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Let’s talk assault weapons. Both public supporters and even John Carney have called for the assault weapons ban to be reconsidered.  Meaning, a vote on the floor of the Senate. We’ve already identified the would-be Twin Assassins of the bill, Dave McBride and Greg Lavelle. When I wrote that article, Lavelle had yet to officially oppose the bill. Now he has. And he realizes that he has stepped into something that smells real bad–electoral doo-doo.  Greg is now casting himself as a constitutional expert.  Well, not really, he cites an attorney–one Francis X. Pileggi, who just happens to represent, wait for it, the NRA and the Delaware Sportsman’s Association:

Lavelle said his constitutional concerns were derived from conversations with Wilmington attorney Francis Pileggi, “a lawyer who has won two cases around gun rights in the Delaware State Supreme Court.” 

“Delaware’s constitution is much broader than the Second Amendment,” he said. “It talks about hunting, enjoyment, and safety.” 

For Democrats, Lavelle said, the assault weapons bill is a “political issue, not a public safety issue.” 

No, Monsignor, it’s a public safety issue that you seek to frame as a political issue while you spout NRA talking points.

As to Dave McBride…it is a public safety/public health issue. You can either reassign the fucking bill to another committee, you can support a discharge motion, or you can face a well-deserved challenge first for your position and second for your seat. It’s up to you. You’ve screwed this up royally. Now fix it.

We now return to the day-to day machinations of your Delaware General Assembly. John Kowalko was correct. This constitutional amendment was introduced on Tuesday, considered in committee on Wednesday, and is on the House Agenda today.  I defy you to even read the synopsis of this bill and understand what this amendment (not merely a bill, but an amendment to the constitution) does. It is being pushed by the usual suspects, all of whom are part of the corporatocracy that runs this state. That alone is a reason to tap the brakes on it. The argument on behalf of it has nothing to do with its merits: Hey, it has to pass twice, so consider this a freebie.  It is literally impossible to conceive of any sort of progressive amendment to pass with that kind of a rationale. It is, now what’s that phrase that Carney uses, ‘intellectually dishonest’. Let me ask this (largely rhetorical) question: Why do Democrats embrace crap like this? Better Democrats please. Hey, just look at the title of the bill: Relating to …’Limitations on Appropriations’.  Not a lot of ways you can parse that phrase.

The Senate did run an agenda yesterday.  Notable bills that passed include HB 326 (K. Williams), which:

…creates the Delaware Advance Scholarship Program (“Program”). The goal of this Act is to encourage Delaware students with intellectual disabilities to pursue studies for a comprehensive certificate or degree at a Delaware institution of higher education in order to promote economic self-sufficiency.

The Senate also passed SB 227 (Townsend), which promotes the use of primary care services. We covered this bill yesterday.

Personal memo to PAL Longhurst from your friend El Somnambulo: I see that you’ve finally placed the bump stocks bill back on today’s Agenda. Just…let it pass as is. The bill has passed in both chambers twice. The amendments aren’t killers, and can always be addressed in subsequent sessions of the General Assembly. Can you just get this to the Governor’s office already? Oh, and promise to never manage gun legislation ever again? There are plenty of competent gun control supporters in Dover. It would be a mitzvah if you would let someone competent take the lead in the future.  You’re welcome.

Today’s Senate Agenda features the latest incarnation of a constitutional amendment that has never gotten a freebie. An amendment that seeks to enact bail reform with the intent to significantly limit the imposition of cash bail.  It’s the first leg. Let’s just see if legislators rush to pass this w/o even considering its merits. OK, the answer to that is self-evident. They won’t.

Similar legislation seeks to limit circumstances where detainees can be held indefinitely. SB 222 (Townsend), which is not a constitutional amendment, is nevertheless a companion piece to the amendment. I’m not sure if the bill will be worked should the constitutional amendment fail.

Lots of other bills on both agendas, most of which don’t interest me all that much. Check out the agendas and let me know if something interests you. Hey, I’ve been doing this for ten years now. Call me jaded.



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  1. Paul says:

    Plantation Delaware, where the corporate elite are the Massahs, and the rest of us should mind our own business as we pick cotton for those same Massahs.

  2. It’s funny. Markell lackey Jack Polidori was over at Blue Delaware blaming it on Simpler. But, of course, it was the phony baloney task force that Markell put together which instead functioned as a Chamber think tank and embraced this idea. DD is right, no self-respecting Democrat should vote for that bill.

  3. A bill flying under the radar is a very controversial Pay For Success bill, Senate Bill #242. Like HB 460, it was introduced Tuesday, flew out of committee yesterday, and is on the Senate agenda today. More holes than a donut shop with this one:

    Take two minutes. Make a difference.

  4. Delaware Left says:

    With all due respect to the Harris campaign, those folk would get a lot more bang for their buck if they put all that effort into primarying Quinn Johnson

  5. Paul says:

    Jack Polidori? Jack loved George Carey when he swindled DSEA out of their political voice in Dover. He conspired to remove an elected DSEA Vice President. He further conspired to take over the organization. A genuine piece of shit.

  6. RE Vanella says:

    Between us I like that these rat finks like Polidori don’t bring that bullshit here. Blue Delaware is a perfect place for that type of nonsense.

    This goes for all you fucking sychophants. Take a cue from the Mitch Cranes of the world. We’re not interested in what you’re selling. Go away.

  7. Alby says:

    We scared away Polidori months ago with our bad language.

    At least Polidori and Crane at least use their own names so we know whose agenda they’re pushing. Others have been less forthcoming.

    It will be a long time before the Democratic establishment realizes that “liberal” does not mean “bullshitable.”

  8. It’s official. Dave McBride will move to suspend rules on Tuesday for the consideration of the assault weapons bill. You know what to do:

    BTW, Monsignor Lavelle? This means you will get at least one, and perhaps two, chances to do the right thing. If you don’t you won’t have McBride to blame. Only yourself.

  9. HB 460, the Chamber’s stealth constitutional amendment, was not worked today, and has been moved to the Ready List, which is one step down from the Agenda.

    Pete ‘n PAL tried to fast-track it. I hope that the Caucus recognizes who they really represent when the Caucus decides who will lead them after the elections.

  10. Paul says:

    My first thought for the “pay for success bill is that if it is connected in any way to Rodel, burn it. Kick Rodel out of the GD state.

  11. Paul says:

    Pay for success is complex enough, especially regarding obligations/rewards for taxpayers, who will be footing the bill. This quick quick nonsense is bullshit, and undermines the credibility of the sponsors/backers

  12. Rufus Y. Kneedog says:

    I see the floor vote on the assault weapons ban as a significant victory in and of itself. Congrats to you El Som for turning up the heat on this.