Kerri Office Opening Party Tonight

Filed in National by on July 20, 2018

If I wasn’t going to be out of town, I would be there. It’d be cool to meet the
Ocasio’s campaign team, Justice Democrats, and thank Kerri for exposing Carper in ways he sorlely needed to be exposed.

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Kerri’s campaign has been growing and expanding every day, and we are opening our campaign office this week! Join us this Friday, July 20th at 7PM at 1501 N. Walnut Street in Wilmington, DE 19801 as we celebrate our new official work space! 
Meet the team, hear about all the exciting work we’ve been doing, and find out how you can get involved! We look forward to seeing you this Friday!

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  1. Paul says:

    “Hey Buddy, how do I get this car out of second gear…”

  2. RE Vanella says:

    I was there. AOC’s canvassing coordinator seems like a super dude. His team is fired up.

    Didn’t get to meet the Working Families and Justice Democrats team members unfortunately. Too crowded.

    Did have a great chat with the reporter & photog from the Washington Post though.

    This is happening. I know it’s seems wierd and some of you are confused and scared. I understand. The earlier you get over all that the better it’ll be.

  3. jason330 says:

    “Did have a great chat with the reporter & photog from the Washington Post though.”

    I just heard Carper’s butt hole tightening.

  4. Didn’t know it could tighten any more than it already has.

  5. Bane says:

    Sounds like a great team of out-of-towners leading the charge. You even spoke with an out-of-town newspaper? Those voters in Georgetown and Wilmington are probably so jazzed up to come out in droves to vote for Kerri now that they know New York and DC are supporting her.

    My grandma in Selbyville was just telling me how long she’s been waiting for a candidate who shares those Bronx, New York values. Your awareness of the thinking of the average Delawarean is Professor X accurate; its borderline scary.

  6. RE Vanella says:

    Yeah, and Bernie/AOC were in Kansas last night. Massive. I guess when you have a message that connects with so many different types of people from so many places folks actually dig it. Who would have thought that Bronx values and Sussex County values are the same for regular people? Wild stuff…

    I’ll bet you $100 that your nan has more in common with Kerri Harris than Tom Carper.

    The average Delawarean, whoever that is, has never heard anything like this before.

  7. RE Vanella says:

    Point for everyone to ponder. Do these tropes sound familiar to you? Have you heard them before?

    “Out of Towners” is like outside aggitators?

    “Bronx values” means what, Yankee fans?

    Worn out stuff. Desperate stuff.

    Are all Carper’s corporate masters “out of town”? I wonder…

    Does Bane’s nan have simliar politics as say a Pharma interest or Citibank? I bet she doesn’t. Actually I literally just bet she doesn’t.

  8. RE Vanella says:

    I just smoked a little ziggy & had a great idea.

    Bane is my muse. Hear me out.

    New slogan released Monday. Needs a shift. Excitement. New energy…

    “Carper – Man of the People”

    How’s that grab you?

  9. bamboozer says:

    “Carper – Man of the People”

    Needs amended to “Carper, man of the Wall St. people”.

  10. Bane says:

    I feel the heat, and I can see how you could react like that. But here’s the truth: You can’t outsource a grassroots campaign. And spinning this into Carper won’t help. I never even mentioned Carper. Someone throws shots at your campaign and you bring up your opponent? Focus on your campaign and not your opponent.

    I haven’t seen/heard of her in Wilmington, so if this is one of those Progressive’s Only – Rehoboth/Newark/DC/NY campaigns, let me know now so I can stop paying attention.

  11. RE Vanella says:

    She was out canvassing in Wilmington Friday.

    Her campaign HQ is in Wilmington.

    The out of towners are literally like 4-5 people out of 300+.

    The only reason I brought up Carper is to show you how stupid the old “Bronx” values, “San Fransisco” values, etc. trope is. It’s applying a wierd insult to the cleaner, more down to earth, more genuine, people’s candidate. I need to make that very clear. The easiest way is to juxapose her vs. him

    The campaign rarely mentions Carper unless asked. And anyway 3 weeks ago people were screaming bloody murder because she wasn’t “attacking” yet. We had a whole discussion on differentiation…

    You’re grasping at straws because you’re confused. Nobody around here has ever seen anything like this before. I understand.

  12. Faithful Skeptic says:

    @Bane, organization is organization. Successful operatives move around, they bring skills and teach local activists how to do it right. Key is identifying local folks to go where the targeting says the persuade-ables are. Field work, phoning, media go hand-in-hand, remember it’s a primary.