July 8 Open Thread: The Return of Rocket Man

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Absolutely must-reading about the DuPont Chambers Works plant now owned by Chemours. And remember, DNREC has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of these poison peddlers forever.  While we can’t go back in time, we can help to ensure that the victims are fairly compensated.  Gee, maybe that FOIA-proof Economic council will hand them truckloads of cash to pay off the victims. It’s not as if we’d ever find out. The last of the poisonous chemicals was recently farmed out–to India. Only the plant remains, and it’s up for sale.

Now that Kim Jung Un got everything he needed from the Big Cheeto, it’s back to business as usual on the nukes. ‘Gangster-like’ negotiations, ‘cancerous’ issues. Couldn’t even agree on the repatriation of the remains of American war-dead. North Korea called Secretary of State Pompeo’s trip ‘deeply regrettable’.  Is it too late for Trump to walk back his fawning admiration of the repressive dictator? Hey, I recognize that negotiations can be a slog, especially difficult ones like this. But I wasn’t the one who declared victory and made noises about Nobel Peace Prizes. Uh, not that I’m undeserving…

Guess who is lobbying Trump on his Supreme Court choice. Mitch McConnell.  He only has one goal: Get Gorsuch II onto the Court w/o delay.  I think McConnell will go down in history as one of the most traitorous officials ever. More than anybody, he blew up the Senate for partisan political gain.  I would honestly like to know what makes him tick.

You may not want to read this on a full stomach. Rep. Jim Jordan may claim that he had no idea what was going on with the Ohio State wrestling team, despite being a coach and all, but it was pretty gross.  Do the words ‘a cesspool of deviancy’ mean anything to you?  Jordan, along with Devin Nunes, have been the two most aggressive Trumpites trying to force the Department of Justice to reveal information that would then be leaked to the Trump defense team. Yes, the national Republican Party is a criminal conspiracy, and is probably vulnerable under the RICO statutes.

A white supremacist who took part in the violence in Charlottesville, VA, was outed by Pro Publica as working for a defense contractor and, a day later, lost his job.  Good.

What do you want to talk about?


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  1. jason330 says:

    Calling all normal Americans, Democrats, members of the reistsance, the left… whatever you want to call them/us –



    This is a chance to hit Trump where he hurts, in his TV show ratings.

  2. RE Vanella says:

    These isolated incidents seem to happen quite a bit. Wierd.