Ladeez and Gentlemen: Scott Walker, YOUR Rethug Nominee For Congress

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I rarely throw the term ‘despicable’ around, even when it comes to the most despicable of politicians.  After all, they are presumably human beings and they likely are good people in their own private Idahos.

Scott Walker is truly despicable in every sense of the word. A man devoid of basic humanity.  A slumlord who leaves tenants to stand in raw sewage while making them ‘volunteer’ on his campaigns.  A man who will literally say ANYthing if it gives him some attention.  Fat shaming, professing his alcoholism while proudly drinking beer, touting harassment charges against him as a means of getting more free publicity. A man who, like a certain president, runs a phony charity. And now, a man who has won the Republican nomination for Delaware’s only congressional seat.

Virtually nobody focused on Walker two years ago, when he ran as a Democrat in the congressional primary won by Lisa Blunt Rochester.  He was viewed as a sideshow, a guy waving from a convertible and putting up makeshift plywood signs made by his ‘volunteers’, who doubled as his tenants.  In truth, he was a sideshow. He got less than 5% of the vote. It was only after the primary that the News Journal revealed Walker for the slumlord that he was and is. Two years later, he defeated actor Lee ‘Go Murph Go’ Murphy to win the congressional nomination of the Republican Party.  Rethugs can cry about one-party rule all they want, and they have a point, but when the Party doesn’t bother to recruit someone at least a little credible for a national office, they just might wind up with Scott Walker as their nominee.

Let’s take a look at YOUR Republican congressional candidate. When the News-Journal finally got around to writing about Walker as slumlord, this is what they found. Every single Republican needs to read that piece. Here are a couple of bite-sized excerpts:

A Democratic congressional candidate defeated in the September primary now faces another challenge – a lawsuit from city, county and state attorneys alleging the landlord is running a sham charity that houses approximately 150 tenants in deplorable conditions and tries to strip them of their rights.

Attorneys with the city of Wilmington, New Castle County and state Department of Justice have fired back, saying in the lawsuit that the crowded and unsafe conditions are violating Delaware law and housing codes.
They claimed Walker’s charity, Disabled Disadvantaged Delawareans Foundation, is a “mere sham.” The foundation is not tax exempt, and even though it purports to assist disabled people, none of the properties are handicapped accessible or are approved to operate as a group home, the suit said.

Instead, the properties are “fraught with deplorable living conditions, regular calls for service, numerous criminal incidents, and hundreds of code violations,” the suit said.

You really need to read the entire article. If you’re not disgusted, you just might be a Scott Walker supporter.

Wait, it gets better, or worse. Here is Scott Walker, the reformed alcoholic who isn’t reformed.  This is the Bizarro World story from Delaware 105.9.  The gist:

Former Congressional Candidate Scott Walker took to Facebook LIVE in search of a sober house to treat his alcoholism as he prepares for another run for the U.S. House in Delaware.

“I need help with my addiction, right now” said Walker “I don’t want to go through another night, I’ve have too much at stake. The people of Delaware would expect me to be in tip-top shape.” Walker said he was seeking a sober living house in Georgetown. “It doesn’t even have to be a bed. It can be on the floor, the couch, anything. I just need to be around people that I feel safe around, because that’s what I need right now. I live with my wife, but I’ve not been able to conquer my alcoholism.”

I’m not making fun of an alcoholic seeking help.You see, here’s the follow-up, from yesterday’s News-Journal:

Walker said Monday that he is still drinking.

“My doctor approves of the amount of beer that I drink,” he said. “There’s a threshold. If I start destroying my life then it’s a problem.”

When asked if an alcoholic should be consuming any amount of beer, Walker said he “is not an expert.”

Martin on Monday said Walker should be focusing on his sobriety and not a political campaign.

“If he’s still drinking, that’s insanity,” Martin said. “The dude has stuff to work on. He needs to be clean and sober.”

So much for the sincerity of his plea for a rehab bed. 

While giving himself a pass on continuing to drink, Walker has taken up a new hobby: Fat-shaming.  From the same article:

In the 41-second video, the 67-year-old Milford businessman points his smartphone camera at an advertisement featuring a plus-size model hanging in the window of a Forever 21 store at the Quakerbridge Mall in Lawrence, NJ. At the time, Walker was working as a contract landscaper at the mall. 

“The model, as you can see, is very obese,” Walker says on the video. “This is a protest because women should not get the idea that it’s ok to be unhealthy. To me, that’s discrimination against women.”

“It’s not meant to portray being overweight as ugly or unattractive,” he said Monday. “It’s meant to portray being overweight as unhealthy.”

Walker said he meant to draw attention to the nation’s obesity epidemic, which he argues is costing the nation “a trillion dollars a year.”

“One of the reasons I’m running for office is to shed light on this tragic problem,” he said. “And one of the biggest hurdles is admitting we have a problem.”

Just like Walker admits he has a drinking problem and keeps on drinking.  Tom Waits: “I don’t have a drinking problem ‘cept when I can’t find a drink.”

And then there’s Walker speaking positively of having sexual harassment charges ginned up against him. From 105.9: “In November, Walker, in an interview with Dan Gaffney, welcomed the possibility of sexual assault allegations which he claimed would provide free publicity and significantly help his chances of being elected ahead of his next political campaign in Delaware.”

I went to high school with Scott Walker. He seemed like an amiable jokester back at Brandywine (which, to be fair, is how some people might have viewed me).  He seemed like an amiable jokester during his quixotic candidacy for the Democratic nomination.

But he is no amiable jokester.  He cares about nobody but himself. He treats his tenants like chattel.  He is devoid of humanity. And he is the Rethuglican nominee for Congress. I think every Republican should disavow his candidacy, as should the Republican Party.  All of my high school friends, save one, have.



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  1. Dave says:

    It’s really not Walker that’s the problem. It’s the people that will vote for him. One of the downsides of the secret ballot is that those who would vote for such a character get to remain anonymous.

  2. I think it was low information voters who confused the Sign Guy with the right-wing Governor of Wisconsin. Hey, it’s a name they’ve heard on Faux News. Which does, indeed, tell you all you need to know about R primary voters.

  3. This article apparently has a Facebook vid showing Walker trotting down the beach in a Speedo. No, I didn’t click on it, but you can:

  4. mediawatch says:

    Well, the good news for LBR is that she can safely win reelection without spending more than another $1,000 out of her campaign budget — and that estimate is probably on the high end.

  5. Ben says:

    I dont know if any of you share my low-wit and gutter sense of humor…. but this guy sounds just like Jim Lahey from Trailer Park Boys.

  6. WARNING: Prolonged exposure to this will rot your brain–not unlike everything on Facebook:

  7. Here’s a better-detailed report on the charges that Walker is facing:

    And here’s some more stuff I didn’t know:

    “Walker began buying rental properties in 2000 and has run as many as 23 at a time; he owns and operates 15 today. He formed the Disabled Disadvantaged Delawareans Foundation (3D) as a nonprofit charity in December 2010, and claimed it is exempt from taxes, though neither the IRS nor the state ever granted it tax-exempt status, the state says.
    3D never filed any state corporate tax returns, has not filed any state franchise tax returns since 2011, and Walker himself has not filed state taxes since 2010, the state says.
    As a charity, “no part of the net earnings of the corporation shall benefit, or be distributable to its members, trustees, officers, or other private persons,” the state says. However, “Upon information and belief, all income derived from the tenement properties inures to the benefit of Mr. Walker, Matthew Walker and Jillian Walker. 3D is not a charitable concern in any sense: it is a mere sham.”

    He really IS Trumpian: Phony charity, evades taxes, doesn’t even file returns, has his kids involved in the ‘family business’, and treats people like shit.. Can an attorney explain to me how he gets away with it?

  8. And here’s one of Walker’s frivolous (IMHO) lawsuits. He acts as his own attorney while draining the public coffers with suits like this:

    OK, I’m gonna stop now…

  9. RE Vanella says:

    You’re obsessed!

    The guy is a fucking creep. This guy won the nomination to challenge for a seat in the US Congress.

    How these fucking turds like Harrington and the Republicans wankers in the GA can show their faces in public is beyond me. Property values and stuff, I guess.

    We’re very sick, folks.

  10. He’s besmirched the good name of the Brandywine High School Class of 1969.

    That. Is. Unforgiveable.

  11. Tom Kline says:

    With better than 40/45% of people in Delaware on Medicaid being a property owner renting to low-income folks can be a decent business model…

    • Alby says:

      There are roughly 220,000 people on Medicaid in Delaware. The state population is 962,000. That works out to just under 23%. Congratulations, moron.

    • RE Vanella says:

      Feudalism was a great business model. Old school. Great ratios and pretax income year over year.

      Did anyone else think of Tom K. when you read donviti’s line about his beautiful boy Chase? I did.

      We love you, buddy. You do the best you can.

  12. RE Vanella says:

    Go Bulldogs.

  13. He is an attention hog and he is LOVING every second of this. He knows he has no shot in hell of winning this thing. He is still probably in shock he won the Primary. He will keep going the more we write about him. Which will distract us from real issues in Delaware.

    • RE Vanella says:

      I can do two things at once.

    • Someone is gonna write about him. My goal? To smoke out the Republican Party and to get them to renounce his candidacy.

      • RE Vanella says:

        They nominated this goober. Fuck ’em. They own it.

        If you see any local Republican politician you should ask about it. You know, wherever you might bump into them. At the mall. Wawa.

        Tell them you demand answers. In the name of consituent services!

  14. mediawatch says:

    Spadola and Simpler were joking about it Saturday with LBR when she ran into them at the Brandywine Festival of the Arts.
    Maybe Arlett takes Walker seriously. Maybe Arlett thinks he’s the Wisconsin Scott Walker.

    • Alby says:

      Has anyone looked at Arlett’s closet for underage skeletons? After all, he’s a SuxCo conservative, so precedent suggests we check.

  15. Al Catraz says:

    Congratulations, El Som, you probably just energized more Republicans to turn out and vote for him.

    We all have to realize that characters like Trump, and this “mini me” here, are not some sort of aberration. This IS what Republicans, “Christian conservatives”, “values voters”, etc. ARE. This is what they stand for.

    Why you are providing free advertising to drive home the point that Walker is just the sort of person Republicans love, is kind of a mystery.

    • RE Vanella says:

      Bud, these resentful rubes would vote for a muskrat wrangler from Blades that lost a third of his frontal cortex in the invasion of Grenada. What El Som writes makes no difference in this equation.

      We going to go ahead and make fun of this guy relentlessly… Thanks.

    • Alby says:

      It’s not a mystery. The mouth-breathers are hopelessly outnumbered in Delaware. Walker couldn’t win even if every peckerwood voted twice.

  16. ‘Free advertising’. On a progressive blog. Even if his supporters could read, even if they didn’t mistake THIS Scott WAlker for Wisconsin’s Scott Walker, even if they bothered to come over here (they don’t), the alternative would be to do what, exactly?

    Not laying out his despicable record is not an option. And there aren’t nearly enough Delawareans who, when presented with the facts, will vote for someone like Walker. So, I’m presenting the facts.

  17. Homesteader says:

    Some of the Trumpers know who he is, and like him. I happened to hear him on the radio the day after the primary, on a certain show that broadcasts all over the state. Several people called in to say they enthusiastically support him, because he makes his own signs, so he must REALLY want the job….

  18. Bill B says:

    Republicans disavow Walker? He’s the Trumpsters’ dream candidate.

  19. RE Vanella says:

    I recommend asking Simpler and Spadola and any GA Republican you run into out in the real world. When doing this please refer to Walker as “your Delaware Republican colleague”.

    Also, I remember a story re: those signs. I think he has his tenants/employees make them either for free or rent credits or some other very strange arrangement.

    Can someone confirm this?

    • Harold says:

      I remember reading that in TNJ’s story on him ahead of the 2016 primary. Googled it and didn’t see it in the story, so maybe they took it out or it was in a different story. I definitely recall seeing that though

  20. Yes, he makes his tenants work on his signs. My slave analogies stand. He is utterly despicable.

    So far, the Republican Party has not recognized his primary win. They may not mention his name through the election. But he’s the Rethug standardbearer, whether they want to admit it or not.

  21. Scuttlebutt302 says:

    The Ds have had their share of duds over the years, too. Mike Miller, anyone? Just sayin’…

    • Duds? Yes. Having humans inhabit buildings with waist-deep sewage? No.

      Uh, except when Walker ran in the D primary and got less than 5% of the vote.

      There’s a difference between duds and the truly despicable. Just sayin’…

  22. Rufus Y. Kneedog says:

    I think his candidacy might be useful in this way; no sentient person would vote for him it will give us a baseline census in Delaware of the incorrigible on a district by district basis.
    You could make a case for Simpler or Spadola; there is no case for this guy.