Joe Scarborough is the worst

Filed in National by on August 9, 2018

I’ve been watching MSNBC in the morning, and while he hates Trump I’ve concluded – Joe Scarborough is the worst.

Dems in danger of “overplaying thier hand”. Such absolute bullshit

The DJIA is the economy, and the economy is doing GREAT! Absolute nonsense.

Ronald Reagan was a God among men. Simple minded idiocy.

Trump isn’t a Republican. Yes he is, you dick.

I’m cool because I like Phish. Puke. I’m agnostic on Phish. People like what they like, but middle aged white guys who will not shut up about how cool they are, and who stake thier coolness on what jam bands they like are a-holes.

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  1. He is the leader of the ‘D’s can’t alienate the moderates’ meme.

    It’s why Chris Coons’ lips are permanently planted on Joe’s butt cheeks.

  2. jason330 says:

    “butt cheeks” is the very charitable view of which part of Joe’s ass is getting kissed by Coons.

  3. mouse says:

    It’s like a non stop anti Trump tirade. They don’t report or assess anything other than Trump. It’s almost as bad as a 45 rally. Reality show news is lame, I burn out on it.

  4. nathan arizona says:

    I’m not a Scarborough fan, but there a lot of people who should be higher on the “don’t like” list. Let’s see, there’s Mike Pence, Stephen “Goebbels” Miller, Paul Manafort, John Bolton, Roger Stone, Sarah Huckleberry, Devin Nunes and on and on. Seems more effective to recognize that Scarborough is not at that same level of badness, to understand who is most dangerous. If we try to fight every single person we don’t approve of in any way we might find ourselves saddled with the entire list.

  5. Ben says:

    Nathan, I thought criticizing those fascists made people dislike liberals.

  6. nathan arizona says:

    Even moderates/centrists don’t like fascists.

  7. Alby says:

    Is it OK if I still like the Allmans?

  8. Albert Jackson says:

    I never liked Joe he is too snarky for me. The shit he used to say about Obama i will never forget. I hate when he says “when I was in congress” that really frosts my stones.
    Joe is a privileged guy and he knows it.