Trump’s Propaganda Video is Total Shit

Filed in National by on June 12, 2018

The video Trump showed to Kim to kick off their meeting is a hacked together collection of corporate stock video clips accompanied by a cheesy voice over intended to play to Kim’s vanity and greed.

But who knows? Maybe those are the right buttons to push with Kim.

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  1. Liberal Elite says:

    We’ve just witnessed a really great job of negotiating!! (by Kim Jong-un, of course)

    Great work, Trump! You give up all sorts of stuff, you lower yourself to the fat little creep’s level, and you get squat in return for all your efforts. Nice…

    This is an interest take:
    “If Obama had held this summit, we know how the GOP would’ve reacted”

    Look at what Bolton said about Obama when Obama even hinted that he might be willing to talk to Kim. And there he was. Bolton was there doing exactly what he had mocked Obama about!

  2. RE Vanella says:

    Trump’s insane and Kim’s a maniac. But this summit did no harm. Trump didn’t give away anything. He just said words, as he normally does. Will anything really be done? Probably not. But they met and all the stupid and dangerous online posturing will likely die down now that they have spoken in person.

    All this whining and whinging and multiple exclamation marking is silly. I mean Liberal Elite is already on the chardonnay at 07:30. Take a deep breathe everyone. This is almost completely forgotten 2 days out.

    I pulled this especially for our anonymous matriarch…