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Was gonna wait until first thing tomorrow, but a lot happened today. First and, I believe, most important, Nnamdi Chukwuocha has indeed filed to challenge the ethically-bankrupt Charles Potter for Potter’s 1st RD seat. He is a serious and well-qualified challenger.  You can learn more about him here.  Kelly mentioned that Vincent White had filed against Penrose Hollins for Hollins’ NCC Council seat. I don’t think it’s coincidence that Hollins, along with Harris McDowell and Ted ‘Lisa Rochester’s father’ Blunt are all quoted on Nnamdi’s site. This immediately becomes by far one of the most interesting primary races of the season.

And, there’s more from the City. Self-dealer Stephanie Bolden now has a primary challenger for her 2nd RD seat.  One Ugundi Oday Jacobs. His past is, well, checkered.  But it is the distant past.

Both announced R candidates for US Senate have finally filed, with Rob Arlett today joining Eugene Truono on the primary ballot. They may, or may not, also face Roque ‘Rocky’ De La Fuente, who has filed in Delaware and several other states, although he resides in California, where he was an also-ran in that Senate primary. 

I report the news. You write the jokes on this one. Serial R candidate Rose Izzo has filed to run for the 7th RD seat currently held by Bryon Short, but as a Democrat.

The R’s may finally have a candidate for AG. Peggy Marshall Thomas of Harbeson filed today. Here’s her campaign website, such as it is.

Bryan Townsend now has an R challenger by the name of Daniel Kapitanic. Looks like he wraps himself in the flag.

Jeffrey Olmstead, a realtor with Patterson-Schwartz, has filed as an R to run for Deborah Heffernan‘s 6th RD seat.

R Albert Ament will challenge David Bentz in RD 16. It appears that he’s a personal injury/products liability lawyer.  No website yet.

R Justin Cruice will challenge John Viola in RD 26. Not certain, but he may be a sales VP with Digital Office Solutions.  No website yet.

R John R. Thomas will challenge Lisa Diller for the NCC 5th Councilmanic Seat. I’m pretty sure it’s THIS John Thomas.

Finally (for today), it looks like R John Rieley and D Ellen Magee will battle it out to see who succeeds Rob Arlett for the 5th Sussex County Councilmanic District.  This Rieley guy appears to be a real Bible thumper, but with his own unique interpretationHe’s also a former Sussex County R Chairman who did battle with Vance Phillips.  Ellen Magee is a farmer. Here’s an article featuring her and Tom Carper.

The deadline for major party candidates to file is Tuesday at 12 noon.  Please provide updates, comments, rumors, etc. here as we finalize the ballot for this year.  Don’t think Tuesday will be anything like Monday, but if it is…


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  1. BREAKING: Bob Marshall has decided not to run for reelection. From his Facebook Page:

    Monday, July 9, 2018 – 9pm

    To the Delaware Community:

    I have decided to conclude my public service in elective office at the end of 149th General Assembly on November 6th, 2018.

    My sincere gratitude and appreciation to the People for a long career in the Delaware State Senate supported by many.

    I look forward to devoting more time to business interests.

    Bob Marshall
    State Senator

  2. Douglas Hudson has filed against George Parish in an R primary for Sussex County Council District 4. More on Hudson. Yes, he’s an ex-cop:

  3. SussexWatcher says:

    Hudson is a realtor with Arlett’s company. Looks like someone doesn’t like Parrish.

  4. liberalgeek says:

    I can confirm that you have the right John Thomas. I saw a video of him talking about his Constitutional right to own dogs.

    This morning a 3rd Dem candidate, James Miller, has filed to succeed Helene Keeley.

  5. Dreaded Truth says:

    Oh wait… Bobby Marshall was still in office???!!!

  6. fwiw says:

    irrelevant since an R couldn’t win in either RD, but Bentz is in 18 and seemingly unopposed

  7. You’re right. Ament has filed against PAL Longhurst, not Bentz. Getting tougher to read that small print…

    Hey, more than anybody, Longhurst put the kibosh on Carney’s bullshit budget-smoothing bill. I consider that progress.

  8. Paul says:

    Ament filed in the 16th RD, which JJ Johnson currently represents, not Bentz or Longhurst.

  9. That’s it! I’m leaving the rest of this countdown to you guys.


  10. mediawatch says:

    Before becoming an attorney, Ament was PIO for DSP.

  11. liberalgeek says:

    James Spadola is turning his podcast in for a swing at Auditor.

  12. There’s now an R primary for Sussex County CD 5. Kevin Christophel (sorry, that’s an L, not an R) will challenge the Bible-thumping John Rieley. Christophel is the President of the Laurel Chamber of Commerce.

  13. The ‘Hug A Cop’ guy. He’s a better candidate than Winters. I figured he’d hang around for a couple more years and go after Harris McDowell.

  14. liberalgeek says:

    The window is closed… I guess there could be a few that haven’t been entered yet, but that’s it.

    Withdrawal date is Friday at 4:30PM.

  15. Right. The primaries won’t be officially set until that Friday deadline. Those who have filed can either withdraw or flip to another race. Geek, can they flip to another race where there already IS a primary?

    As of now, there are a lot of intriguing primary races. Once they are finalized on Friday, we’ll begin our survey of the most interesting ones.

  16. Joshua W says:

    Dammit, I liked Spadola’s podcast

  17. liberalgeek says:

    Good question. I don’t know the answer.

  18. liberalgeek says:

    For all I know, he will actually keep doing it. I’d be overjoyed if he spent his time working on that rather than chasing votes.

  19. mouse says:

    George Cole isn’t running for Sussex Council’s 4th district after 30 some years.

  20. Thanks, Mouse. That explains the R primary. Paulette Rappa, the D candidate, ran a pretty good race against Ruth Briggs King two cycles ago.

  21. SussexWatcher says:

    Kevin Christophel is the grandson of Johnny Janosik, the late furniture magnate.

    Paulette Rappa got 37.5% against Briggs King in 2016 and 34.7% in 2014. The district is evenly split between Rs and Ds (37-38% each) with about a quarter Other voters. You’d think a “pretty good race” would be able to reach some indie voters. I know she has her defenders here; I just can’t see how she’s anything but a candidate in search of a job at this point.

    In the 4th Sussex council race, Democrat Ellen Magee is well known among the establishment Dems. She might be less prone to vote for development as a farmer, or could take the property rights approach that everyone else goes for.

  22. SussexWatcher says:

    Also worth pointing out: The Sussex Democrats have effectively abdicated their role as the opposition party.

    Of 16 seats that are up this year in the county (two county council, three Senate, eight House and three row offices), Democrats are contesting only nine. They have failed to produce a candidate in 44% of races.

    Running unchallenged will be new state Senator Dave Wilson, Reps. Ruth Briggs King, Danny Short and Tim Dukes, and row officers Robert Lee (sheriff), Cindy Green (register of wills) and Scott Dailey (recorder of deeds).

    Dukes and Short (who’s the Republican House leader, it should be emphasized) didn’t face Dem opponents in 2016, either.

    You can’t win if you don’t show up.

  23. You’re sorta correct. However, the Party may file names for those positions going forward. Practically speaking, those after-the-deadline candidates virtually never win.

  24. SussexWatcher says:

    If someone doesn’t want to run on July 10, why do we think they’ll run a decent campaign when they’re named to fill a hole on September 4?

  25. I agree. However, it’s not always the case that the positions are open b/c the county party didn’t do enough. Sometimes they just can’t get someone to run despite their best efforts. Not saying that was the case here b/c I just don’t know.

    I DO know that candidate recruitment can be challenging, especially in seats that may not look all that promising. The commitment a candidate must make is almost all-consuming. If (a) you don’t have that commitment; and/or (b) your family and your employer aren’t 100% on board, then the time is not right.

  26. MikeM2784 says:

    And all that work to win a seat that doesn’t pay enough to quit a decent full time job but takes up enough time you can’t really stay full time. I’m sure this impacts some potential candidates as well.