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Tom Carper has long since abandoned even the pretense that he legislates on behalf of the average Delawarean. Time after time, issue after issue, when faced with a choice between Delaware voters and the Special Interests who have bankrolled his career, he has consistently voted for filling his corporate coffers at the expense of the average Delawarean. This, my friends, is a FACT.

Some facts behind THE FACT:

Carper screws working families on behalf of the Chamber of Commerce.

Carper screwed those in danger of losing everything on behalf of MBNA.  Many more facts here.

Carper screws everybody struggling with high health care costs on behalf of Big Pharma and the Insurance Lobby.

Carper screws our air and water quality on behalf of Big Oil and Big Chem.  Allow me to add another fact to these facts. When Carper became Governor, he had the choice of retaining Castle holdover Toby Clark, who was willing to stay as DNREC secretary.  Clark, IMHO, was far and away the best DNREC secretary Delaware had.  Instead, Carper chose the Washington-connected husband of an oil industry lobbyist, Christophe Tolou. A clearer signal of where Carper’s environmental priorities lay could not have been sent.

Carper even screws his fellow military vets on behalf of the Big Banks and…who else?  I still can’t let this one go:

Have I mentioned how Tom Carper always calls attention to his military service?:

Durbin Amdt. No. 16, As Modified.; To protect service members and veterans from means testing in bankruptcy, to disallow certain claims by lenders charging usurious interest rates to servicemembers, and to allow servicemembers to exempt property based on the law of the State of their premilitary residence.REJECTED

You read that one right. The amendment was a Democratic request to protect servicemen and women from bankruptcies by predatory lenders charging usurious interest rates, and to allow them the protections of their own state laws in potentially keeping their properties.

All Republican Senators voted against. Democrats Baucus, Biden, Byrd, Carper, Johnson and Nelson joined them.

It would seem that in a choice between supporting the troops, and supporting lenders, the decision wasn’t very hard at all.

Is there anybody out there, anybody, willing to challenge the facts about Tom Carper? He and his Senate seat are bought and paid for by the people who dump thousands upon thousands of dollars into his campaign coffers. Who are often the same people who dump toxins into our air and water.  I defy any of you to find even a vote on an amendment where Carper voted the interests of the average Delaware voter over those of his corporate enablers. And he’s the guy who’s gonna stand up to Trump?

Enter Kerri Evelyn Harris. She is everything that Tom Carper is not. She is authentic. She’s lived a real life, full of challenges. She, too, served in the military, but, unlike the self-glorifying flyboy, understands the challenges that the normal military veteran faces. Her biography is inspiring.  And, as you can see, her commitment to serving others runs throughout her story.

She has pledged not to accept corporate contributions, and she has stuck to that pledge. Sure it’d be great to have a war chest like Carper’s, but Harris has made clear that it will not be at the expense of those who she seeks to serve in D. C.   We know who she’ll represent. Just check out how she has volunteered to help those in need:

Following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, I volunteered with Habitat for Humanity rebuilding houses along the Gulf Coast. I was an airman by day and a volunteer construction worker by night. It was one of the most meaningful times in my life.

I returned to civilian life in the depths of the Great Recession, and like millions of Americans I struggled to make ends meet. I worked odd jobs—from cutting grass to frying chicken at a chain gas station—and by the grace of God, we were able to keep ourselves housed, clothed, and fed. By day I worked on cars in an auto body shop, but when time allowed, I volunteered with the local Red Cross, at homeless shelters, and coached my daughter’s soccer team. My parents taught us to always be of service to others, even in the midst of our own struggles, and those lessons kept me moving forward even in times of hardship.

Most recently, I’ve answered the call to service within my Delaware community. As the Program Director for Achievement Matters, I lead a team working with youth to close the educational achievement gap. Through the Metropolitan Wilmington Urban League, I teach young people how to fight for social change. I also work with the Center for Popular Democracy on solutions to the opioid crisis, healthcare, immigration, and taxes, and as the Kent County Coordinator for Network Delaware, I’m organizing to increase engagement throughout Delaware.

My life story echoes millions of others who feel called to service to improve our communities for the next generation. Together we are able to make a difference because we are guided by a common belief that we are all sisters and brothers, and we need to lift each other up so that all of our communities can thrive.

Contrast that overwhelming need to make a difference to the senator who merely wants to set records for longevity (he still goes to the gym!) with the aid of his corporate underwriters.  Then contrast that Senator’s votes with Kerri Harris’ platform, including the following:

* A $15 minimum wage vs. Carper’s $9 minimum wage ceiling

* Medicare-For All and the importation of lower-priced prescription drugs from Canada vs. Carper’s consistent opposition to both

*Ending the criminalization of private debt vs. Carper’s gutting of protections for debtors, be they veterans, senior citizens, or the mentally- or physically-challenged

Please just click on each of the ‘continue reading’ buttons on the link I provided to Kerri’s platform.  Her platform is that of a true Democrat and stands in marked contrast to the priorities of Tom Carper.

On merit, there is no contest.

Kerri Evelyn Harris is the Democrat who we need now in the United States Senate.

We at Delaware Liberal are proud to support her, and we encourage you to vote for the change that only she can bring from Delaware to D. C. this year.


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  1. Jason330 says:

    Everything is worse in America now than it was when Carper entered public life. How can he dare to run on his record ? It is only a record of success if you look at it through the lens of multi-national bankers, gamblers and speculators.

    The poor have been trampled over, and middle class quality of life has been under outright attack during Carper’s tenure in public life. Which side of the attack has Carper been on? This post and many like it here over the years show that Carper has only ever been actively engaged in the attack.

    Meanwhile Kerri Evelyn Harris has been busy trying to help people contend with the onslaught. But it is time to move from mitigating the effects of Carper’s policies to ending those policies.

    Kerri for Senate! HELL YES!!

  2. The toughest challenge in writing this piece? Deciding what Carper atrocities to leave out in order to keep the article to a reasonable length. Don’t worry, there’s more to come.

  3. RE Vanella says:

    Post debate at the Jackson Inn.

    For those attending tonight’s debate at Cab Calloway a few of us are debriefing afterwards across the street at Wilmington’s oldest and greatest dive bar.

    While JI is usually closed on Monday, I know people who know people so Fred will have Eva open at 8pm for post debate wrap. Stop in for a quick bevi and we’ll tell funny Carper jokes.


  4. Kelly says:

    Can you give us an update on how the other candidates are doing in the other races. Such as Representative seats, Auditor, and the Sheriff seat.
    Thank you