‘Tender Age’ Shelters: Warehouses For Babies And Toddlers

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Rachel Maddow just broke down on the air as this story broke:


‘Tender Age Shelters”. What a fucking euphemism. The Trump Administration has been hiding this from the all of us. Three shelters open, with a 4th needed. Hundreds and hundreds of babies. Forcibly detained. In America.

Oh, and then there’s the tent city in Tornillo, TX. Temperatures around 105 today.  No pictures allowed.

I’m 67 years old. This is officially the worst thing our government has ever done during my lifetime. The most disgraceful. The most unconscionable. We must fight this with everything we have.

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  1. RE Vanella says:

    Hook up with Philly DSA. They had a great action yesterday outside a Pence speech. Shut the street down.

    DC DSA shamed the Homeland Security Secretary and ran her out of a restaurant yesterday.

    Portland DSA laid siege to the ICE office in that city. Block the entire building for 24 hours plus.

    Huge actions planned across the country leading up to a Nationwide demonstration Saturday the 30th.

    Put you body where your words are. Get out in the street.

  2. Liz Allen says:

    In just five weeks, federal immigration authorities separated more than 2,300 children from their parents as part of the Trump administration’s “zero-tolerance” policy. Toddlers have been ripped from their parents’ arms, kids are being kept in cages, and parents who traveled thousands of miles to find safety are left not knowing how they will be reunited with their children.

    This week’s Take Action Now focuses on what you can do to join the fight against this inhumane policy. To expand your impact, forward this email to your friends and family (They can sign up for Take Action Now here). You can also share this week’s post on Facebook.
    One of the most direct ways to help is to give to local organizations that are providing legal representation and other resources for separated and detained families. A few at the border are the Florence Project, La Unión del Pueblo Entero, RAICES and the Texas Civil Rights Project. It’s also crucially important to support local, immigrant-led organizations in your area that are fighting the separation of families both at the border and through detention and deportation across the country. You can find many of them here and here.

    The Trump administration could end the separation of families at the border immediately. Instead, the president has boasted about using traumatized children as leverage in his quest to pass draconian anti-immigrant legislation—and Congress is planning to vote on two such bills this week. Call Congress at (202) 224-3121 and demand that they reject any legislation that threatens to ramp up enforcement and deportations, and that they instead fight to end family separation. You can find more information about the bills in Congress here, here, and here.

    In the coming weeks, there will be multiple opportunities to take to the streets or otherwise show up to demand an end to this horrific practice. The ACLU is calling for people across the country to head to Brownsville, Texas, on June 28 to protest at the border. Then on June 30, people will rally in Washington, DC and around the country. If you have even more time, you can sign up to volunteer either at the border itself (you can sign up with the Texas Civil Rights Project or RAICES) or by reaching out to an organization near you. There are more protests and volunteer opportunities every day so be sure to check out the hashtag #FamiliesBelongTogether to stay up-to-date.

    We’d love to know how these newsletters have helped you so far. Use this form to tell us how you’re taking action—either today or in past weeks—and to give us your feedback.

  3. Liz Allen says:

    Who ordered staff in these concentration camps not to comfort a child. They are not permitted to hold or try to calm down these children. The kids have no information on where parents are, and mothers given no information. Those who support this terror have no heart, no concience, and are morally bankrupt. Its hard to watch and hear what this man has done to this country, and he thinks he is winning…a winning issue for him during the mid terms. Pathetic, unamerican, uncivilized, and the world is watching as he shreds any decency or humanity. Dictators around the world will use his playbook and his tactics.

  4. RE Vanella says:

    What’s your point you anonymous coward? We’re not talking about a photo you fucking pig.

    Why don’t you fuck off back to Blue Delaware. They entertain your nonsense.

  5. Under Obama, children were never, NEVER, separated from their parents. We’ve now got toddlers in internment camps.

  6. RE Vanella says:

    This anonymous twat wants to play little games and whataboutism and false equivalence. Not standing for it.

    We’re putting babies in concentration camp and some spineless piece of trash comes on here and puts a Daily Caller link here about photographs. Nah.

  7. RSE says:

    Oh, hey REVanella. Good morning to you too. My point you ask? Yeah, my point is that your outrage is selective and purely political.

    As far as being anonymous. Well, I’m about as anonymous as you are.

  8. Alby says:

    “my point is that your outrage is selective and purely political.”

    So is everybody else’s. It doesn’t excuse the action that prompted the outrage.

    Those pictures were published during Obama’s administration, and the outcry about them wasn’t from conservatives. They were too busy claiming Obama was ineligible to be president to trouble themselves with his problematic immigration policies, but if you take the time to look it up, plenty of liberal outfits tried to bring attention to it.

    And R.E. Vanella is his real name.

  9. RE Vanella says:

    Of course it’s political and I’m not anonymous at all pal. RE Vanella is my name motherfucker. Look it up, coward.

    Your games are purely political as well. So what?

    Like you anonymously posting a Daily Caller link isn’t political. Fuck off dummy.

  10. RE Vanella says:

    Rage aside, big point here. Anyone who says this issue (or any issue) shouldn’t be “political” doesn’t understand what’s happening or what politics is.

    It’s a trope employed by idiots and the terribly confused.

  11. “Who ordered staff in these concentration camps not to comfort a child. They are not permitted to hold or try to calm down these children. ”

    huh? I watched video on MSNBC where the children were being calmed and comforted.

  12. RE Vanella says:

    Hahaha! I love delaware liberal dot net.

  13. RE Vanella says:

    Has our little rat scurried back into the subterranean habitat of rubes and halfwits?

    Purely political!

    Political power must precede progress on social and economic justice. So while my argument here is purely political it is so to win back power and push progress on moral grounds.

  14. Liberal Elite says:

    @RSE “Yeah, my point is that your outrage is selective and purely political.”

    No. It’s a moral issue. But it’s also political. It can be both.

    Where you utterly fail is understanding the basic morality in all of this. You want to duck behind political cover, but that just makes you look very evil. And if you can’t see that, well then, you’re just an idiot.

  15. Alby says:

    Calling them “tender age shelters” shows they read Orwell as an instruction manual.

  16. Tom Kline says:

    LOL – Your probably a little weasel living in your parent’s basement staring at porn on the internet…

    What’s your point you anonymous coward? We’re not talking about a photo you fucking pig.

    Why don’t you fuck off back to Blue Delaware. They entertain your nonsense.

  17. Liz Allen says:


    More stories are coming out…

    Why do these concentration camps have phones in the lobby “for kids to report sexual abuse”, and they can’t call their parents? This issue is a pedophiles dream.

  18. Liberal Elite says:

    Well, it looks like they’re drugging the kids.

    “Migrant Children Drugged Without Consent At Government Centers, Court Documents Show”

    This maybe explains why a large group of toddlers was so placid (to the amazement of several visitors).

    And drugging them up sure makes pedophilia easier…