FWIW – Civil Rights Hero, Mitch Crane, Posted His Group’s Endorsements

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Kathy McGuiness never audited anything other that the snow fall totals in and around Park City Utah – but she (somehow) snagged this endoresment.

As political VP of Delaware Stonewall PAC, and on behalf of President Peter Schott and the Board, here are the candidates whose endorsements were announced at our packed and successful Rehobtoth Beach fundraiser .Thank you to Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester for her inspirational keynote. Congratulaitions to honorees State Representative Bryon Short and CAMP Rehoboth and thank you to US Senator Tom Carper for his remarks.

Incumbents who have filed for re-election to date were considered based on their voting record. Non-incumbents who have filed were considered based on their returned questionnaires. (Incumbents noted by *)

Attorney General- Kathy Jennings
State Auditor- Kathy McGuiness
State Treasurer- Colleen Davis

State Senate 2- Bobbie Cummings
Senate 3- Tizzie Lockman
Senate 4- Laura Sturgeon
Senate 6- Dave Baker
Senate 10- Stephanie Hansen*
Senate 11- Bryan Townsend*
Senate 17- Trey Paradee

State Representative
2- Stepephanie Bolden*
3- Helene Keeley*
6- Debra Heffernan*
7- Joe Daigle
9- Debbie Harrington
12- Krista Griffith
14- Pete Schwartzkopf*
15- Valerie Longhurst*
16- Jakim Mohammed
17- Melissa Minor-Brown
18- David Bentz*
19- Kim Williams*
20- John Bucchioni
21- Mike Ramone* (the only Republican)
22- Renee Taschner
23- Paul Baumbach*
24- Ed Osienski*
25- John Kowalko*
26- John Viola*
31- Sean Lynn*
36- Don Allan

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  1. puck says:

    Mitch is leading the Delaware LGBTQ community out of the resistance and into the establishment. To be fair, the Stonewall PAC is in fact a PAC whose purpose is to raise money. I guess they are endorsing the right crowd if money is all they are after.

  2. RE Vanella says:

    The two Kathys and pistol Pete are beyond the fucking pale. Garbage politics. Phony-ass centrist cracker shit. I’m mean if you ask me.

    And, trust me, folks. My opinion is some of the best opinion on the web.

  3. Plus, they don’t DARE cross Tom Carper. Pathetic.

  4. Liz Allen says:

    Tom Carper? The LGBTQ community supports that guy? This is your establishment democratic party.. right down the center.

  5. puck says:

    They endorsed the Republican (!) Ramone with no Dem filed for the seat yet. Maybe someone knows the fix is in for Ramone to be unopposed or to draw a tomato can. In other words, the Delaware Way.

  6. RE Vanella says:

    Bull Connor for Sheriff!

  7. jason330 says:

    Yeah this reeks. They’ve collected some decent candidates, as if by accident. But all in all, having achieved their seat at the table, the Stonewallers are going to pull up the ladder behind them.

  8. Just another group of insiders trying to puff up their self-importance. Stonewall D’s used to stand for something. They apparently now only stand to puff up Mitch Crane’s sense of self-esteem. When organizations like this get co-opted by political hacks, their work reeks of hackdom.

    Kinda like when PDD was taken over by a centrist blogger.

  9. RE Vanella says:

    Whenever I catch a brief whisper that someone said something like, “I can’t support you in public, but I like what you’re doing. Maybe speak to so-and-so…”


    “I can’t donate because my name will appear in public filings…”

    …then I know that everything they say is tainted with horseshit. These endorsement are about jerking off your friends. You’re a coward…*

    There are some good candidates in there to throw the casual observer off the fetid scent of political feces smeared in the backrooms of these groups.


    *If this description fits you than yeah I mean YOU! You know who you are and I know too.

  10. Delaware Left says:

    There’s a dem in that race. Shame on stonewall for endorsing Ramone

  11. Unless someone filed today, there is no D in that race. There sure as bleep should be.

  12. Delaware Left says:

    you and i both know that committee filings are where you should be looking for candidates

  13. So who is the candidate? I know that they thought they had someone earlier this year, but the person chose not to run.

  14. liberalgeek says:

    If I am reading this correctly, Tom Carper wasn’t on the list of endorsements. Ms. Harris is not yet filed, so she cannot be considered for endorsement. LBR just filed today, so she wasn’t eligible either.

    There will be an opponent for Ramone. I have met her and I’m excited by her energy and that she will be giving voters in the 21st a choice for the first time in years.

  15. Nice. Can we have a name, or is it a secret?

  16. Delaware Left says:

    I already told you where to find it

  17. liberalgeek says:

    It’s not a secret, but I’d like her to roll it out at her pace. I suspect it’ll be soon.

    There is evidence that Ramone is already freaked out.

  18. Well, it’s only June 19. No rush.

  19. liberalgeek says:

    LOL. It’s a long way to November.

  20. Jason330 says:

    I’ve heard that a highly placed Dem is protecting Mike Ramone. Which makes sense in view of the Stonewall endorsement.

    I hope the challenger is ready to fight on two fronts.

  21. Delaware Left says:

    Karen Peterson has always actively protected Ramone, and this is nothing new

  22. RE Vanella says:

    This is what happens after decades of inside baseball and people thinking this is what politics is.

    All the policy wonks and negotiators and fucking suburban rubes finally think their 15 minutes of fame has arrived.

    Mitch Crane and Democrats are garbage eating swine. Anyone who doesn’t have the same political goals as you should be ground up into fine powder and used to absorb puke at the Starboard.

    This is why I don’t have much faith in a lot of you. If you want to make friends join the fucking Rotary Club. Governing ain’t for you.

  23. Mitch Crane says:

    Stonewall is a single issue (LGBT) organization. Incumbents are considered for endorsement based on the voting record on LGBT issues. Mike Ramone has a 100% voting record on those issues.

    Stonewall is not “looking for friends”. There were endorsements of people we don’t particularly like but who vote right.

  24. RE Vanella says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again since you seem to be missing it.

    Cops and hedge fund managers and “small business owners” who are OK with gay people are not on our side. John Carney could officiate a same sex wedding. He probably has. This does us zero good. Then again your politics does us zero good. Fucking worthless. Actually worse because your bullshit waters downs the Democratic party.

    You think politics is one thing and it isn’t. Your ideas are exactly why we’re fucked.

    And I thought you didn’t care what we think. Why explain it?

  25. RE Vanella says:

    Tell us again how you were a radical activist in the age before the horseless carriage.

  26. jason330 says:

    What a load of shit. Reverend Abernathy’s hands are tied my good man. He had to endorse someone who voted for Trump and will vote for Trump again. It is in the motherfucking by-laws. (BTW – I doubt that is in the by laws)

  27. jason330 says:

    Maybe canvas the stonewall membership about that rule, you lickspittle.

  28. jason330 says:

    “Stonewall is a single issue (LGBT) organization. Incumbents are considered for endorsement based on the voting record on LGBT issues”

    It took about two second to prove Mitch was lying about that. See the post above.

  29. RE Vanella says:

    The way I look at it is like this.

    Third way bullshit put us here. We’re in a very bad spot. Spineless GA and Governor, fascists run the federal government. The poor and the sick and minorities are being stacked one on the other.

    I’m not doing that anymore. I know Mitch and his cohort made hay with the Delaware way. Well bully for that asshole. People are dying. We’ve opened interment camps. And this dipshit endorses a Republican because he’s OK with gay people.

    If we’re going down I’m going down with my head up and swinging at everything that moves.

    Republicans and cops… And he was in SDS supposedly. Holy fucking shit it’s a hell world.

  30. Alby says:

    Just for a dose of human reality:

    Mike Ramone is about as harmless a Republican as you can find. Sure, he votes the straight Chamber, but so do the rest. As a person, he’s a Dudley Do-Right type — he thinks he’s helping but he’s usually riding his horse backwards so he can’t see where he’s going. His performance in the Nudistgate scandal at one of his pools was a perfect example — he was blindsided, he stumbled about trying to make everyone happy and in the end made nobody happy.

    I suppose I’m saying it’s funny, in a running-gag kind of way, that Mike Ramone again finds himself the subject of a controversy not of his making. And I miss Rocky & Bullwinkle.

  31. RE Vanella says:

    I actually know him personally. Have since I was a little kid swimming at the Western Y. Ramone is a super guy. Absolutely top bloke.

    As I said, I’m talking about politics. What it is and what it means.

    The fact that there was a sex party at his pool elevates him in my estimation. (Don’t think he was there though.)

    This is the problem here. Everyone is friends. The in crowd remember what time Ruth Ann Dinner took her daily shit.

    You all do politics wrong. Makes you look dumb. Like Mitch.

  32. RE Vanella says:

    Typo is funnier.

  33. Alby says:

    It’s not an in crowd, it’s an old crowd.

    I don’t “do” politics. Strictly an observer/voter/citizen, not an activist. But when I know somebody, I’m gonna chip in with my observations. Sorry if that humanizes them, but that was kind of my point.

    As for your bigger-picture perspective, the Well-Meaning Doofus is one of the least malicious critters, though not the least harmful, in the political menagerie. I mostly know which people are the real problems, and Mike Ramone isn’t one of them. That doesn’t mean I don’t want a Democrat in the seat, I just see a certain amount of humor in the way Ramone stumbles into these things.

    Try to see it this way: The guy didn’t do anything wrong, he just sent back a questionnaire, but he’s getting kicked around here like a ground ball by the Phillies infield. In Yiddish such a person is called a schlemiel.

  34. Jason330 says:

    I agree with REV. We need every vote this November and can’t allow ourselves to think in pre2016 ways and rely on pre2016 habits.

  35. RE Vanella says:

    I’d let Ramone babysit my kid if I had one. That fact that he did nothing wrong is irrelevant. That’s my point. To continue your analogy, it’s part of game.

    If we want to get from A to B, Mike Ramone serves no political purpose.