June 12 Open Thread: “Historic” Meeting Shows Why People Think History Is Dull

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The mainstream media, just as Trump foresaw, is making a fuss over his “historic” meeting with Kim Jong Un without pointing out that Neville Chamberlain’s meeting with Hitler in Munich was historic, too. But here’s a fact you’ll never see mentioned: The more the producers spend on logistics, the more airtime an event will receive. They spent all that money schlepping to Singapore, they had a schedule they could follow, everybody got to pretend they were recording history. Bored yet?

As long as there are conservatives, there will be clever dicks with cell phones who think they can be the next James O’Keefe. A couple of them showed up at the Wilmington stop on Joe Biden’s book tour demanding he apologize for “molesting” women at some specific hearing. They’re talking, of course, about Biden’s well-documented handsiness with women. If they weren’t RWNJ trolls they might point out that all Al Franken’s ass-grabbing combined wouldn’t equal the unwanted touching Biden gets away with in any given two-hour stretch.

Those worried about Kerri Harris winning a general election owe themselves a read of this breathless press release from Rob Arlett, the Sussex County RWNJ and probable GOP Senate nominee. His big news: His campaign rally will feature Bobby Knight, the disgraced ex-basketball coach, who now stumps for political candidates whose views align with his own, which align with those of, oh, Frank Rizzo.

These Trump Mini-Mes are sprouting everywhere. Here’s one from Atlantic City, a gun aptly named Grossman who’s running for Congress on the platform “Diversity is a bunch of crap.” Don’t you just love it when ethnic Americans unzip and take a leak on those below them on the ladder? Don’t y’all realize that you’re only “white” because they were running out of the real whites?

Here’s a succinct twitter thread about why it’s waste of time debating policy with Trumpkins. Sample:

I don’t engage Trump’s enablers on the merits of this or that Trump policy because I can’t take Trump’s “policies” any more seriously than Trump or his minions do. … I don’t see the need to engage in the cynical bullshittery of arguing policy with people who will change their minds on anything in nanoseconds

Anthony Bourdain’s death, unlike those of other so-called celebrity chefs, is being mourned well beyond the foodie culture, especially in the restaurant industry, where he was virtually alone in championing the Latino workers who, basically, feed America from farm to kitchen.

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  1. RE Vanella says:

    I am so happy Biden was heckled actually.

    Personally I would have used the Crime Bill, or maybe Welfare “Reform”. Or maybe the fact Castle was in stage with him.

    Delawareans just suck up to celebrity. It’s worse here because we have so few celebrity asses to kiss.

    I went to Theatre N last week to watch the RB Ginsberg docu. When clips of her Senate hearing were shown and Biden’s face come onto the screen people cheered.

    It was fucking embarrassing.

  2. Alby says:

    @REV: Parochialism is our calling card. We’re the hayseeds in the megalopolis.

  3. RE Vanella says:

    I was discussing this episode yesterday with a few people who were in the audience at the Grand. That’s the word I used… Parochial sycophants.

  4. Elaine says:

    I had my head in the sand for decades. It was within only the last 5 years or so I heard about this and it still influences my opinion about Biden.

  5. RE Vanella says:

    Just part of the ledgend, right? Fucking despicable.

    I actually did not know this detail. I’ve heard Biden tell this story!

    Everyone’s a fame fucker and it’s gross. This is worse. He has terrible politics.

    I’d love for some anonymous rando to come on here with some anecdote about how Biden shoveled his nan’s stoop in 1995 or help fix her flat tire on the shoulder of Kirkwood Hwy.

    Crime Bill, folks. He wrote it. Played a huge hand in mass incarceration, a.k.a. The New Jim Crow.

    Take your love stories and brief encounters with fame elsewhere.

    Enough with this fucking guy.