June 16 Open Thread: Trump Is Scared of Biden

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Trump sure is scared of Joe Biden. How do we know? Because spokesghoul Rudy Giuliani went on an unhinged rant about what a “moron” Joe Biden is. This comes from a man who had the brilliant idea of putting his anti-terrorism headquarters in the WTC complex and has left his pecker tracks all over New York, so he certainly knows a moron when he sees one, which is every morning in the shaving mirror. I look forward to Giuliani’s demise, and can only hope he gets the send-off he deserves: Having his ashes flushed down a toilet at the Port Authority.

For all the anger at James Comey over his mishandling of the Hillary Clinton investigation, we would do well to remember what he was up against: The very sort of rogue FBI agents Trump claims are out to get him. The truth is that the New York office of the FBI was out to get Clinton, as steaming turd Devin Nunes admitted on Fox last night, or, as he spun it, “good FBI agents” gave him — leaked — the information about messages being found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

Not every reporter at the Delaware State News can be Matt Bittle, so this report on disgraced geriatric basketball coach Bobby Knight’s fund-raiser for Rob Arlett in Millville last night fails to include an important fact. The reporter does note that “more than 100 people attended the rally that lasted well over an hour,” but never mentions the ticket price, which is, after all, the whole point of a fund-raiser. (I checked every bit of media I could and nobody anywhere bothered to mention the ticket price. Journalism has gone to shit since I left.) It’s nice to have a photo, though, because it shows Arlett has been campaigning under 10-year-old photos. Check out this one and you’ll see he’s just as old as Shufflin’ Tom Carper.

For those who care what Trump is up to, at last glance he was complaining that the iconic photo of his looking like a recalcitrant toddler at the G7 meeting is “fake.” A photograph. Who are you going to believe, Trump or that lying camera lens?

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  1. Faithful Skeptic says:

    Perhaps there’s a mistake in the photo associated with the DSN article. Here’s a link to the Trump rally in 2016:


  2. Bill B says:

    Arlett looks different in almost every photo I see of him.

    Here’s a little blast from the past I ran into while looking at Arlett pictures. Seems he has had money issues in real estate just like his idol, Herr Drumpf.


  3. Liz Allen says:

    Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said Saturday that he and other allies of President Donald Trump are “prepared for war” as special counsel Robert Mueller plans to write up his findings on the Russia investigation by the end of the summer.

    “It’ll be a moment that polarizes the country, exposing just how divided the country is about this investigation and who’s on the other side,” Gingrich, the former Georgia congressman who was speaker from 1995 to 1999, told The Washington Post.

    The alt right lunatics tell their poorly educated, Prepare for War! Get ready people, I expect the loonie bin to explode in anger and start their own civil war. This could get very ugly people, we need to get prepared.

  4. Liz Allen says:


    Roger Stone met with Russians and admits ut, Ge dudnt disclose it until now. Stone is a confidant of Trumpolini, , Russsian who offerered info on Stone worked as an FBI informant!

  5. Paul says:

    “And God said, ‘I’m sending my other son to the United States because they need a God to run the country now. Call him Dear Leader, after the Kim family in Korea. That way you can avoid the troubled mind that accompanies thinking’”