Dover Mayor’s Wife Leading Online Smear Campaign of Sean Lynn – Part 2

Filed in National by on August 10, 2018

When wingnut firehose of vitriol opens up it can be a shocking experience. The level of hate and bile that Trumpers can muster up at the drop of a hat is unsettling. But is it honestly felt emotion based on the kind of legitimate differences of opinion  that are baked into democracy – or is it concocted?  The working out of a grievance that they will not address directly?  

The hate-fest directed at Lynn appears to have been concocted by the NRA and Cindy Christensen, the wife of the Mayor of Dover.  As far as the NRA’s role goes, this quarterly financial report is the smoking gun.

Not only is the NRA represented twice (once in the person of John Sigler and once in max contribution from the NRA’s Delaware front organization – The DE Foundation for Legislative Action). In fact, when known Republicans and NRA donors are stripped from the report $2,885.00  (or 59%) of Ralph Taylor’s donations vanish.  

More on Cindy Christensen’s part in the smear campaign in part 3.  


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  1. Faithful Skeptic says:

    This is tad confusing. What exactly is Christensen’s beef with Sean Lynn? “Hate-fest directed at Lynn appears to have been concocted by the NRA and Cindy Christensen” isn’t very explanatory. I mean, what’s she said, not your opinion. Taylor is getting to be a perennial candidate in Democratic primaries, but so what?

    Inquiring minds want to know. Do us all a favor and post Part 3 ASAP.

  2. RE Vanella says:

    I’m embarrassed that I know anything about this. I’m logging off for the weekend.


    You people have nothing, not even an audience.

  4. To state the obvious, if we have no audience, your posting here is pointless.

  5. A little help says:

    Can you please explain what the hell you are talking about? The past 2 “articles’ have had no actual information about what the person is doing. Can you share some screenshots or something? Anything to give context to the opinions.

  6. RE Vanella says:

    Ha! A sniveling little shyster. Criminal element. Fits right in.

    “And he said, I’d like you to consider that for removing opposition to your project, would you contribute $20,000 to my football team?”

  7. Alby says:

    I don’t know that it’s the same guy. I guess he’ll tell us when he returns.

  8. Thanks for opening the door to Kirk, Al.

    It got me on the google and I found a disgusting racist POS underneath the sheets.

    He is also the author of The Independent Times on facebook who used the n-word while ranting about black leadership in NCC police force – here –

    (The complaints themselves may have merit and should be investigated and when someone shared the link, I’d advocated for excusing the messenger to get to the message.)

    I am writing something up in support of Lynn for DE Way and happily exposing this rabid fu#k.

  9. Popcorn! says:

    This is crazy! Why would Taylor even let this guy support him? Before Taylor filed he shot his mouth off all over Kent County. He wasn’t sure if he should run as a Dem or a Republican. He accepts NRA contributions because he doesn’t have a Dem base and he needs the money. Just another ex-cop looking for power in Dover. We have too much of that already. Vote Lynn on September 6th!