June 13 Open Thread: What’s Fat, Saggy and Nearly Bald?

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Republican primaries around the country demonstrated that the GOP is now a fully-owned subsidiary of TrumpCo, as pro-Trump troglodytes swept aside old-school Republicans across the nation. Maybe the party should change its mascot from an elephant to Trump. The change wouldn’t be drastic — they both have very little hair and weigh a ton.

Trump’s truckling to North Korea’s dictator has produced head-scratching and outrage, along with one possible explanation for his ever-worse-than-usual deal-making: He hadn’t slept in 25 hours. Also, the sun was in his eyes.

Digby dares to borrow trouble, wondering what will happen once Trump realizes he’s been played. Hint: John Bolton in the past said he wanted a summit like this before it would “foreshorten the amount of time that we’re gonna waste in negotiations.”

New Castle County Council compromised with CE Matt Meyer, narrowly passing a two-year 15% increase. Some of those voting in favor promised to try to head off the second year’s hike, which means half the can was kicked down the road.

Remember the bygone days of the Roseanne Barr controversy? Seems like only last week, but it was two weeks ago, and Hollywood poobahs are still trying to figure out a way to keep the show going without her. The latest stumbling block: Even without its creator and star gone, it’s still her intellectual property, so she would still profit from it. Apparently Barr is so contrite she has offered to give up her cut, but you have to wonder what the appeal of such a show would be without the crazy lady in the middle of it all.

The world might not progress, but it will keep getting weirder: A couple of doctors claim they’re on the verge of the first human head transplant. I think that’s a pretty big leap considering doctors haven’t even perfected the hair transplant yet.

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  1. bamboozer says:

    Trump Troglodytes are just rebranded Republicans. Louder and more angry statements from the same people that gave you trillion dollar deficits, pandering to the religious right and a deep strain of semi covert racism. As for Roseanne it’s like living with an incredibly annoying bandmate because you know it’s just not the same without them. That and the usual distinct lack of creativity in Hollywood, make that outright fear.

  2. Alby says:

    “As for Roseanne it’s like living with an incredibly annoying bandmate because you know it’s just not the same without them.”

    This is pretty much the internal dynamic of every band ever, isn’t it?

  3. RE Vanella says:



    Now you fucking tell me whose priorities are plumb and whose are fucked up.

    Look closely.