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Fox’s Newt Gingrich is a pineapple headed idiot.

Nixon’s lickspittle. Ben Stein, says FBI/Russia investigation is like “some movie about an old Southern town where the law enforcement people are members of the Ku Klux Klan”. That means Trump is the black guy asked to bust up a chifforobe, and for his pains is embroiled in some white-trash family’s dysfunctional family drama. That check’s out.  

Sean Hannity blames “stupid” Americans for letting hack happen, says we don’t know who leaked to Wikileaks. Hannity’s head is full of pickled beats.

He was “Hungry and cranky.” That’s GOP candidate Seth Grossman’s bizarre defenses for why he shared white nationalist propaganda I shit you not.


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  1. puck says:

    Rep. Joseph Crowley, defeated by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in the primary, is now being a dick about it:

    At issue is an obscure feature of New York election law that enables Crowley to remain on the ballot line of the Working Families Party, a progressive group, despite losing the Democratic nomination for New York’s 14th Congressional District.

    The Working Families Party endorsed Crowley in the primary, but immediately threw its support behind Ocasio-Cortez after she won. For weeks, it tried to convince Crowley to cooperate with one of several loopholes used to remove candidates from a ballot line in extenuating circumstances. The potential removal options include filing to run for a different office that one is virtually assured of not winning, or move out of the state. The former is complicated but not uncommon in cases where the party wants to avoid splitting the liberal vote.

    However, on Wednesday, The New York Times reported that Crowley was refusing to file a symbolic candidacy for another office.

  2. puck says:

    I don’t really understand why the Justice Department reopened the Emmett Till murder investigation this week. I’m sure it is some kind of distration and Jefferson Beauregard Sessions is up to no good again.

    Nonethess, it is a timely reminder that, in addition to all the evils Emmett Till’s murder stands for, Till was also a victim of a false sexual harassment claim, and his death is a caution about why due process is always required for such claims, rather than the emotional judgement of the mob.

  3. puck says:

    Also, I get the politics of why WFP endorsed Crowley, but why the f**k did they put Crowley on its ballot line before the primary?

  4. I think b/c, in NY, party position on the ballot is determined by how many votes your candidate(s) get. That’s why the same candidate often appears on the ballot more than once, sometimes more than twice. It’s weird. But there are several smaller parties who endorse candidates. There used to be a Liberal Party and a Conservative Party. Don’t know if they still exist.

  5. RE Vanella says:

    If any of you know Catherine Iocco please let her know I appreciate her non-violent demonstration against a fascistic paramilitary force.

    I always encourage everyone to exercise their right to protest

    Also, I’d be happy to pay any cost or fees associated if needed.


    Feel free to send a note to the tip line. These guys know how to reach me. I am not kidding.

  6. Faithful Skeptic says:

    @Puck. To make it clear, NY election law allows minor parties to endorse candidates from major parties, rather than (here in Delaware) run their own candidates or go dark. The Working Family Party bought into Crowley because he was an “obvious” winner, so they cross-endorsed him. No member of the WFP challenged it, so voila! he’s on the WFP line in the general election. Happened back in February. As the story says, there are only 3 ways to get off a line — die, move out of the state, or accept another, I think “higher,” nomination (usually a judgeship).

    Crowley’s not trying to sabotage AOC’s campaign. The WFP in a good year is worth about 2% of a general election vote, even in a competitive election. Crowley’s given his explanation, for what it’s worth. Why AOC is making a big deal about this is beyond me, but it comes across to those who understand the system as petty. She has far bigger fish to fry, like helping Kerri Harris’s campaign.

  7. meatball says:

    The flag was in the median, that appears to mean it was abandoned property.