Is Ken Simpler still a big Trump supporter?

Filed in National by on July 15, 2018

Ken Simpler is trying to present himself to voters as above partisan politics. So, is is fair to assume that he is still a huge Trump supporter?

Yes it is. Here’s why:

Any Republican that doesn’t explicitly and frequently confront the mess that Trump is making out of our American democracy is a Trump supporter. While it is easy to think of the MAGA hat wearing idiots as Trump’s base of support, the network propping up Trump spreads far beyond the 30% of Republicans who admit to being his fans. The silent, acquiescing Republicans like Ken Simpler are also a vital bulwark supporting Trump and his ongoing malfeasance.

This election ANY candidate with an “R” next to his/her name on the ballot is a Trump supporter unless they have PROVEN otherwise. Simpler’s continuing silence on the main issue in this election just will not cut it.

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  1. jason330 says:

    I’ve inspired myself to come up with a list of silent, acquiescing Republicans who need to be voted out for supporting Trump. These are usually “nice” people like my own Rep Kevin Hensley.

    Silent Trump Supporters:

    1) Simpler
    2) Hensley
    4) …?

  2. MikeM2784 says:

    Can we add candidates too? Shupe in the 36th is running in the Simpler mould.

  3. jason330 says:

    Shupe, that’s a great example. Trying to have it both ways.

  4. MikeM2784 says:


  5. jason330 says:

    So true. Another silent, acquiescing Trump supporter, trying to sneak under the radar as a “nice” guy.

  6. Bill B says:

    I would only vote for a Republican at this time if they were running for Rehoboth Beach public toilet cleaner. And then only if the job description required them to clean the toilets with their tongue.

  7. jason330 says:

    lol. well said.

  8. RunCV79 says:

    Real question @jason330 – is Colleen Davis still a Trump supporter? She was a Republican until recently, and I hear she is actually pro-life. I know her dad was Sussex Republican Chairman until recently when she decided to run.

  9. Gee, I think I see a pattern here. Facts, pipples, facts, not unsupported allegations.

  10. Alby says:

    Given the choice of two Republicans, one with an eye on higher office and an R next to his name, and one who has neither, I’ll vote for the one who has neither. So will everybody else here.

    Only a Republican would be too dim to do that arithmetic. I mean, really…let’s say she’s all those things. The alternative is Simpler. None of us are going to vote for another empty Republican suit.

  11. jason330 says:

    Alby has a great point. Democrats who were once called Republicans are miles ahead of people who still identify as a Republicans in the age of Trump.

    That one thing alone speaks volumes about their character and integrity.

  12. Alby says:

    Colleen Davis used to be a Republican. So did Chris Coons. So did Hillary Clinton. I prefer actual Democrats, but if it’s a choice between Republican and Republican Lite, I’m not going to pretend there’s no difference. Too many people did so in 2016.

  13. Joshua W says:

    Delcollo seems the obvious one to me.

  14. jason330 says:

    Delcollo – yep clearly. I hope the opponents of these “nice” Republicans get their Trump support on record. This criminal presidency touches everything, and is the overriding issue of this election.

  15. ScarletWoman says:

    Side note FYI: James Spadola ran against McDowell in the 1st Senate District. Because I live here and am sick of McDowell’s outrageous and insulting non-responsiveness, I followed James’ campaign closely. To his credit, James explicitly distanced himself from Trump very early on.

  16. Delcollo has been a fierce supporter of that noted Russian co-conspirator–the NRA.