jumping from the towers.  I will never forget it. Ever.  Seeing my fellow Americans jump from a building.  Enflamed.  Smoking.  Jumping to their deaths.  Falling, camera panning in, panning back.  Peter Jennings.  ON LIVE TELEVISION.  Jesus h fucking Christ what the fuck is going on?  Who did this? 


FYI we got out of work early that day.  SUUUHWEEET.  Like 7 hours of pay.  Thank you Saddam.  Time to drink. 


After that we learned it was Afghanistan. Or actually Iraq.  Facts matter.  Bush stood on a pile of rubble. Bull horn.  Bullshit.  Smoke em out of their caves.  Called them everything up to but not towel heads.  Patriot.  Our Flags went up, their pants went down, The fans get up and they get out of town. The arena is empty except for one man. Still driving and striving as fast as he can.  Sorry had a moment there…


It’s now like what?  40 years since 9/11?  I’ve divorced, remarried, had 5 jobs, another great depression struck because of the Democrats, anddddddddddd we hate blacks again shamelessly, out in the open.  It’s like having been at 3 Thanksgiving dinners on one day and now we, America finally gets to let loosen our racist bull riding championship belt buckle. 


Thanks to the freedoms our boys in the service gave us, and our CIA tortured for I can now tell a brown beaner to go the fuck back home all while waiting in line at the Dollar General mid decision on purchasing the slim jim or hungry jack teriyaki beef jerky for my boy Chase.  It’s god damned beautiful.  We’ve turned back the clocks and are making America Great.  Black Lives Don’t Matter.  Blue Lives do.  NFL Players are a disgrace.  LeBron James is starting a madrassa.  Hockey is on the cusp of becoming America’s sport (as it should have always been).  Evangelical Christians are in government, can fuck porn stars, marry foreign Slovenian escorts that whisper in broken English mid pump, “fuck in wet spot big American rich business man”.  *(yes I would all day long with Melania)* Can I get a HOOOORAHHHHHH, NEVER FORGET BITCHES!!!!!  It’s our America and we are taking it back.  Come try to take it away from my deplorable overweight sausage fingers.


It’s now 2018, And I’m in a motherfucking post 9/11 nirvana.  Women finally have to admit the pill induces abortion. They are subservient to men.  Welcome to MY AMERICA where Politicians openly blow shit up on television asking me to vote for them.  You aint gotta ask me to vote man, just ask me who to kill for you!  FUCK I’m so goddamned AMERICANNED UP RIGHT NOW I want to smash a beer on my head and have the suds run down my chin, wetting the collar of my cutoff camo/these colors don’t run, fruit of the loom outlet T. 


So much has happened since 9/11.  Never forget Puerto Ricans are a sub species of ungrateful Mexican Americans that by the grace of god were invaded by us a 100 years ago, we lied to about giving them their own independence and now can treat them like the leaches they are. 


There is so much greatness that’s occurred at the hands of Republicans it hard to ever forget 9/11, Saddam Hussein’s army that invaded NYC, and the American flag safety blanket we have been ensconced with thanks to the first responders that beat back the first wave of jet fighters.


I don’t know where this all ends.  I don’t even know where it really began.  Fact’s matter.  Or they don’t.  I don’t even know anymore.  I just know that today is 9/11 and I’m not gonna ever forget what happened.  I’m not gonna forget who did it. And I’m gonna die fighting for these freedoms that I have now.  The ones I should have always have had but liberal coastal elites kept from me because they know better even though they never lived out here in the real world of my town that has no red lights, one stop sign, a mayor and Little Caesars that stays open till 11 on Saturdays.    


God bless America.  Never Forget. 


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Jason330 is a deep cover double agent working for the GOP. Don't tell anybody.

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  1. Dana says:

    I saw this article because Donviti and I follow each other on Twitter.

    Of course, I live out in the country now, rural, rural Kentucky, but the nearest town has eight traffic lights. It does have a Little Caesar’s, and a Pizza Slut I’ll never patronize, because their stupid, big city rules wouldn’t let them sell me a pizza without me giving them my phone number, even though I was right there, in the store, not calling in an order.

  2. RE Vanella says:

    I’ve spent some time in Dorton, Pike County, KY. Southeast part of the state. Those are trips I’ll never forget.

    • donviti says:

      won’t give your phone number to a company….uses name and email to leave comment on Delawareliberal. You can’t make it up

      • Dana says:

        it’s obvious that this fine site allows commenters to use pseudonyms; I simply choose not to. I assume that our esteemed host isn’t lying when he states that email addresses won’t be shared.

        But why does Pizza Hut need my phone number if I am ordering food at the restaurant, in person? It’s not like I’ve called ahead to order delivery, where they’ll be out money if I’ve pranked them.

        I also decline to give my phone number to chain hair cut shops, and have asked then, point blank, “What, if I don’t give you my phone number, will you not cut my hair?” They always back down. At the Pizza Hut on Route 52 in Irvine, Kentucky, they wouldn’t back down, so I said that was too bad, they wouldn’t get my business.

        The only thing I find surprising is that there aren’t more people who refuse to give out their phone numbers.

        • Alby says:

          Since they weren’t going to call the number, I would have just given them a fake one. Or the number of the nearest Domino’s.

          • Dana says:

            I suppose that I could have — perhaps Junior Samples’ phone number of BR-549 — but that’s acquiescing to the practice in the first place. There was a Wendy’s right next door, and they don’t care what my phone number is; Wendy’s got my business.

            It isn’t that Pizza Slut was going to call my number; it’s that they use it for advertising. I get too f(ornicating) many sales calls on my cell as it is.

            I still have my old cell number from when I lived in the Keystone State, and you’d think that the area code would throw people off, but what it really does is tell the data collectors, hey, this guy moved from Pennsylvania to Kentucky.

            • meatball says:

              I don’t get hardly any sales calls on my phone and none from Pizza Hut even though they have my number, lol you are one weird dude Dana. Who cares if the data guys know that you moved from PA to KY, really who cares?

        • puck says:

          I just say “I don’t have a phone.”

  3. RE Vanella says:

    Capitalism, the later stages.

  4. RE Vanella says:

    “my boy Chase… “

  5. Dave says:

    Hardly anyone asks me for my phone number. Is that something peculiar to KY? Is acceptable to say “dumb southerners” now or does that just apply to Jeff Sessions?